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40 Women to Watch 2019: Cora Hilts is making the clothing industry more sustainable

Cora Hilts

Cora Hilts is part of The Tempest’s 40 Women to Watch 2019, which spotlights extraordinary women and femmes making waves in their industries or passions of choice.

Cora Hilts is the co-founder of Rêve En Vert, a London-based sustainable luxury boutique. The 31-year-old runs her business according to a basic mantra: style and ethics are not incompatible. She holds designers to four basic tenets: Their pieces must be organic, re-made, local, and fair.

Through her work, Cora encourages consumers to think seriously about the products they buy. Instead of using shame to promote sustainable fashion, Cora’s approach leaves consumers feeling inspired about the new style options that exist. During an interview with The Good Trade, Cora explained how she shops today, stating: “When I consider buying something now it’s a process. I ask myself will I love it forever? Is this something that will never go out of style? Is it made to last? It’s amazing how quickly your shopping and lifestyle habits can change when you ask yourself these things.” Her article, “5 Ways to Shop More Sustainably,” appeared in Vogue.