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Here’s why your single friend always gives the best relationship advice

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I give excellent dating advice. However, if you were to ask me for my dating credentials, I would hand you a blank piece of paper.

For some, being serially single is not a choice. But for me, it’s a lifestyle.

I have been single for all of my adult life, and I thoroughly enjoy the independence and solitude—which I know freaks people out. While some single people date, I do not.

So how does this make me—and other serially single people—expert at giving dating advice?

Let me let you in on a few secrets of the trade.

The first secret is not actually a secret but a well-known fact: Almost all forms of content are about love.

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Even content that exists outside of traditional romance genres usually includes love and sex. For example, that action movie you just watched, was there a romantic arc in it?


Most movies, television shows, and books have provided blueprints for all kinds of relationships. A lot of these blueprints have helped me understand what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like.

I’ve also read more than a fair share of fanfiction. Honestly, when you asked for my dating credentials, I could have sent you the link to AO3 and, if you’ve ever read any fanfiction, you’d have immediately understood why this gives me so much credible dating insight.

Even being someone who grew up alongside the Internet has made many of us mini experts on random topics. Most of us didn’t necessarily seek this information out; it just appeared on our Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram feeds.

Here’s the real secret: All relationships are the same.

Whether platonic or romantic, open or closed, monogamous or polyamorous, all relationships are made of the same ingredients. The dictionary definition of relationship describes the connection between people. And we all have experience with that. I may not date, but I do have lots of friends.

Some of my friendships have failed while others have thrived. This has helped me gain insight on communication, boundaries, and respect—insight that applies to both platonic and romantic relationships.

I’ve also watched most of my loved ones experience all kinds of different relationships. As you can imagine, being single gives those of us who are serially single plenty of free time to observe other people’s relationships—and, if you’re a Virgo like me, judge these relationships in order to perfect the advice we give to those who may (or may not) ask.

Just because your single friends haven’t dated anyone—casually, seriously, or at all—doesn’t mean we’re not familiar with the territory. All of our observations add to our dating advice credentials.

In fact, we’re kind of like therapists.

Because we’re removed from romantic situations, we have clarity uncolored by personal bias and experiences.

Most importantly, your serially single friends arguably have the most experience with prioritizing themselves and their needs. This makes us adept at keeping your best interests top of mind if you come to us for romantic advice.

We want you to be yourself and to love who you are. We will encourage you to take the time to learn more about your wants, needs, and goals before diving further into romance.

The best advice I can give as a serially single person is to try out being single. Being single has a lot of perks, the top of which is that it can give you the time, space, and energy to explore you who are.

I’m not saying everyone should be single. I’m just saying don’t knock it till you try it.

And, don’t worry. I promise I won’t say “I told you so” when you realize being single helped you become a better romantic partner.

Happy dating!

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14 comebacks to “Why aren’t you married yet?” that’ll shut nosy aunties up

“Why aren’t you married yet?”

As a single woman in my twenties, it’s common to be bombarded by marriage questions from my aunts and other elders in the family. They probably think of it as a good conversation starter, but it can be extremely personal for some people. While most are excited to attend a wedding, we single ladies have to be ready to face the dreadful interrogation from the elders. When we’re too tired to give them the same answer, the only thing we could do is smile awkwardly or shrug.

But can we turn the table and let them be speechless by our answers this time? Absolutely yes! Next time when you’re being asked the same question again, feel free to use any of these savage comebacks to get back at them.

1. “Tomorrow. I’m getting married tomorrow.”

[Image description: Bard Simpson saying, ‘That’s right! It’s tomorrow!’ Image source: Giphy]
Did you get the invitation?

2. “I did. Were you there at my wedding?”

[Image description: A girl saying, ‘Awkward.’ She has her hands on her hips and is looking around nervously. Image source: Giphy]
Oh, you weren’t invited… awkward.

3. “I’m waiting for your cheque.”

[Image description: A woman gasping with surprise. Image source: Giphy]
I thought you were paying for my wedding. You know, since you keep asking.

4. “It’s on February 31st.”

[Image description: A character from The Simpsons saying, ‘And everyone’s invited.’ Image source: Giphy]
Save the date!

5. “Relax, I’m too young to settle down.”

[Image description: A little girl saying, ‘Chill out, dude,’ and walking away. Image source: Giphy]
I’m only 26, what’s the rush?

6. “I’m still waiting for The One.”

[Image description: A girl sighed before throwing her hand to her forehead and fainting.Image source: Giphy]
But he’s currently swimming across the Pacific Ocean to reach me. *sigh*

7. “When I finally learn how to cook biryani.”

[Image description: A woman trying to flip the pancake but failing miserably. A chef is standing by watching her and yells, ‘Up!’ Image source: Giphy]
I’ve only just learned how to make a roti.

8. “I was going to, but Prince Harry is taken, so…”

[Image description: A woman lying down, looking sad and saying, ‘I wanna talk about it but I can’t.’ Image source: Giphy]
I’m sorry but I’m too heartbroken to talk about it right now. *cries hysterically*

9. “My boyfriend wanted to, but then his wife found out…”

[Image description: A woman shocked, covering her mouth and giggling. Image source: Giphy]

10. “I’m aiming for the title of CEO first, then wife.”

[Image description: Daenerys Targaryen riding a horse and dropping a giant microphone. Image source: Giphy]
Do you want me to apply cold water to the burn?

11. “I was. Until today.”

[Image description: A woman smirking as she winks. Image source: Giphy]
*winks at a random stranger*

12. “I’m currently in a relationship with food.”

[Image description: A woman glaring while stuffing her mouth full of food. Image source: Giphy]
Have you met my new boyfriend, naan? I made it myself…

13. “I will, when people stop asking that.”

[Image description: A baby sitting in a car seat and rolling her eyes. Image source: Giphy]
Why don’t you ask me about my job promotion instead?

14. “Single is in.”

[Image description: Cher from Clueless carrying shopping bags and looking happy. Image source: Giphy]
It’s a new trend for millennial ladies now, you know?

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My friends almost ruined my life when they tried to play “matchmaker”

I’ve been single in all my life. Being in an all-girls high school, there was hardly any chance for me to meet or talk to boys. All my best friends were girls and we kept it close-knit. We shared everything and did all the things together. We were like sisters.

Even though we rarely had opportunities to interact with boys, somehow they managed to get boyfriends. I didn’t. To be honest, I never even had crushes on anybody.

But one friend request changed everything.

This one boy from a nearby school sent me a friend request on Facebook. Without thinking, I accepted it. I didn’t expect us to become close, but in no time, we actually did.

My biggest mistake was telling my friends about this. They were all excited that I’d finally found my ‘first boyfriend’ after being single for my whole life. Every time they said it, I rolled my eyes. I had my first guy friend and immediately they thought we should be together?

At first, I didn’t take it seriously. But slowly it started to annoy me.

They became completely committed to being matchmakers. Through their attempts to set me up with him, my friends became close to him. In their eyes, we were a match made in heaven. But I didn’t want to make it into a big deal. After all, he didn’t feel anything for me.

Turns out, I was wrong. I found out he did feel something.

The moment my friends found out, they were ecstatic. Every time I was with them, they’d bring up his name and start teasing about us being together, making up romantic scenarios about our happy ending.

I told them to stop, but they didn’t listen. They thought I actually liked it when they were being playful and that I just pretended not to. It finally reached the point where I completely I lost it.

I argued with my friends, for the first time ever. My relationship with them turned sour. At the same time, I turned down this guy and we stopped being friends.

A few weeks later, my friends apologized.

Everything became normal again, just the way it was before. We spent our time, as usual, hung out, and enjoy our school days like we used to. I was relieved, thinking that it was finally over.

But then, this guy came back.

I tried my best to ignore him. But my friends were excited to start their matchmaking game again.

There were no jokes or teasing at first. But they tried to catch my attention by mentioning his name in every conversation we were in. It started to irk me again, but I pretended to be uninterested in talking about him. I couldn’t accuse them of trying to play matchmakers again because they weren’t bringing up their fantasy about our happy ending anymore, but I was still uncomfortable.

But their matchmaking schemes started to become clear pretty soon. 

They invited him to hang out with us, and then bailed so we could be alone. They always came up with creative excuses about why they had to leave. When we were in the same class, they intentionally arranged for us sit next to each other. It bothered me so much, I started to avoid all of them. But I couldn’t escape our chat group on social media.

Some of them shared pictures of him and me together, sitting next to each other in the class or cropped our group photos. Sometimes they put heart-shaped borders or effects in those pictures, and that really pushed me over the edge.

I confronted them.

We all met during lunch and I spilled everything out. I told them how much I hated them being matchmakers and how much it pissed me off every time I had to listen to their daydreams about me and this guy. I made it clear that I had no romantic feelings for him and that we were never going to happen.

I gave them a choice. They could keep playing matchmakers and I would stop being their friend or they could quit it and save the friendship.

Of course, they didn’t want our friendship to end because of that. They admitted it was all for fun though they really did want to see us together. They just wanted me to be happy, and in their minds that included me having a boyfriend.

Finally, they promised to stop. Thankfully, they were true to their words.

It took quite a while to get our friendship back to normal this time. But they understood that I was perfectly content with my single life. Alone didn’t mean I was lonely.

Eventually, I will find someone, but for now, I just want to enjoy my single life. And I’m glad my friends have chosen to respect that.

Love + Sex Love Life Stories

I have a major secret about my love life

My social media feed is full to the brim of articles about things only newly single people will understand or the best techniques to mend your heart after a breakup. While I can vouch that eating chocolate and ice cream is comforting, I don’t relate to the relationship advice given, because I’ve never had a boyfriend.

I haven’t achieved the life milestone that the majority of women my age passed in their pre-teens. For the longest time, I believed this made me strange, and it damaged my confidence and self-esteem.

I started to feel the pressure to be in a relationship, even at a young age. I’ve always noticed and had crushes on boys from school. It’s a rite of passage for a typical schoolgirl.

But those crushes never really went anywhere.

As I progressed through primary school to secondary school, there was a stark difference between those who had a boyfriend and those who hadn’t. The ones who did were confident and mature and everyone envied them. Including me.

Of course, I was jealous. I was 16, and I’d never had my first kiss or a boyfriend.

When it came to family interrogations, I avoided conversations about boyfriends and ‘having my eye on anyone’ like the plague. It’s one thing having my friends know I am forever single, but to have my family know was twice as embarrassing.

For the next two years, I struggled to progress any friendship into something romantic. I was out of luck. It wasn’t until I discovered Tinder in my first year of university that I found my chance to date and possibly find a suitable boyfriend.

My first date with a guy from Tinder was going well until he asked about previous relationships. My body froze. I had two options, pretend I had a long line of ex-boyfriends or admit I had never been in a relationship before.

I chose the latter.

He was taken aback by the response and fired questions about being single for so long. I wanted the ground to swallow me whole as I tried to defend myself for not being in a relationship.

After the date blunder, it came to a point when I was no longer having fun on dates and meeting new people. The irrational fear of having to reveal that I’d never had a boyfriend was starting to have an impact on my self-confidence. I believed I wasn’t good enough for anyone.

I’d had enough of trying to find a boyfriend. It was impossible because it doesn’t just happen overnight. In order to combat the unrealistic ideal of finding love, I deleted Tinder and stopped trying to rush into a relationship.

And it worked. The time I had spent swiping left and right and talking to guys I wasn’t interested in was used more wisely. I was a lot happier and even my grades were better.

In that time I realized there’s not a time limit to achieve a milestone of having your first boyfriend. Now I sleep peacefully knowing it is not the be end and end all. It doesn’t matter when it happens because there’s no rush. I may have a boyfriend in the next week, month or year.

I may still be single and writing down my feelings about my non-existent love life.

And if I am still single and not ready to mingle, I will remind myself that it’s ok not to have a boyfriend.


7 badass ways to enjoy your single life

I won’t kid you or kid myself. We all want to be in a relationship. It’s how we’re built and it’s the basic human instinct for companionship that makes us crave romance when we don’t have it. But, sometimes your state of melancholic singleness clouds your vision, and before you know it, you turn into an ungrateful person who dwells on what they are lacking and has no appreciation for the precious gift they’ve been given – the gift of freedom.

If you find yourself down to your knees in that cloudy mist of “bluuurgh”, this is when you need to woman up and do a few things. One, recall the time you craved freedom during a past failed relationship. Two, recall the rules of the relationship game – commitment, prioritizing the partner, and compromise, compromise, compromise. Three, remember that there are millions of people in relationships out there who feel lonely and trapped, and would definitely love to be in your shoes. Four, internalize the fact that your singleness at this very moment in time is a golden opportunity and an exhaustible resource of which you need to take mad advantage. Feel positive that it will not last forever, and that you’ll soon meet who your heart desires. But, for the time being, you are absolutely meant to get out into the world and kick some serious ass.

[bctt tweet=”You are meant to get out there & kick some serious ass.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Below, I list seven things you can do as a single lady in the 21st century who literally has the world at her fingertips, the sky as her limit and every right to let her curiosity reign.

1. Trek Nicaragua on your own

While you can, explore the world on your own. Watch for Nicaraguan sharks, the only freshwater lake sharks in the world.  Plan a 10-day Game of Thrones itinerary, or go trekking across The Land of the Thunder Dragon. You have the freedom to do whatever you want really. There is so much to look at in this big world of ours other than the dreamy eyes of your significant other.

[bctt tweet=”There’s so much more to look at than the eyes of your significant other.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Not into adventurous destinations? No probs! Visit Spain and bask in the sun and serenity of the relaxing Spanish countryside.

Don’t have the funds to go to Nicaragua? Also not a problem – you can easily google “Top Instagrammable Spots” in your hometown and plan a few day trips out of that. Or take mini stay-cations using a few local Air-BnB’s! Take the time to appreciate that farmer’s market you always admired from afar, or finally sign up for that tae-kwon-do class you’ve been meaning to take.

2. Download the Meetup App

Instead of day dreaming about how things could be better with someone to lean on, start creating opportunities to discover your strengths and meet people with whom you can collaborate. Meetup is a good place to start. In there, you’ll find endless choices of activities that you’ve heard of and never heard of, with real life communities who meet up on a regular basis to share their interests . You’re bound to find lots of stuff that interests you, and it would be such a rewarding experience if you set your heart on a thing or two that are completely out of your comfort zone. The choices are endless and you will be amazed at the number of learning and sharing opportunities you can run into.

[bctt tweet=”The choices are endless.” username=”wearethetempest”]

If you’re not the type to meet total strangers in groups, you can use the help of this other totally platonic one-on-one meeting app called Peoplehunt. It enables you to meet, either virtually or in real life, with people of reciprocal and shared interests.

3. Get that hidden rainbow hair

You should be able to do this when you’re with the right person. But, since you’re single, you don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion or worry about a thing. There are tons of ideas for that hidden rainbow styles you can find on Pinterest. So get creative and enjoy that crazy, spontaneous hair makeover for once in your life.

[bctt tweet=”You don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion or worry about a thing.” username=”wearethetempest”]

If you are more of a “proper” person and feel appalled at the idea of full-on rainbow hair, you can go with one solid color, like deep purple. Still too bold? Then get a quirky new haircut for the hell of it, because this is most probably the only time you can do that without having to be accountable to someone else.

4. Walk on air

This has nothing to do with Katy Perry or Kerli’s takes on the idea, but has everything to do with investing in your own enjoyment in the most pointless manner. Do everything that gives you this feeling of euphoria and sheer pleasure even it is of no long term benefit. Don’t worry, no one is going to ask you why you want to do it, because you’ve only got yourself to please.

[bctt tweet=”Do everything that gives you this feeling of euphoria.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Learn to air walk. Go Indoor Skydiving, or outdoor if you wish.  Whatever does it for you, just enjoy the fresh emptiness and airiness of your single life, and be a glorious airhead and riiiise.

Or keep to the ground, enjoy the breeze and try Kate Spade’s instant lift of a perfume.

5. Heck, learn Japanese!


Because it looks impossible, and its characters seem frighteningly unfamiliar. But you can discover that they really aren’t, and you will be surprised at how much new stuff your brain can accommodate. Push yourself to learn things you think are too difficult to get, because you will discover that there is no such thing and if they can do it, you can do it.

Not into Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji? Then touch up on your French, German, Spanish, or any other language you learned back in high school. 

6. Take up Tai Chi

With Tai Chi, you get the fighting and meditative benefits all in one package. You could use a few self-defense techniques as a strong independent woman and benefit your mind and soul at the same time. Tai Chi is cool, girl.

And if you’re not the full-on martial arts kind of girl, take up those Body Combat and TRX classes at the Gym. They’re cool too.

7. Think Big

As you already know, the sky is your limit. You can let your dreams stop at a career or you can top that. Start your own business. Start a new political movement. Eradicate poverty. I don’t know, but I know you’ve got so much in you if you set your heart and mind to it. And I know there are plenty of ways you can follow to do something fantastic.

[bctt tweet=”Dear single independent lady, take in a deep breath right now. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

So, you can start a business of trekking the rain forests in Nicaragua and be the badass girl with rainbows in her hair and offer guided site-seeing tours for Japanese trekkers. Or you can explore life in whatever way your heart pleases, knowing that we live in an open world of possibilities that are all at your service.

Remember that relationships are not life, but just 1 of an infinite number of shots we have at life. Life is on your side just waiting for you to venture in. And stay positive that good relationships that allow you personal space and freedom to do some of the things you want do exist. So until the inevitable happens and you get involved in the relationship you want, stop missing out on life, and start using that precious situation you’ve been given to your advantage, tapping into all that potential left unexplored.