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40 Women to Watch 2019: Alex Tengco is highlighting the stories of diverse women around the world through a whole new lens

Alexandra Tengco

Alexandra Tengco is part of The Tempest’s 40 Women to Watch 2019, which spotlights extraordinary women and femmes making waves in their industries or passions of choice.

Alex Tengco is the Head of Video at The Tempest. During her time in college, Alex developed her passion around Asian American issues, worked on several film student productions, and directed a 16mm silent film that won Audience Choice Award in the 18th Annual Reel Loud Film Festival. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Media Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, she began running her own sports highlight video company.

Alex has worked in film for ten years and is building a revolutionary video program at The Tempest that aims to lift up the voices of those often left out of traditional media.