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40 Women to Watch 2019: Samantha Frank and Rena Singer are building an innovative feminist Jewish community on Instagram

Samantha Frank & Rena Singer

Samantha Frank & Rena Singer is part of The Tempest’s 40 Women to Watch 2019, which spotlights extraordinary women and femmes making waves in their industries or passions of choice.

Samantha is the co-founder of Modern Ritual, an Instagram account claiming a space for feminist Jewish engagement in our modern world. Outside of social media, she’s currently in her 5th at Hebrew Union College-JR, and will be a rabbi in just a few months! Samantha decided to become a rabbi because she saw the ways in which Judaism guided people through the most difficult and most joyous moments in life. Sam has worked as a student rabbi in Monessen, PA, Yale University and currently the rabbinic intern at Temple Micah in DC, working on the Haftarah Project.

Rena is the co-founder of the Instagram account, Modern Ritual. She’s currently in her fourth year at HUC-JR and is the rabbinic intern at Central Synagogue in New York. She is very proud of the feminist Hanukkah song that she wrote with her sister this past year. The Instagram account, Modern Ritual was started in spring 2017 when Rena approach Sam in the library with the idea. “There needs to be engaging, beautiful Jewish content on Instagram,” Rena said, “and I think we can create it together.” They’ve been active and engaging ever since.