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I pass as a straight woman in Trump’s America – here’s why that’s a privilege

President Trump’s administration has made their position on LGBTQ+ issues pretty clear. And in case it wasn’t clear enough, when he officially took office, the LGBTQ+ issues webpage disappeared from the website. LGBTQ+ identifying people took to the Internet to express their rage at being erased from this Administration.

LGTBQ+ people have been enraged and terrified since the election results came in.

President Trump and Vice President Pence pose an actual danger to the LGBTQ+ community. Their administration has talked about repealing gay marriage. They support the trans discriminatory bathroom bills that are being passed throughout the county. Mike Pence has even admitted that he believes in using electroshock therapy to ‘treat’ gay people, because he believes homosexuality is a disease. There are plenty of reasons to be angry and scared.

In a time where identifying as LGBTQ+ is so scary, it’s easy for straight passing and cis passing people to hide behind their straight privilege. Before the election, I was guilty of this all the time.

I am a bisexual woman who is married to a man. I have been with that man for over five years and it’s been a long time since my bisexuality was noticeable. In fact, there are people in my life who didn’t know I was bisexual until the election.

There are many reasons for this, including my own struggle with internalized bi-erasure. It’s very common for bisexual people to have their sexuality lost under other labels. When I was dating women, I identified as a lesbian. When I started dating my current husband, I questioned my sexuality entirely. There was a time when I never thought I’d date a man again, so I was completely confused by falling head over heels for this guy.

I experienced some harsh alienation from the gay community in my area when I started dating a man after years of dating exclusively women. The general consensus was that I was a ‘hasbian’, a woman who had gone through a lesbian ‘phase’ then gone back to men. At the time, I was so confused about my own sexuality that I began to believe their narrative. Maybe I had never really been gay at all. Maybe it was just that time in my life. Maybe I really was straight.

It was easy for me to believe that I was straight because I was living a completely straight life. People that met me after my current husband and I started dating had no idea that I’d ever dated women, and I started avoiding talking about the fact that I had. When talking about my exes, I used gender neutral pronouns. I started erasing the fact that I had ever dated women because I was beginning to believe that it wasn’t a part of my sexuality.

But the more I told myself that dating women had been a phase, the more inauthentic I felt. Deep down, I knew I was lying to myself about my sexuality. I had no desire to stray from my current relationship with a man, but it was undeniable that we both checked out a beautiful woman when we saw one. And I still thought about women from time to time, in the private of my own bedroom.

I was still attracted to women.

I was confused all over again. By that time, I was pretty sure that I was going to marry this guy I was dating, which meant I would probably never date a woman again. How could I identify as gay if I was never going to date a woman again? If I was going to be in a straight relationship, hopefully for the rest of my life?

It was around this time that I started to read articles about bi-erasure, the phenomenon of denying someone’s bisexual identification based on their current relationship status. These articles informed me, in no uncertain terms, that sexuality and sexual orientation have nothing to do with the person I’m currently dating. I’m not a lesbian when I’m dating a woman and straight when I’m dating a man. I am always bisexual, regardless of who shares my life and my bed.

I began to embrace my bisexuality. I used gender specific pronouns when I talked about my exes. I talked openly about dating women. When sexual orientation came up in conversation, I identified as bisexual. I corrected people who labeled me as straight because of my current relationship.

When Trump was elected, I felt some of the pain of my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters.

But I realized immediately that I did not feel it as deeply as they did, because I was not currently living my life in a homosexual relationship. I was not walking down the street holding hands with my girlfriend or wife. My marriage was not in jeopardy. My safety wasn’t threatened if my husband and I kissed in public. If I wanted to be safe from this anti-LGTBQ+ administration I had the option to hide and be safe.

The day after the Election I chose not to be safe. Though I spoke openly about being bisexual to those in my life. I had not written about being bisexual on my blog or in any of my published work. In fact, I had purposely avoided it. I was still scared of identifying as bisexual on such a large stage. On November 9th, I published an article proudly stating that I was bisexual and that I refused to hide from this administration.

It would be so easy to spend the next four years staying quiet about my sexuality. There are other things to fight for: reproductive rights, Black Lives Matter, access to healthcare. I could easily oppose this administration without having to say, “I’m gay” and making myself a target.

My friends in openly gay relationships do not that privilege. Their day to day lives put them in danger. I refuse to use my straight privilege to avoid the negative consequences of this administration, and I urge other straight passing people to come out and stand up to this administration as well. We should be putting our lives on the line with all our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters.


It’s time to look policy right in the face, and The Tempest is doing exactly that

At the close of 2016, many of us looked back on the year with a mixture of incredulity and sadness. We felt the deep reverberations of a changing political global landscape, riding the shockwaves through events like Brexit, an attempted Turkish coup, and the American election campaign. For many, politics took a dark and sudden turn the night Donald Trump was elected.

Donald Trump’s rise to power and ultimate capture of the White House was jolting for many. The rhetoric he used to incite support was divisive, destructive, and crass — but the sad truth is that he was merely capitalizing on the sentiments of his support base. He’s all of our childhood bullies personified: the ones who picked on us for our names, sexualities, clothes, lunches, appearances. Our bullies tried to make us feel small, alien.

[bctt tweet=”The Tempest is launching a new Policy vertical to kick off the new political era.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Donald Trump’s victory is an affirmation that those bullies don’t merely exist on the playground. And as of today, he was sworn in as 45th President of the United States of America.

That’s not something we’re going to take lightly.

We’re not here to participate in internet slacktivism — we’re here to assert our political presence. Which is why The Tempest is launching a new Policy vertical to kick off the dawn of a new political era.

We’re here to help people like you decipher laws and policies in ways that are easily digestible for everyone. In times like these, the most powerful thing we can do is equip ourselves with knowledge.

However, keeping up with politics requires time, energy, and (more often than not) an advanced dictionary/thesaurus. Truth is, many of us become discouraged with the seemingly daunting and clunky language of politics. Bills can be up to hundreds of pages long and full of legal jargon that’s difficult to break down. It’s all-too-easy to disengage from the endless bills that flow through the congressional labyrinth.

[bctt tweet=”We’re not here to participate in internet slacktivism .” username=”wearethetempest”]

This section is going disrupt that flow, take out the haphazard fluff and get straight to what matters. We’ll walk you through some of the hottest bills, what they aim to do, and whether or not they’ll disproportionately affect you.

Given that this is such a crucial time for politics, it’s extremely important that we understand the policies which govern us. Practicing active citizenship is the best favor we can do for ourselves, regardless of whoever’s in office.

And we’re here to shake things up.

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Unpacking Trump’s disturbing first week in 14 quick points

It happened. It really happened.

One week ago, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Since his election in November there’s been a lot of “Well, we don’t really know what he’s going to do. We don’t really know what a Trump Presidency will look like.”

Well, now a Trump Presidency is here and it’s becoming pretty clear what a Trump Presidency is going to look like. And it’s not pretty.

Here’s what the first week in Trump’s America looked like:

1. Trump ripped pieces of his inaugural speech from a Batman villain

I wish I was kidding. I really do. Unfortunately, I’m not. In his first address as POTUS, Donald Trump sounded eerily like Bane, the villain from Dark Knight Rises. Check out the side by side comparison of the inauguration speech and the scene from the movie.

2. The pages about LGBTQ+ issues, climate change and healthcare were removed from

Trump’s team wasted no time making their positions clear on the website. The pages about LGBTQ+ issues and civil rights briefly redirected to blank pages. Now, the page has an option for “Obama Archives”, which shows the Issues section of the website as it was under the Obama Administration, but the LGBTQ+ issues and civil rights still cannot be found.

The page on climate change was replaced with a page called “America First Energy Plan.”  There is no longer any mention of healthcare on the site.

3. Trump signed an executive order aimed at dismantling Obamacare

The executive order is not the repeal Trump promised in the campaign, but it lays the groundwork for an eventual repeal. The executive order signed allows federal agencies, like the Department of Health and Human services to delay laws that would impose a ‘fiscal burden’ on the federal or state government.

Of course, ‘fiscal burden’ is purposely vague, which allows these agencies to delay the enforcement of any pieces of Obamacare they want.

4. Trump signed an executive order that repeals mortgage breaks for low income borrowers

One of Obama’s last minute attempts to save the economy was to sign legislation which would reduce the yearly payments on mortgage loans for low income borrowers. Trump promptly repealed this legislation via executive order today, yet again demonstrating his commitment to Wall Street bankers, not the ‘little guy’ he promised to champion.

5. The Trump Administration made ‘Blue Lives Matter’ their official stance

The new site features a page entitled “Standing up for Our Law Enforcement Community”. The page is essentially a manifesto in support of policing. The page explicitly states that they will oppose anyone they believe to be ‘anti-police’. The page stops just short of stating direct opposition to Black Lives Matter and other organizations that advocate accountability in policing.

6. We finally found out what “America First” really means and it’s just as awful as we thought

Woman with her hands up looking very upset

Trump’s inaugural speech made it clear that he intends to deal with our ‘enemies’ and allies confrontationally. The speech also suggested that Trump intends to essentially cut America off from the rest of the world, including the global economy. In essence, the speech confirmed our fears that “America First” is the battle cry of an isolationist, nationalistic country.

7. As the Trump team begins to work on Federal budget cuts, programs for women are the first to go

Though Trump did not announce plans for federal budget cuts today, information is beginning to surface about what programs he’s looking to cut. Unsurprisingly, programs that benefit women are on the chopping block, specifically, grants for programs supporting survivors of domestic violence. Looks like misogyny will be the official policy of the Trump administration, not just rhetoric.

8. Plans were put in place for the construction of ‘The Wall’

Crowd at the RNC chanting

Trump has declared that the construction of ‘The Wall’ on the Mexican border will begin within months, but admits that Mexico will not be paying for it, at least in the short term. ‘The Wall’ will be funded by government money. Trump also announced plans to pay for the wall by imposing stiff tariffs on Mexican imports. ‘Concerned white women’ wonder what will happen to their guacamole and margaritas.

9. War has been declared on reproductive rights

If men got pregnant you could get an abortion at an ATM

Trump wasted no time this week following through on the pro-life rhetoric he used in his campaign. In the first days of is presidency he reinstated the Reagan error ‘gag order’ on abortions, which stipulates that any foreign nonprofit that performs abortion or even discusses abortion as a family planning option will lose their federal funding. The Trump administration also had a strong presence at the ‘March for Life’, an anti-abortion march in D.C. Trump’s promise to repeal Roe v. Wade and dismantle a woman’s right to her own body was not simply campaign rhetoric. He’s actively making this happen.

10. Construction of the Keystone Pipeline XL and Dakota Access Pipeline was approved

Standing Rock protests

Trump signed an executive order stating his intent to move forward with both the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would bring dirty oil from Canada all the way to the Gulf Coast, and the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would poison the water sources of First Nation tribes. Clearly this administration believes that oil, and money, are more important than clean drinking water or environmental preservation. Also more important than the property rights of the people whose land the pipeline will pass through.

11. The crackdown on immigration began

Trump poster to stop illegal immigration

Trump made several moves on immigration in the past week. First, Trump threatened to pull government money from any city that has declared itself a Sanctuary City.

Trump also expanded the criteria for deportation related to criminal activity. Obama’s plan for immigration included deporting undocumented immigrants who had been charged with a violent crime. Trump has essentially expanded this to included any undocumented immigrant who has been charged with a crime, committed a crime, or engaged in activity that could be considered a crime, even if they haven’t been charged. This order also expanded the number of ICE agents to be hired and directed cities to hold undocumented immigrants arrested for crimes until ICE could retrieve them, regardless of the crime.

Trump also signed an executive order that temporarily bans refugees from entering the country. The same order also states that visas will be blocked from a long list of Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries until an ‘extreme vetting process’ is put in to place.

12. The public was introduced to a new concept: Alternative Facts

Kellyanne Conway morphing in to a robot skull

In his first White House press briefing, Sean Spicer, Trump’s White House Press Secretary blatantly lied to reporters about the size of the crowd at the inauguration. Trump then lied about whether or not it was raining when he gave his inaugural speech. Then Kellyanne Conway introduced us to the term ‘Alternative Facts’ which are what happens when the media wants to tell the truth and the administration disagrees. Of course, #AlternativeFacts became a hilarious trending topic on Twitter. The appalling disregard for the truth has already become a hallmark of the Trump administration, whose press team is awaiting just the right moment to announce their name change to ‘The Department of Propaganda’.

Trump also continued his attacks on the media, continuing to hint that he intends to restrict the First Amendment.

13. Trump reiterated his belief that torture works

Man being tortured for information

But said that the secretary of defense would have the final say on whether detainees would be tortured.

14. Trump hints we will lift sanctions with Russia

SNL skit of Trump and Putin living together in the White House

During a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa, Trump said he was still considering lifting sanctions with Russia. May quickly responded that she believed the sanctions should stay in place. Trump has a phone call with Putin scheduled Saturday, so Trump can finally gush to Putin instead of just about him. Trump’s love for the Russian leader has been concerning to many for a long time, and the relationship seems to be getting closer.

That’s an exhaustive list for just a week. And it’s overwhelming to look at it all in one place. All the things we were worried about have started to happen and it’s only week one.

But we don’t have time to be exhausted or overwhelmed.

It’s time to Fight.

Time to Resist.

We will prevail.

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Here are 15 feel-good routines for anyone in need of some self-care

I don’t have a great track record with self-care. I’m the type who packs their schedule full and takes on more, until I end up a hot mess, literally and figuratively. Up until a few years ago, I didn’t even know about self-care strategies. I just went hard at life until I completely burned out and then sat in my house for days at a time binging Netflix under a blanket.

[bctt tweet=” I always thought that taking time for myself was lazy, but it is essential for my health. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

Eventually, the people who loved me staged a self-care intervention. They showed me how to take time for myself. They taught me that self-care wasn’t indulgent. I always thought that taking time for myself was lazy, but they told me that it was essential for my health. Even though I found it uncomfortable at first, I started practicing self-care on a regular basis.

In tough times, self-care is more essential than ever, and we are entering a super tough time. Maybe a lot of people have said you’re being dramatic, or this shouldn’t be so tough.

Let me take a minute to validate your feelings: you have every right to feel the way you do.

So! Here’s my go-to routine for feeling good even when everything feels bad:

1. Take care of your most basic human needs.


Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed we forget to eat and hydrate. This is especially true for those of us who suffer from mental illness. Our bodies and our minds cannot function when not properly fueled, so step one in self-care is making sure you eat and drink enough water.

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed we forget to eat and hydrate. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

Grab your friends, family, or partner and cook a meal together.

2. Read a fun book that you actually want to read.

Woman reading a book

Not a book for class. Not that super dense book of feminist theory you’ve been meaning to read. There’s time to educate yourself later. Pick up a fun book that will transport you to another world where things don’t suck so much.

It’s fine to escape for a little while.

3. Enjoy some non-sexual physical contact.

Woman whose face is being touched

Go get a massage. Or have your partner give you a massage. Have someone run their hand over your back, touching your skin. Or cuddle up with your best friend or child or special person. Our culture is so awkward about non-sexual physical contact, but it’s important to have some non-sexual physical contact in our lives.

4. Take a long bath or a shower with scented Epsom salts or essential oils.

Oprah taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine

Whether you prefer baths or showers, the hot water will soothe your muscles and allow the tension to melt away. If you’re in the bath, try adding some lavender Epsom salts. The salts will help to further relax your muscles and the smell will calm your mind. If you’re in the shower, pour some lavender essential oil on the bottom of the shower.

The scent will absorb into the steam and clear out your respiratory system, as well as your mind.

5. Take a break from all your devices – all of them.

Friends looking at their phones
By Garry Knight via Wikimedia Commons

The length of the break is up to you. Sometimes, I leave my phone at home when I go out to run errands. Try not using your phone for an hour before bed each day. Or if you’re hardcore, try a 24-hour device free period. A mini cleanse. Being connected constantly has its advantages, but it also forces us to feel like we have to be ‘on’ all the time.

Turning off the devices mean we can take a break as well.

6. Get some sleep!

Woman rolling over in bed

Pretty much none of us get enough sleep. Adults are supposed to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. I used to be satisfied with 5 or 6 hours each night, but that was before I started working outside with kids full time. Now, I respect my sleep time. I go to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep… most nights.

I’m not perfect, but I try to hit my quota each week.

7. Have a living room dance party.

Two black women dancing

Dance like no one’s watching, by yourself, with friends, with the animated dancers from ‘Just Dance 3’, whatever you want. Just shake that booty. Getting moving produces endorphins, which make you happier. Plus, you’ll be listening to some rocking music.

[bctt tweet=”Pretty much none of us get enough sleep.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Speaking of…

8. Listen to your favorite song and sing along at the top of your lungs.

Asian woman singing in a bathrobe

Music is connected to our experience of the world. Certain songs have connections with times in our life, or people, or feelings. Belting out your favorite tune will get the stress out of your body and connect you with the good times.

9. Head outside and enjoy nature.

Waterfall flowing through the forest

There are so many beautiful places in this world. Go for a run through your favorite landscape or cityscape. Get out of the city and go for a hike. Climb a mountain and view the world from a completely different angle. Literally.

There’s nothing like the enormity of nature to change your perspective.

10. Have a day with the people you love most.

Group of Asian women hanging out together

The actual plans for the day aren’t what’s important, the important thing is being around people that you know love and support you no matter what. When times are tough we tend to isolate, which is exactly the opposite of what we need.

Being surrounded by love reminds us we are worthy of love.

11. Snuggle with a furry friend.

Woman covered in dogs

Curl up on the couch or in bed with your cat or dog or bunny or whatever animal you love. Petting their soft fur will provide tactile comfort and their adoring gaze will remind you what unconditional love feels like.

If you don’t have your own furry friend, please don’t steal one. Go over a friend’s house and borrow theirs.

12. Create something – anything, really.

A paintbrush painting

There’s a great sense of accomplishment in creating something new. It doesn’t matter what your medium is, painting, drawing, collaging, writing, composing, or writing, just take some time to create something new. It will help get your feelings out into your medium.

13. Do a full social media detox.


Facebook has been a toxic place lately. Go a day, a week, a month, without logging in to your social media. I did it last summer and it allowed me to be much more present in my life. And it saved my sanity.

If you feel like Facebook is making you more upset than any app should, go ahead and delete that shit! Or at least take it off your phone.

14. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Woman laughing while talking on the phone

We live in an age of technological connections. It’s easy to forget what it’s like to have a real conversation. Connect with an old friend and tell them that you miss them. Call your grandma or aunt and see what’s going on in their lives.

Ask about them and don’t spend much time talking about you. Just savor the connection.

15. Say what you’re really thinking and feeling.


When we’re overwhelmed, it’s really hard to talk about our feelings, but bottling them up is unhealthy. Find someone you trust and spill your guts. Swear as much as you want. Cry if you need to. Try to put precise words on what you feel, rather than saying “I’m angry.” Getting it all out will allow it to dissipate.

Please, please take something from this list and try it. Take care of yourself and others. We all need the strength to fight the fight again.

The Tempest Radio Mixes Audio + Visual


If you’re a sane, compassionate person who cares about the future of the United States, the past few weeks have been rough. On January 20th Donald Trump officially became the President of the United States. It hasn’t taken him long to follow through with many of the things we hoped he wouldn’t.

In trying times like this it can be really helpful to connect with music. Music has the power to calm us down and chill us out. Studies have even shown that music can help regulate your heart rate and increase blood flow, making you healthier.

We, at The Tempest, understand the importance of taking some time to chill with some soothing tunes, so we’ve put together the ultimate Post-Inauguration Week Recovery Mixtape. Check out this list of instrumental jams and we guarantee you’ll feel a little bit better.

1. A Slow Dance || Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky playing
By Greg Neate via Wikimedia Commons

Explosions in the Sky is a phenomenal, experimental band. They mix a lot of different instruments and effects to produce a truly unique sound. This track combines some awesome guitar and piano work with some killer percussion to create a powerful sonic experience. A Slow Dance is the perfect track to listen to on your drive home from a long day.

2. Auto Rock || Mogwai

Mogwai playing live concert
By Deadnid via Wikimedia Commons

Mogwai is the master of ‘instrumental rock’. With lyrics, their songs could dominate at any rock show, but as their instrumental masterpieces lead the listener on a journey through sound. Auto rock gets a little more ‘rock’ in the middle, but the smooth piano and synth effects will have you floating through space. Auto Rock is the perfect track to have on in the background while you do some work or read the news.

3. Pure Imagination || Emile Pandolfi


This popular song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is transformed by Emile Pandolfi. The piano cover is slow and meandering. You can sing along in your head or lose yourself in the re-imagined version of the song. Perfect for lounging around your living room and sipping a hot beverage.

4. Love Story || Dallas String Quartet

Close up of a violin

Being the large Tswift fan that I am, I’m always delighted when a band does a clever cover of one of her songs. Dallas String Quartet is a diverse group of string musicians who combine their violin talents with the tones of an upright bass to produce funky, smooth tunes. Their cover of Love Story is the perfect tune for dancing in your living room with your real or imaginary true love.

5. Reset || MUTEMATH

Mutemath playing a live concert
By IllaZilla via Wikimedia Commons

MUTEMATH combines electronic sound with mellow beats, and sultry guitar. The percussion on this track is overlaid with expert guitar and even some violin. It’s a unique sound that’s perfect for putting on while you do some chores or cook some dinner.

6. Twinkle Lullaby || The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys playing a live concert
By Pastelitodepapa via Wikimedia Commons

The Piano Guys are known for their instrumental covers of popular songs. Twinkle Lullaby is a re-imagining of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with both piano and violin. Their cover doesn’t follow the melody through the whole song, but uses the melody as the reference point and goes from there. As the name suggests, this is the perfect song to listen to while you’re drifting off to sleep.

7. Where the Light Gets In || Sennen

Sennen, band from UK
By Ync067 via Wikimedia Commons

This track layers a rhythmic piano on top of a string quartet to create a hypnotic sound. The rhythm created by the piano sucks you in to the song, while the string quartet lulls you. This track is perfect background for a long, hot bath.

8. Racing Against the Sunset by Philip Wesley

Orange toned sunset
By Alvesgaspar via Wikimedia Commons

This piano solo track is immersive. It feels like the music is flowing over and around you through the whole track. Pus you’ll be impressed by the talent of this musician. This is the perfect track to put on when you’re trying to meditate. You’ll get so lost in the piano melody that you won’t be able to think of anything else.

9. Crystallize || Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling playing violin
By Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

This one is a little less ‘chill out’ than the rest, but Lindsey Stirling’s unique sound is too good to pass up. Lindsey Stirling layers her expert violin playing over EDM-esque beats. The result is a surprisingly danceable instrumental experience. The beats will get you going, in a good kind of way. Listen when you need to get out some nervous energy that’s built up through the stress of the day.

10. Fragile || 2Cellos

By Leandro Kibisz via Wikimedia Commons

2Cellos is another intrumental band known for their amazing covers. This cover of Sting’s fragile combines the sounds of a plucked cello and a bowed cello, for a very interesting sound. This is the perfect track to listen to while reading a good book.


Because we love you, we compiled all of these songs on one playlist. If you’re struggling with the stress of this week and feeling a little overwhelmed, throw on this playlist and melt into its soothing instrumental sounds. 

[cue id=”45455″]

Race The World Inequality

Of course, our racist president-elect insults a renowned Civil Rights leader

“Knock the crap out of them.”

“I’d like to punch him in the face.”

“Maybe he should have been roughed up.”

These are some of the many instances in which Donald Trump incited violence at his rallies as he was campaigning to become the next president of the United States of America. But Representative John Lewis did the exact opposite as he fought to end racial segregation in America.

Rep. Lewis was actively involved in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)–a crucial organization which fought for the rights of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. In addition to helping organize the 1963 March on Washington, the SNCC organized sit-ins and freedom rides. Rep. Lewis led the SNCC as the third chairman and spoke at the March on Washington over fifty years ago along with Martin Luther King Jr., where he gave have his “I Have A Dream” speech.

This past week, the Civil Rights icon spoke out against Trump during an interview with Chuck Todd for Meet the Press.

“I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president,” Rep. Lewis said. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

It did not take Trump long to criticize Lewis on Twitter.

Trump said that Congressman Lewis is “all talk” and “no action or results.” But Rep. Lewis was the one who was beaten by a state trooper during a 1965 march for voting rights in Selma, Alabama. Rep. Lewis suffered a skull fracture and Trump is the one tweeting. It’s clear that Rep. Lewis’ bold actions speak louder than Trump’s baseless words on Twitter.

While past presidents have visited Selma to commemorate the Civil Rights Movement, Rep. Lewis said he will not invite Trump to visit Selma, but also would not prevent him from doing so.

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Black History Month is right around the corner and Trump chose to tweet about a civil rights activist rather embracing criticism. Trump is just days away from being inaugurated into one of the most powerful positions in the world but is spending his time bashing a respected civil rights leader on Twitter.



His words are indicative of how little he appreciates the Civil Rights Movement and those who spearheaded it. Additionally, Trump is no longer visiting the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture on Martin Luther King Day, according to ABC News.

What he has said shows his lack of empathy for the struggles African Americans have endured and continue to go through in this country. His lack of concern for race related issues is concerning for the future of America.

Rep. Lewis said he will skip Trump’s inauguration, which will be the first one he does not attend since he was elected into Congress in 1986. Following Trump’s remarks on Rep. Lewis, more Democratic lawmakers are following into Lewis’ footsteps and boycotting the inauguration.

Our president-elect should not be a president for some Americans, he should be a president for all Americans. And America cannot be “great” if our president is not committed to advancing racial equality.