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Did women in Ancient Greece have a skincare routine?

Throughout quarantine, I have become mildly obsessed with skincare and taking care of my skin. And by mildly, I mean I have completely changed my skincare routine about 20 times in the past few months. I’ve learned a lot about skincare over the summer, and used that information to alter my routine accordingly. And unfortunately, I cannot even tell you how many hours I have spent watching YouTube videos on skincare and reading the endless amounts of beauty reviews on Sephora’s website.

My newfound love for skincare made me curious about what skincare and beauty ingredients have been used throughout history. So, as a lover of skincare and Greek mythology, I thought I would take a look at the beauty and skincare beliefs, practices, and techniques used in Ancient Greece. And most importantly, try to figure out how to make my skin glow like a Greek goddess!

Skincare has been important in many different cultures and each culture has its own unique techniques to keep their skin glowing and healthy. Cosmetics and physical beauty were especially important in Ancient Greek culture, so having clear, smooth, and soft skin was a must. Clear and smooth skin is something that I definitely strive for at all times.  I’m not always successful, but I give it my best try.

Unfortunately, not all the tips and tricks I found were super helpful. Ancient Greek societies did have some unsafe practices. For example, they used harmful chalks and lead to whiten their skin due to their society’s beauty standards that idolized light skin.  With that exception, a majority of the ingredients that they used are still found in plenty of products today.

Women in high society in Ancient Greece culture wore makeup daily. Their cosmetic products used different flowers, herbs, pigments, and natural resources. To make eyeliner, they would use olive oil and charcoal. They even used olive oil and charcoal to fill in their brows. For their lips, they would mix beeswax and red iron oxide for a shiny lip balm. Iron oxides are still used in cosmetics products today,  but, thankfully, are now made in a lab for safety! Naturally produced iron oxide in uncontrolled settings typically contain heavy metals. Beeswax is still a popular ingredient in lip moisturizing compounds and products today. The Mayo Clinic reported that it is one of the best ingredients to lock in moisture and even helps block the sun.

In terms of taking care of the skin, Ancient Greek women certainly had impressive DIY skills. Olive oil was an essential ingredient in Greek skincare. In products today, olive oil is still used to moisturize and renew skin cells. Herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits indigenous to Greece were used in addition to olive oil. The rose was considered to be the “queen of flowers.” Rose oil and rose water were used in a lot of products to soothe, cleanse, and nourish dry skin. Additional benefits of rose oil and rose water include anti-aging, hydration, repairing skin cells, and balancing pH levels.

Along with beeswax, honey was another beneficial and well-used ingredient in their skincare products. It was used in their face masks and body scrubs. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with the removal of dead skin cells. Lastly, milk and yogurt were considered to be luxury ingredients in Ancient Greece because of their skin-softening properties. Milk was often mixed with honey in many products, while yogurt was viewed as a special ingredient that soothed sunburns and helped remove dead skin cells.

With the help of modern technology and sciences, skincare and cosmetics brands have found their own ways to incorporate the key ingredients of  Ancient Greek skincare into their products. In actuality, the basics of skincare in Ancient Greece and today are not that different, which means I’m basically already a Greek goddess. There are plenty of rose water toners, olive oil lotions, and milk and honey scrubs out on the market for us to try. At this point, I’ve probably tried about half of them, but cannot wait to try more!

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Why I am constantly drawn to lavender

I find that my most blissful moments remind me of the strong, calming scent of lavender. For one reason or another, I relate it to a lot of the more meaningful aspects of my life. To me, lavender is like a feeling; like the wind brushing up against your skin.

While I think that lavender is largely optimistic, I also find a certain sorrow that is comfortable, even humble, in its presence. I’ve come to appreciate it in every shape and form – the color, the flower, the scent. Its hard to place; not sweet or bitter, but rather musty. 

Lavender manages to incorporate itself into my life seemingly on a whim and in the most fleeting of moments. We have a peculiar relationship. I am stomach-knottingly anxious in the presence of many, especially when I first meet them. But, with some, I sense lavender, and I know that something great is about to happen. It is more of a feeling than anything else. Just talking to some people can be rejuvenating, and perhaps it is because our meeting reminds me of that warm, soft smell of a mid-spring day when the sun is bright and pure, and the entire day lies ahead.

Nowadays, when I am feeling an emotion that is simply beyond words, I say that I am overflowing with lavender. 

According to etymology, the English word “lavender” is derived from the Latin “lavare,” which translates to “to wash.” It is a necessary refinement – a cleanse. I am purified with every utterance of the word. 

Perhaps it’s not just me. In literature, lavender has been used significantly as a token of love. To me, it’s more like a notion of love at first sight. Shakespeare offers a bouquet of “hot lavender” in The Winter’s Tale. Cleopatra also roots lavender with love, as she is said to have used its sultry perfume to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Christians are also known to have used it as a repellent of evil. The plant is said to have been taken from the Garden of Eden and is sometimes found hanging in a cross shape above the doors of some Christian households as a means of protection. There are so many songs with the title lavender, my favorite being by The Beach Boys, and there have also been many poems written about it, too. Take, for example, this quote by an anonymous writer, “as rosemary is to the spirit, lavender is to the soul.” 

Lavender is swift, like a movement, carrying me in and out of perfectly imperfect moments. The vision of it is rather uplifting as well. It stands delicately tall among the rest, but it is not intimidating either. I adore its confrontation. In fact, I look forward to it. 

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11 too-real things that happen at every Sri Lankan wedding

Being a guest at a Sri Lankan wedding can be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to see two people begin a life together, but you also get to take part in wedding guest activities that happen so often that they seem as traditional as the rest of the wedding rituals. In my long career as a wedding guest, I’ve seen many retinues, buffets, and eaten many, many wedding cakes.

Here’s the ultimate guide to every Sri Lankan wedding:

1. The secret life of centerpieces.

A living room filled with floral arrangements.
[Image description: A living room filled with floral arrangements.] Via Giphy.
The wedding’s wrapping up, hotel staff are sweeping confetti off the floor, the band is dismantling their equipment, the bride and groom are long gone, and the guests start trickling out holding the floral centerpieces that decorated their table. It looks awkward, it feels awkward, but still, the centerpieces will get a second life in a new home.

It’s like a difficult-to-carry unofficial goodie bag.

2. That photographer uncle nobody asked for, but he’s not going anywhere.

A photographer saying, "Work it."
[Image description: A photographer saying, “Work it.”] Via Giphy.
He wasn’t hired to take photographs, but if you think a technicality like that is going to stop him, think again. You might have to wait months for the official wedding album, but that photographer-uncle has his photos up the very next day.

3. Cake thieves. Think I’m being dramatic? Think again.

A raccoon steals food from two cats and runs away.
[Image description: A raccoon steals food from two cats and runs away.] Via Giphy.
Old aunties use the couple’s exit as the perfect distraction to swoop in on unattended cakes.

If you’re not going to eat your cake immediately, then definitely stash it in a secure location. If you’re following the action, make sure your cake travels with you.

Wolf & Badger US

4. Oh yeah, and then unidentified juice gets served.

A woman gazes out suspiciously as she shuts a door.
[Image description: A woman gazes out suspiciously as she shuts a door.] Via Giphy.
Sometimes the fluorescent color of the drink suggests radioactivity. Sometimes the color of the fruit balancing on the edge of the glass is in complete contrast to the color of the drink itself. Often the drink is already at your place setting when you get there.

Where did it come from? What is it made of? We may never know.

5. You step on your own sari while trying to stand up. Oops.

Jennifer Lawrence trips on the steps of the Oscars stage.
[Image description: Jennifer Lawrence trips on the steps of the Oscars stage.] Via Giphy.
You may think you know how to get up off a chair, but getting up off a chair in a sari is its own feat. Sure, you could shoot up with all the confidence in the world, but more often than not your foot’s going to be conveniently pinning down the edge of your sari, bringing you back down to earth as soon as you try to stand up. 

6. Your period jewelry is finally taken out of that dang box.

A woman decked out in jewelry untangles a handful of gold necklaces.
[Image description: A woman decked out in jewelry untangles a handful of gold necklaces.] Via Giphy.
You know all the bling you got just because your body started menstruating? You finally see that stuff come out of the box.

7. I now pronounce…

A woman exclaims, "huh! an all-you-can-eat glow!"
[Image description: A woman exclaims, “huh! an all-you-can-eat glow!”] Via Giphy.
…..the buffet open!

Move over, first dance, the most romantic moment at the beginning of a shared life witnessed at each wedding is the moment the new couple opens the buffet. Not only is this a great way to start the rest of their lives, but it also means the buffet is officially open, which is great news for everyone!

8. Naptime stops for no matrimony, no matter who’s up on that stage.

A cartoon animation of a little girl abruptly falling asleep in bed.
[Image description: A cartoon animation of a little girl abruptly falling asleep in bed.] Via Giphy.
There’s always a small person passed out on two chairs in deep REM sleep while a party rages around them. Sleep on, random tiny child, you do you!

9. No wedding is complete if you don’t hear that classic hit, “Congratulations and Celebrations” by Sir Cliff Richard.

The wedding march may be a classic, but nothing says “We’re newly married!” like this smash hit! The rousing celebratory beat truly gets the party started.

10. The bathroom is an entirely different world.

A woman adjusts her dress in the bathroom mirror while her friends look on.
[Image description: A woman adjusts her dress in the bathroom mirror while her friends look on.] Via Giphy.
Gone are the amicable smiles and party atmosphere.

Welcome to navigating bathroom stalls in saris and heels, quickly assessing your makeup situation, pinning what you can, quick changes, and diving back into the party without missing a beat.

11. Last thing? The wedding cake conspiracy.

A man drops a wedding cake off the side of a building.
[Image description: A man drops a wedding cake off the side of a building.] Via Giphy.
The moment you realize that most of the wedding cakes you’ve seen were fake, and only had one little section made of real cake.

The encouraging move towards 100% cake is the honesty I need from the wedding industry. Please?

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Sweet, inexpensive Valentine’s day gifts ideas that won’t break the bank

Valentine’s Day is coming up – lovebirds and palentines – follow along with our Vday series right here.

Valentine’s Day gifts usually consist of roses, chocolates, teddy bears, diamonds and teddy bears made out of roses. But you don’t need to spend all your money to show your significant other you love them.

Valentine’s Day has turned into a consumerist bonanza. Yes, people want to show their Valentine they love them but somehow the idea of showering them with expensive gifts has become the mainstream way of showing love. Undoubtedly, associating love with money is sure to cause anxiety and dissatisfaction. It may even result in some disdain towards the object of your affection. Consumerism is part of our lives but maybe on the day of love, we can try to keep it out and focus on being raw and vulnerable instead of safe and cliché.

Money does not equal love, after all. You do not have to be filthy rich to be the best wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever you are. As hard as big businesses try to convince us, there is no price you can put on love.

So maybe this year it’s time to ditch expensive gift giving for a gift from the heart. I mean, if I had a bae I wouldn’t want flowers, I wouldn’t say no to them but I would much rather have my S/O give me something more heartfelt. We all want to feel understood and like someone knows every nook and cranny of our twisted personalities. So as a single person with time to spare before the big romantic day, I have taken it upon myself to draft a list of romantic, inexpensive gifts for bae.

1. Put your love into words

Girl writing while record plays. Via Giphy

Write a poem or a haiku and maybe color it in to make it look pretty.

2. Picture your relationship

Couple in bed, man sleeping and woman wakes him up by taking a photo. Via Giphy

You can caption the photos or let them speak for themselves. Don’t forget a picture is worth a thousand words.

3. The gift of song

Child spins around and runs hand through hair while holding microphone. Via Giphy

You don’t have to sing, don’t worry. You could, though! Or you could create a playlist that will take bae through the relationship. This playlist could include the song that reminds you of them, the song that you both hate, the song that you sing to in the car. The options are endless.

4. Bake them a cake

Man stuffing cake into his mouth. Via Giphy

For real, cake is the way into everyone’s heart.

5. Give them your time

Couple lays in bed and rubs noses together. Via Giphy

Maybe you haven’t been spending enough time with your loved one because work has been getting in the way. Show them that you love them by taking a day off to invest time in your relationship.

6. Treat them to some aphrodisiacs

Woman stuffs a chocolate covered strawberry into her mouth. Via Giphy

To make the evening sexier, treat bae to some aphrodisiacs, which are available at your local grocery store. Artichoke and asparagus are sexy and healthy options. If you’re really keen then try to work all these foods into one sexy meal *wink wink*.

7. Make them hand-made love coupons

Minion kissing screen. Via Giphy

These can be used all year round to keep your love alive. They can be as naughty or as innocent as you want them to be. Make sure you tailor the coupons to your relationship.

Valentine’s Day gifts can be inexpensive yet super sweet and thoughtful. I hope these suggestions spark creative and sentimental gift ideas for your partner this Valentine’s day. If they haven’t, well, there will always be chocolate, roses, teddy bears and teddy bears made out of roses.

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Calling all book lovers: here’s all the wedding decor you can’t live without

Almost everyone has seen Beauty and the Beast. There was always something so appealing and magical to me about the dancing utensils, the beautiful ball gowns, and the handsome prince. But nothing had me more hooked than the seemingly-endless shelves of books in the castle’s library! If you’re anything like me, then the idea of a literary-themed wedding has always seemed so perfect. So we’ve got the perfect wedding decor that every book lover will ever need for their special day!

1. Welcome your guests with this rustic hand-written wooden sign!

[Image description: a wooden sign painted with white modern calligraphy reads “welcome to our happily ever after” and is propped up on a stand. A rose hangs on top of the sign, and a bride sits in a garden chair in the background. Image source: Pinterest]

2. A bouquet made entirely from vintage fabrics, antique brooches, love notes, and paper!

[Image description: six pictures of a flower bouquet made entirely from pages of a novel, love letters, postcards, vintage fabric, and scrabble letters that spell out love. Image source: Pinterest]

3. Use the pages from your favorite romance novels to create heart-shaped backdrops!

[Image description: pages from a novel cut into three hearts and hung together on a string across a room. Image source: Pinterest]

4. Is there a better place to celebrate two bibliophiles than at a library?

[Image description: multiple dining tables are set up in a huge library. Each table is already set with all the utensils and a vase is placed as a centerpiece. Image source: Pinterest]

5. Have your cake vendor inscribe your favorite passages onto your cake.

[Image description: a three-story wedding cake placed on a table and is covered in cursive writing and decorated with roses. Image source: Pinterest]

6. Use book pages to make your place cards even cuter!

[Image description: a framed page of a novel is framed and a huge nine is written across it. Two candles are placed in front of the frame, which rests on a stack of books with a flower vase on top. Image source: Pinterest]

7. Give bookmarks with romantic quotes from your favorite books as wedding favors.

[Image description: a stack of bookmarks with a Jane Austin quote from Pride and Prejudice printed on it. The quote says “Completely and perfectly and incandescently happy.” Image source: Pinterest]

8. These library card invites are giving us all the feels!

[Image description: wedding invites made out of library cards that list all the important dates in the engaged couples’ lives. Image source: Pinterest]

9. Surprise your guests with wrapped books as wedding favors.

[Image description: a stack of novels wrapped in brown paper with a light blue sheet on the front. Each novel has a library card attached to it with all the details of the novel written out. Image source: Pinterest]

10.  Set up a dictionary and a cute sign where your guests can leave a message for you & your S.O.

[Image description: a sign is printed on a page in front of an open dictionary that reads, “please sign our guest book by selecting a word from the dictionary that represents how you know us, a fun memory, your best marriage advice, or any other words befitting this day. Circle the word and then feel free to write a message on the page. Enjoy the evening!” Image source: Pinterest]

11. Serve drinks with little book-inspired messages like this one!

[Image description: pink lemonade in glass jugs with pink ribbons tied around the top and a note that says “drink me.” Image source: Pinterest]

12. Seat your guests according to your favorite authors/books.

[Image description: a framed card that says “Mark Twain Table” with a quote by him underneath used as a centerpiece for a dining table. The frame is placed on top of a stack of books. Image source: Pinterest]

13. Incorporate your love for books into your centerpieces.

[Image description: a ballroom with tables set and a stack of books with a vase on top as a centerpiece. Image source: Pinterest]

14. Use cut-outs from a book as your cake toppers!

[Image description: two cutouts of a man and a woman dressed up made from pages of a book used as cake toppers. Image source: Pinterest]

15. Say “I do” underneath a book arch!

[Image description: a bride and groom kiss in front of a pastor who is looking at his religious book. The couple is standing under an arch made out of books piled up on each other. Image source: Pinterest]
There’s nothing we love more than two people celebrating their love in beautiful and unique ways! Let your love for literature inspire you to create a literary-themed wedding with these simple and breath-taking decorations that’ll have your guests talking about your big day for years to come!

Travel Science Now + Beyond

15 surreal places you have to visit before you turn 30

Your 20s is a time to see the world.

You’re young, you may not have many commitments, and you’re flexible enough to make day trips, sleep in hostels, or travel with a minimalistic mindset. There are a number of beautiful places in nature that are right here in the United States. Some of which you may recognize, others are the epitome of hidden treasure. These 15 spots are found across the country, so even if you can’t see them all … you can certainly see some! Get out there and get your travel on with these breath-taking natural destinations!

1. Yellowstone National Park

beautiful places, trout lake yellowstone national park

This one is a given and probably on many travelers’ lists. Yellowstone National Park spans Idaho, Minnesota and Wyoming and is the world’s first national park. It has mountains, lakes and forests as well as copious wildlife. You can visit for a day or spend a night at one of the park’s campgrounds.


2. Na Pali Coast

napali coast, beautiful places,

Hawaii has a lot to offer in terms of natural wonders, but the Nu Pali Coast is arguably the most impressive. It sits along the 17-kilometer Kalalau Trail and is full of lush, green mountains and ridges. Explorers can only access the coast by a long hike or boat.

3. Biosphere 2

beautiful places, biosphere 2

Located in Oracle, the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 houses seven actively researched model ecosystems. The ecosystems include a mature rainforest, a 2600 m^3 ocean, forested swamps, a tropical savanna grassland, a coastal fog desert, three hillslope grass-shrubland landscapes and an urban ecosystem.

4. Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

beautiful places, skagit valley

Thousands flock to Mount Vernon, Washington to see the Skagit Valley Tulips in bloom during varying dates each year. The festival lasts 30 days and features art shows, galas, concerts and local tours.

5. Hamilton Pool

beautiful places, hamilton pool

Created when the dome of an underground river collapsed, Hamilton Pool is a natural pool located just west of Austin, Texas. It is home to the endangered Golden-Cheeked Warbler and open for swimming reservations.

6. Northern Lights

northern lights, beautiful places

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a well-known natural wonder. The lights are best seen in Alaska, if you’re staying in America. They are caused by the collision of gaseous particles in the Earth atmosphere and charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere, creating beautiful yellow-green lights in the night sky.

7. Thor’s Well

thors well, beautiful places

Thor’s Well is a natural hole on the Oregon coast that seems to drain water from the ocean. Also known as the drainpipe of the Pacific, the well is very dangerous and not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, adventurers and photographers visit the spectacular site.

8. Cache River State Natural Area

beautiful place, cache river state natural area

Situated in southern Illinois, these wetlands total almost 15,000 acres. You can hike, bike, boat, fish or hunt in the area.

9. Niagara Falls

beautiful places, niagra falls

Niagara Falls is another natural wonder on most travelers’ lists. It is America’s oldest state park where you can hike its incredible landscape. There are also a plenty of birds for those interested in bird watching, and golf courses for players of all skill levels.

10. Mammoth Cave

beautiful places, mammoth cave

Mammoth Cave Natural Park is a “grand, gloomy and peculiar place,” said early guide Stephen Bishop. What’s not to love?! It is the world’s longest known cave systems. Plan a visit to catch a tour, hike, canoe, picnic, go horseback riding, cycling and more.

11. Blackwater Falls State Park

beautiful places, blackwater falls

Named for the amber-colored waters of the Blackwater River Falls, the West Virginia park offers lodging, restaurants, and even Wi-Fi access! (Though we recommend you disconnect on your visit.) The park sports magnificent views and could the perfect place to plan your next event for nature lovers.

12. Sequoia National Park

Giant trees span this beautiful park located in the southern Sierra Nevada. There are places to camp, lodge and eat, and chances to explore hiking trails in a forest that is home to the world’s largest living tree: the General Sherman Tree.

13. Great Smoky Mountains

beautiful places, smoky mountains

Part of a national park located in both Tennesse and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains are a world-renowned, beautiful place in nature. The mountains are home to a diverse selection of plant and animal life, and there are plenty of activities to do including camping under the stars and hiking. Bring pepper spray!

14. The Everglades

beautiful places, everglades

The nearest city to the Everglades is Florida City. It is a 1.5 million acre wetland on the southern tip of the state. Many rare and endangered species call the Everglades home.

15. Glacier National Park

beautiful places, glacier national park

Glacier National Park is a wilderness area of roughly 1,600 square miles in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. It has more than 700 miles of hiking trails and opportunities to backpack, cycle, and camp. It is home to mountain goats, grizzly bears and more.


8 ways to save money on your dream wedding

Getting engaged was one of the most important days of my life. I got engaged nearly a year ago now, and every day is another day closer to my fiancé and my’s wedding. Obviously, I’m excited to plan our wedding, and even more excited for the big day.

Family dynamics and timing are two obstacles that come into play when planning a wedding, but that’s not it. Money is a major struggle I’ve encountered when planning my wedding. Weddings cost a lot of money, and it is expensive and difficult to fund the wedding of your dreams.

So why are weddings so expensive? I’ve recently discovered there’s a lot that goes into the high cost of a wedding, but there are definitely ways to spend less.

1. Save on expensive AF wedding dresses


According to Cost of Wedding, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $26,720. In comparison, that is equivalent to a full year of out-of-state tuition at a lot of public universities. That’s a lot of money to spend on a single day of your life. Though your wedding should, of course, be everything you’ve dreamed of, there’s a way to accomplish that without breaking the bank. One area that you can save money on is the dress. You can find dresses on sale racks, or have one made, or even take an old one from a relative and make it your own. The average cost of a wedding dress according to The Knot is about $1500. Alternatively, with a simple search, I was able to find a beautiful simple wedding dress from David’s Bridal for only $139.99.

However, I do know that some people want to spend a lot on their dress, which is understandable. And, that’s where focusing on other ways to save up on wedding costs come into play.

2. Compromise on flowers


Another area of wedding planning that costs a lot is flowers and decorations. According to Cost of Wedding, they cost about $1500 in total. Going into wedding planning, I had no idea that flowers would cost so much. Though there’s always the option to just grow and pick some yourself, there are ways to save while still going professional in the flower department. You have to make sure that your flowers are in season. I love sunflowers, which means that if I want them that badly, I need to get married in the summer. Also, don’t limit your flower choices based on what you think is ideal. You may end up liking a flower better than you originally thought.

Keep an open mind when it comes to choosing flowers because let’s be real, what flower isn’t beautiful?

3. Get creative with photography


I highly recommend considering this option. Save on photography. Obviously, professional photographers take amazing photos, and everyone wants their day to be remembered that way, but much like with other big events, sometimes asking a family member or friend to be your photographer is the way to go.

My future sister-in-law took my fiancé’s and my’s engagement photos and they turned out spectacularly. And believe me, it cost a lot less than the $2789 that professional ones do on average. You can also find a cheap way to do a photo booth too. Disposable cameras or polaroids are still relevant, and it’s not too hard to create props to go with them.

4. Join the green revolution and go online


Printing is another cost factor of wedding planning that can sneak up on people. Weddings rely on save-the-dates, invitations, menus, and potentially other things that need to be printed off nicely for commemoration. If you want something letter-pressed or engraved, it can easily cost you between $1500 – $2000 dollars. Though using that type of printing ensures good quality, it’s a lot to spend as much on printing as you did on the dress.

Though printing is always expensive, one way to save is to print digitally. There are lots of online services, both that you can do yourself or have done professionally, that can create great invitations, etc, while costing you less than $1000. And, if nothing else, you’re saving trees if you go green and decide to pick an online invitation mode.

5. Take your wedding outside


This area is tricky to save on since venues for any sort of event can easily be very pricey. But, there are ways to spend less on your venue. You can always have your wedding or reception in the backyard of a friend or family member if they’re cool with it. My parents had their reception in a friend’s backyard and it turned out very well. Local parks are also a great way to have a beautiful and low-cost venue. You can find out how to rent the venue on your city’s parks and recreation website. No matter where you live, the parks in your area are surely gorgeous and can make for a perfect wedding venue.

6. Grab a friend for hair and makeup


I personally hate having my hair and makeup done professionally, so finding another way to get ready that also costs less always sounds great to me. According to The Bridal Association of America, the average bride spends about $183 on hair and makeup. Though compared to the other costs we’ve looked at that isn’t too bad, but it always helps to save up, even in the smaller areas. This is where you can go back to high school prom and have your friends help out.

Everyone knows someone who loves doing hair and makeup, and many would be absolutely willing to help out their friends for their big day. Another alternative could be using beauty apps on your phone, where you can compare the rates through the app or get discounts via sharing promo codes.

7. Feed your hungry guests homemade meals


Feeding over a hundred people obviously isn’t cheap. On average you will pay over $1000 to feed your guests, potentially even more. Though you’re still going to have to feed the same amount of people, either way, you can cut down on food costs by either having a family member or friend make the food or choosing a cheaper catering option. Though five-star food is delicious, so is your grandma’s homemade enchiladas. Different lower cost restaurants taste great too. BBQ cookouts are lots of fun also. Food won’t be cheap, but you can still serve your guests something delicious and filling – while saving some of your money for other parts of the wedding.

8. Create a honeymoon registry for your dream vacation


I personally am so excited for my honeymoon. I also know that traveling to Italy or the Bahamas or even simply to Miami will cost a ton. Between flights and lodging and drinks and food, honeymoons are probably one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. However, that’s where the great idea of creating a honeymoon registry comes into play. There are different kinds of honeymoon registries, but they all do the same thing. If you already have all the home goods you need, then why not have people put money in a honeymoon registry so you and your partner can have a great honeymoon while saving money at the same time.

In the end, what you choose to do for your wedding is up to you.

Many may want to spend the money on their big day, and that is perfectly wonderful. But if, like me, you’re worried about the financial burden of wedding planning there are lots of ways to make your big day as special as ever, albeit in a more budget-friendly way.


10 adorable DIY decorations that will make your wedding look like a million dollars

Time has come and you are thinking about putting together the perfect wedding. Aside from your stunning outfit, the beautiful venue, and all the other magical things you have planned for your special night, you cannot forget about the decor. What other way to personalize your wedding than by DIY-ing the little things?

Not only is this incredibly fun to do, but it will add a special touch to your perfect day. Your guests will leave remembering all the hard work and effort you put into carefully specializing these crafts.

1. Illuminate your reception with a little bit of glitter: 


You can even add them to your centerpieces! Candles always look elegant and classy, while the glitter adds a bit of personality.  You could also coordinate the color of the glitter you use with your wedding colors and the reception will be even more beautiful. Find out more about these here.

2. Share your most dorky moments, which will also be the perfect icebreakers: 

Table numbers:

These are adorable as they are easy. It’s a simple task to just print these out at your own home and it’s a fun talking point for each of your guests.  Table numbers are always something of a hassle, and then people don’t sit where they are supposed to half the time.

This idea makes the table numbers much more fun and gives your guests some more cute information about the bride and groom.  This is completely unique and will leave a memory with your guests.

3. Keep your wedding going months after it happened with this adorable guest activity:

8c7a46baf3a220903d2f57d50472b8f6.jpg 400×600 pixels:

Another fun way to entertain your guests is with a date jar. You can buy chalkboard and mason jars and just provide a box for the ideas. A simple and fun way to get date night ideas as well as to enjoy a laugh or two with your guests. This is a cheap and elegant way to keep your guests entertained, and it leaves you and your partner another great gift that can last a lifetime. It will also help keep the magic and fun of being in a relationship.

4. It’s easy to get creative with centerpieces with simple arrangements: 

blog centerpiece wine glass 12 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas from Pinterest:

Easy, simple, and elegant – what else could you want?  Just look at how beautiful this arrangement is, and everything is functional. After the wedding, you have an entire bar set ready to go for your new home with your partner, instead of just hundreds of flower vases that will most likely sit in a closet for the rest of your marriage.  Also, this way you would spend less on flowers and therefore save money.

This is an adorably elegant and cute way to save money because you’re buying fewer flowers and more functional pieces.  You could even use the plate holder mirror as a beautiful mirrored collage in your home afterward! For more DIY ideas for centerpieces look here.

5. Keep your invitations personal and elegant with a simple tweak: 

DIY Gold Leaf Prints | Photography by Wesley Vorster | DIY and Design by White Kite Studio:

Stop paying for expensive wedding invitations and make these instead. Send something that says I specifically want you to come to my wedding, with a more personal touch.  These are so fabulous and cost significantly less than it would be to pay a company to send our your invitations.

This works especially well for smaller and more intimate weddings because each invitation is unique and could be tailored towards the person receiving it.  More information about how to do these can be found here.

6. Give guests the perfect way to give you a send-off: 

Check out these DIY wedding confetti tubes for your ceremony toss!:

Remember how guests used to throw rice? This is the next best thing!  Make sure you get paper that is compostable or biodegradable, so you are in the clear.  These are an easy way to make your wedding more of a celebration than a formal affair.  Find out more information about this DIY project here.

7. If you’re really adventurous, make your own beautiful boutonnieres:


Why buy it when you can make it yourself? This is an easy and classy way to put your creativity to the test.  You can personally coordinate your wedding colors into the boutonnieres and make each one unique. You can even use flowers from your own garden and save money while adding an intimate touch.  Or you could use fake flowers so the memories could last forever. Check them out here.

8. Add some themed flair with beautifully handcrafted flowers: 


Check out these awesome paper flowers to decorate on your special day. These are cheaper and easier to discard than twinkle lights or anything else. These flowers can coordinate with your wedding colors or just hang on their own.  This is a great way to make your wedding personal and adhere to your personal taste.  Find out how to make these here.

9. If an open bar isn’t your thing, make it a mini bar:


If the open bar concept is too daunting of an expense for you, here is a cute replacement. On the wedding invitation, add a section for preferred alcohol and have these little airplane bottles waiting for your guests at their seat.  This would be less expensive than a typical open bar and this is an easy way to make sure nobody is drinking too much. Originally this post was presented as a wedding favor for the groomsmen, which also works. There are endless possibilities when you put drinks into a little mason jar! For more info go here.

10. Keep the memories of the wedding going for your guests this summer:

20 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love and Use - Jason & Anna Photography:

If you’re a gardener, then this idea is absolutely perfect for you. Just set up a box or wheelbarrow with packets for seeds that your guests can use and plant in their own gardens and the memory of your wedding day will last even longer. I suggest getting perennials so you and your guests really can remember the day for years to come.  This works especially well for spring weddings.