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21 things only people who bite their nails will understand

Biting your nails is a peculiar thing. Many don’t know exactly why they do it (I certainly don’t) but it’s somehow just a thing.

It’s part of my personality at this point: Hi, my name is Kajal. I love dogs, Harry Potter, and biting my nails. My only comfort is knowing that I’m not alone in this fight.

1. Always having short nails. Always.

[Image Description: Bart Simpson asks Homer Simpson, “I borrowed your nail clipper. What’s the big deal?”.] Via Giphy
What’s even are nail clippers? You can’t remember the last time you actually had to set time aside to cut your fingernails.

2. Feeling insecure about your short nails.

[Image Description: A woman saying, “I feel insecure all the time”.] Via Giphy
All nail biters know that our nails aren’t like other’s short nails. Others cut their nails to be short,  they’re fairly neat and straight.

Our look like WWII took place your hands. They’re uneven and cracked. And you’re sometimes very insecure about them.

3. Investing a lot of money into acrylic nails.

[Image Description: A baby throwing money out a window.] Via Giphy
Whenever you have a job interview or a date, you always feel the need to put on a façade that your nails aren’t actually horrendously unhealthy. So, you invest a lot of your self-care money into acrylic nails.

4. Whenever I wear acrylic nails, everything feels so weird…

[Image Description: A hand with long nails rotates.] Via Giphy
No matter how many times you actually wear acrylic nails, it will ALWAYS feel unnatural. You forget how to normally pick up or hold things.

5. …and I still bite my acrylic nails anyway.

[Image Description: Spongebob erratically biting his nails.] Via Giphy
It’s wrong. I know.

But the habit does not magically go away once you have on acrylic nails. And so, you bite your acrylic nails (sometimes to the point where they completely come off).

6. Flaking on hangouts when you run out of acrylic nails.

[Image Description: The Grinch saying, “That’s it. I’m not going.”.] Via Giphy
Simply just canceling everything because you do not have the energy to go get more acrylic nails nor to explain why your hands look the way they do.

7. Having ‘the nail talk’ with your hopefully future spouse.

[Image Description: A man asking, “What are you talking about?”] Via Giphy
Let’s say I don’t flake on hangouts or dates and actually spend enough time in public to find a romantic partner.

They’re going to figure out a way to somehow warn me about an upcoming proposal so that I can get my nails done. This is non-negotiable.

8. You can’t take cute Instagram photos holding ice-cream cones or wine glasses.

[Image Description: A woman holds out an ice cream cone.] Via Unsplash
Seeing my friends post really artsy photos featuring their gorgeous nails and I struggle to not click ‘unfollow’ out of sheer pettiness.

9. My nail technician hates me. Can you blame them, though?!

[Image Description: A cat files its nails with a stern expression.] Via Giphy
On those rare occasions that I have enough of a natural nail left, I try to get a manicure.

But at the end of the day, nail technicians can smell a nail biter from a mile away – and she always yells at me for harming my nails.

10. Painting your skin when you attempt to do an at-home manicure.

[Image Description: A woman holding her hands up in frustration.] Via Giphy
I sometimes attempt to avoid an awkward encounter with my nail technician by trying out a DIY manicure, but the skin around my nail gets more product than my actual nail.

Every. Single. Time. Ugh!

11. The occasional bleeding cuticle breaks you and makes you call sick into work.

[Image Description: A woman saying, “It just hurts so much.”] Via Giphy
Bleeding cuticles hurt. Like a lot. And they happen to my poor fingers much more than I would like.

12. Going overboard and biting just a little too much off.

[Image Description: A woman rubbing her head in frustration.] Via Giphy
This pain may be even worse than bleeding cuticles.

All nail biters can relate to when you’re mindlessly chomping away at your nails and then suddenly you bite just a little too much off at the tip. Your nail bed is exposed to the harsh world and the stinging pain reminds you of the time (just 5 seconds ago) when you took being pain-free for granted.

13. Eating food with your hands with too-short nails.

[Image Description: Man saying, “It burns!”] Via Giphy
As a Brown girl, I love curry. But with curry comes spices and chilies …that burn. Nail biters who eat with their hands can relate to my predicament when your nails are just a tad too short and the searing pain hits your nail bed with every bite you take.

It’s like putting hot sauce on an open wound. But the food is just so good that we keep eating anyway.

14. You have family members who share your habit…

[Image Description: High School Musical dance sequence where they sing, “We’re all in this together.”] Via Giphy
When I was 6 years old, my notorious nail biter of a sister forced me to bite my nail. Well ‘forced’ is quite an accusation considering the fact that all she told me was, “Bite your nail!” I did it anyway and I have only stopped once since.

Only to start it up again recently.

Basically, many nail biters don’t just bite their nails. They learned from a close person in their life that they strove to emulate.

15. …and you have family members that absolutely can’t stand it.

[Image Description: Woman gagging.] Via Giphy
On the other hand, many nail biters have people in their lives that cringe with every bite they take. It’s a very unnerving sight for some people to witness.

16. You have done it for as long as you can remember.

[Image Description: Old woman says, “It’s been 84 years…”] Via Giphy
When weren’t you a nail biter? Well, that is one of the many mysteries of life.

17. You get sick more often than the average person.

[Image Description: Woman laughs then breaks out into a cough.] Via Giphy
“Why am I constantly getting colds?” I ask myself as I bite my fingernail straight after touching a computer mouse that 23 other students have already used.

18. Every new person you meet tells you the exact same thing.

[Image Description: Woman smiles uncomfortably.] Via Giphy
“You know that’s really bad for you right? I had a cousin who once got a nail infection because he kept biting them and they had to amputate his finger.”

Thanks for the unsolicited advice, Karen.

19. You stay awake at night worrying about your future amputated finger.

[Image Description: Man looks around anxiously whilst in bed.] Via Giphy
Despite the annoyance, you sometimes genuinely kept worried that your habit will lead to serious health conditions down the road.

20. You’ve tried to quit. Over and over and over again.

[Image Description: Two men trying to open a door with one screaming, “I’m trying! It’s much harder than it looks! ] Via Giphy
You’ve bought the clear bitter nail polishes. You snapped a rubber band on your wrist every time you’ve found your hand in our mouth. You’ve had the hype sessions with your drunk friends at 2 a.m. about throwing away both your unhealthy relationship and habits.

You’ve made about 78453 attempts to quit. But it just isn’t that easy for some.

21. But stress and anxiety do not help. At all.

[Image Description: Man nervously bites his nails.] Via Giphy
No matter how much you tell yourself that you aren’t going to bite your nails, the woes of life hit and you’re back at it again!