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11 uncommon gifts for the friend that already has everything

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We all have that one friend who already has everything and never knows to drop hints. I have several of these friends, and always end up spending hours upon hours of pointless window-shopping trying to figure out what to get them. Things got more complicated this year with all the COVID restrictions.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already scoured through various websites for unique and personalized gift ideas. If you still couldn’t decide what to buy, here are 11 uncommon gifts to give your friends this holiday season:

1. An engraved wooden lantern that can be personalized to project images and words onto a wall

[Image description: An engraved lantern projecting butterflies onto the wall. ] Via Etsy
[Image description: An engraved lantern projecting butterflies onto the wall. ] Via Etsy 
With this beautiful lantern, you can send a magical message to your loved ones for them to cherish forever.

Get it here for $49.55 

2. A personalized illusion lamp to turn a photo into a night light

[Image description: An acrylic illusion lamp made from a photograph.] Via Etsy
[Image description: An acrylic illusion lamp made from a photograph.] Via Etsy
You’ll never forget memorable moments with this personalized lamp!

Get it here for $70.20 

3. A Feel-Good Box full of all-natural spa goodies

[Image description: A box full of spa goods for self-care.] Via Etsy
[Image description: A box full of spa goods for self-care.] Via Etsy
We could all use some self-care during these times. This is the perfect gift to comfort your friends through a breakup, when they’re dealing with a loved one passing and so much more.

Get it here for $87.93

4. A holiday scented candle to get in the holiday spirit 

[Image description: A holiday-scented candle with a cute message on it.] Via Etsy
[Image description: A holiday-scented candle with a cute message on it.] Via Etsy
This candle will make a COVID holiday season seem more normal.

Get it here for $15.99


5. A moon phase necklace that can be customized to reflect the moon phase on a special date

[Image description: A customized moon phase necklace created for a birthday.] Via Etsy
[Image description: A customized moon phase necklace created for a birthday.] Via Etsy
This necklace is meaningful but also versatile enough to go with many outfits. It’s Perfect for astrology loving friends.

Get it here for $44.36 

6. Long-distance friendship lamps that light the other one up when touched 

[Image description:Two long-dstance friendship lamps sitting on a desk.] Via Etsy
[Image description: Two long-distance friendship lamps sitting on a desk.] Via Etsy
These lamps are perfect for long-distance friends to stay in touch with each other! Have your Tangled moment.

Get it here for $235.20 

7. Handmade Succulent Soap to spice up any bathroom

[Image description:Handmade succulent soaps on a bathroom sink.] Via Etsy
[Image description: Handmade succulent soaps on a bathroom sink.] Via Etsy
These uncommon handmade soaps will look absolutely adorable in the kitchen or next to the bathroom sink.

Get it here for $12.70

8. Picasso-face earrings for your artistic friend 

[Image description: Bejeweled earrings on a white background.] Via Etsy
[Image description: Bejeweled earrings on a white background.] Via Etsy
These Picasso-face earrings will add color to any outfit.

Get it here for $9 

9. Trump Coffee and Biden Tea Boxes for your woke, politically active friend

 [Image description: Sleepy Joe Tea and Fake News Coffee on a table.] Via Etsy
[Image description: Sleepy Joe Tea and Fake News Coffee on a table.] Via Etsy
These coffee and tea boxes come with mysterious gifts hidden inside them too.

Get it here for $25 

10. A silver quiver and arrow ear cuff for your badass friend 

 [Image description: A silver quiver and arrow ear cuff on a ear.] Via Etsy
[Image description: A silver quiver and arrow ear cuff on an ear.] Via Etsy
This statement piece will instantly make any outfit look more badass. 

Get it for $46.76 

11. A DIY Whiskey Making Kit to end the night with. 

 [Image description: A whiskey making kit on a mirror tray.] Via Etsy
[Image description: A whiskey making kit on a mirror tray.] Via Etsy
This DIY Whiskey-Making Kit makes it possible to customize your own alcoholic beverage with different flavors. 

Get it here for $79.80 

Have fun being creative! Hopefully this list inspired you and you’ve decided what to get. We hope your friends enjoy these cute and personalized gifts. Wish them happy holidays from us at The Tempest too!

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Life Hacks DIY Tech Lookbook Now + Beyond

These are the best & nerdiest costume ideas to steal this Halloween

My best Halloween costume ideas always come in around June and by the time October comes around I’ve completely forgotten them.

I blink and it’s a week til Halloween and all I can think of are lame puns or something involving my tiger print unitard. I love costumes, especially ones that are funny, interactive and DIY. It can be hard to find a funny Halloween costume where the joke will land across audiences, but I’ve figured out a solution: tech. 

Buckle up, my bad witches, because Halloween is almost here, and a lot of you probably still don’t have a costume.

Walt Disney Pictures

1. Release your own celebrity iOS press release

[Image description: Taylor Swift's note re: Kayne West]
[Image description: Taylor Swift’s note about Kanye West]
Given celebrities’ propensity for drama and tendency to air out that drama via a screenshotted note, you’ve got a lot to choose from. Plus, it’s almost as easy to make as Jim’s Facebook costume from The Office.

Make your own version:

You’ll need cardboard or poster board, string, and scissors.

Start by making the note itself, either by painting on the board or printing out the note and gluing or taping it to the board. If you print, do so on large paper or tile several regular-sized pieces together.

Once your note is done and dry, carefully cut holes in the top corners to tie the string through.

2. Resurrect those ghosts of technology past

[image description: Clippy from Microsoft Word]
[image description: Clippy from Microsoft Word]
Do you still mourn the loss of Clippy? Do you find yourself reminiscing about the days when Google’s logo still had serifs? Wear your feelings this Halloween and memorialize the interface or feature you loved and lost.

Make your own version:

This one’s pretty simple. You can do the classic white sheet method or you can wear white body paint and put flour in your hair.

Once you’re ghosty, add a cut out of the technological relic and pin it to yourself.  

3. Be the cloud, because why be one thing when you could be everything?

[image description: blue sky with "The Cloud" written in clouds]
[image description: blue sky with “The Cloud” written in clouds]
The cloud holds everything and you hold the key to a very fun Halloween.

You can customize the tone of this one by adding different folders like “Pictures of dogs” for a light sweet tone or “Nudes” for a slightly more risque vibe.

Make your own version:

This one’s got options. To keep it simple, do a sandwich board method.

Cut out a cloud shape in cardboard or poster board twice, punch holes in the top and put a string through so that the string sits on your shoulders.

To level up, glue cotton balls onto the board so that they cover the entire surface. Make mini folders out of actual folders or cardstock, then glue them to the cloud.

Staple the sides of the folders shut if you want to put things in your folders.

4. Rock the ultimate sign of 2019: Your fave meme!

[image description: Tide Pods on a shelf]
[image description: Tide Pods on a shelf]
The internet is a weird place. One of its weirdest products? Memes. Memes offer a lot of options for individuals, like Tide Pods or Yodel boy. There are even couple and group costumes options like the two Spidermen or Expanding Brain. 

Make your own version: Tide Pods Edition:

The easiest execution would be to draw or paint the blue and orange swoops onto something white, like a t-shirt or a white trash bag (for texture) with holes for your arms and head.

If you want to be puffier, make two rounded square pillows with the seams outside so that you have the flat ruffled edge. Sew or iron on blue and orange shapes before you fill one of them.

Once you have both the pillows, add shoulder straps so that one pillow hangs on your front and one hangs on your back.

[image description: expanding brain meme showing illustrated profiles of a human head with the brain increasingly illuminated in 4 frames; text accompanying each frame reads "Who, whom, whom'st, whom'st've"]
[image description: expanding brain meme showing illustrated profiles of a human head with the brain increasingly illuminated in 4 frames; text accompanying each frame reads “Who, whom, whom’st, whom’st’ve”]
Make your own version: Expanding Brain Edition: 

Get a group of 3-5 friends. Each person wears all black.

The first person has minimal blue accents, like a skull outline painted on their face or the outline of a small blue brain fastened to a headband or black hat.

The next person has more blue accents, plus spots of purple. I’d recommend using purple glitter hairspray.

The next person should have a glowing head, achieved with a LOT of glitter or a hat covered in blue and purple glow sticks.

The last person should have their whole body sprayed with purple and blue glitter with glow sticks along their whole body.

Print out the different captions for each phase on white paper and fasten them to the corresponding person.

To make it interactive, get mini whiteboards so that you can live-meme the night.

5. Don’t forget the spookiest signs ever: Texting dots

[image description: a jack o' lantern with a text bubble carving]
[image description: jack o’ lantern with text bubble carving]
Is there anything spookier than those three little dots taunting you as you wait for a response? I didn’t think so. If you hope to inspire fear and anxiety in everyone you pass on Halloween night, this is the costume for you.

Make your own version:

Wear a white shirt and white pants.

To make the text bubble, use the same method as the note costume, but cut the cardboard into a bubble shape.

Want to get even spookier? Punch out the three dots and cover the holes with translucent paper or fabric, then fasten glowing lights behind them so that the holes glow.

Books Pop Culture

5 fabulous zines (and magazines) that you need in your life right now

Zines are making a splash in a big way. They’re self-published, small-circulation little, baby, magazines. Zines are great because they’re easy, informal, creative, and really whatever you want them to be. You can make a zine about fashion and football or a zine for radical feminists.

Bitch Media, the radical feminist media group, started as a zine back in 1996 and grew into it’s current form. Even Frank Ocean released a limited-edition zine. These five zines hit on a range of intersectional feminist themes including culture, fashion, race, and age. While traditionally zines are printed versions, most of these zines have a strong online presence as well.  After looking at these five super engaging zines, you’ll be wanting to create your own too.

1. Sula Collective

[Image description: two men pose for photo that is on The Sula Collective Tumblr page.]

Sula Collective is an online zine for “people of colo(u)r to share both our frustrations and hopes through the most creative mediums.” They share beautiful spreads, opinions and art about being a person of color in the world. Some editions include women’s month and cultural discomfort.

[bctt tweet=”The Sula Collective shares beautiful spreads, opinions and art about being a person of color in the modern world. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

2. Kazoo Magazine

[Image description: cover of Kazoo magazine.]

Kazoo was started by Erin Bried and her daughters Ellie and Be when they realized there wasn’t a print magazine targeted towards 5-10 year old girls. Their magazine aims to “celebrate [girls] for being strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves.” They started via Kickstarter and in 30 days became the most successful journalism campaign. Their pages included professional artists like xx, candy recipes from professional chefs, and spreads on science from xx.

[bctt tweet=”Kazoo inspires and empowers young girls by showing them that they can be anything and everything they dream of!” username=”wearethetempest”]


[Image description: woman wearing pants and jacket poses for photographs found in spread for SEASON zine.]

SEASON is a hybrid between football (soccer) and fashion. It is a biannual print issue that aims to “empower women in modern football (soccer) culture by giving them an honest voice and sharing their stories, opinions, and style.” This zine is both upscale and well-done but also relatable and real. By combining fashion and football, SEASON highlights that women don’t have to choose between sporty or stylish, but can be both.

[bctt tweet=”By combining fashion and football, SEASON highlights that women don’t have to choose between sporty or stylish, but can be both.” username=”wearethetempest”]

4. Genda

[Image description: cover of Genda zine.]

Genda is a magazine that is a global production of east meets west. With one editor in Italy and one in China, the magazine aims to look for commonality in culture, while also celebrating diversity. Printed in both English and Chinese, Genda is a print magazine as well as online collection of eastern and western artists. Genda aims to use the cultural misunderstandings and complications to spark questions on place, identity, and blending cultures.

[bctt tweet=”The zine, Genda, fuses east and western cultures by using cultural misunderstandings and complications to spark questions about place, identity, and multiculturalism.” username=”wearethetempest”]

5. Womanzine

[Image description: stack of zines with cover of Womanzine on top.]

Womanzine, like it sounds, is a zine created for and by women. They feature: cartoons, jokes (knock-knock or not or whatever), news stories (real or fake), recipes, case studies on internet slang and so much more. Womanzine is self-identified as “too sexy and weird.” I think it’s the greatest. 

[bctt tweet=”Womanzine is self-identified as “too sexy and weird.” I think it’s the greatest. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

I hope these five fabulous zines have inspired you to go out and read some small-scale publications. Got an idea, some old photos or a cool poem? You can turn all your little odds and ends into your very own zine too!


10 things to DIY instead of buy for your wedding

If you’re planning a wedding then you already know that DIY is all the rage. DIY wedding projects are a great way to save some money and give your wedding a down-to-Earth, personalized feel. But if you’re not the crafty type, DIY can seem completely overwhelming and impossible.

When I started planning my wedding I went straight to Pinterest, as many brides do these days. There I found a treasure trove of amazing ideas. Of course, I pinned literally everything I liked and swore that I would figure out how to make them work.

When I tried to do some of the projects, mine came out looking like one of those ‘Pinterest vs. Real Life’ memes. I realized that I was a DIY dummy and that most of the projects I’d pinned were way beyond my capabilities. I browsed through the projects I’d really liked and narrowed it down to a few easy ones. I tackled those and ended up with some really cool decorations for my wedding.

1. Butterfly rice tosser.
Style Me Pretty

These beautiful little cones are essentially just rolled up paper with some fancy decorations, which you can purchase from any craft store. The cones can be used to hold rose petals to be tossed as you walk up the aisle after your ceremony, for candies on the snack table, or for small favors. The instructions can be found here.

2. Yarn picture hanger.

Yarn backdrop for photos
Hostess with the Mostest

This unique backdrop for your photos or signs is beautiful and ridiculously easy to make. Pick out a few colors of yarn, cut a bunch of strings of each color of yarn, and wrap the ends around two dowels. Repeat with multiple colors of yarn. Place the dowels in a cup full of sand or beads to anchor the dowels. Voila! Hang photos or signs on the backdrop with mini clothespins or paper clips.

3. Paper lantern columns.

Paper lantern columns by a pool
Martha Stewart

Creative lighting is a hot decoration trend, especially in 2017. An easy DIY wedding project that creates some really interesting lighting are these columns of paper lanterns. All you’ll need is a bamboo stick, some Christmas lights, and some paper lanterns. Wrap the Christmas lights around the bamboo stick, and then slide the paper lanterns onto the stick. This easy project will light up your reception late into the night.

4. Painted votive candle holders.

Painted votive candleholders
Once Wed

These look like they might require some painting skills, but they actually don’t. Get some clear votive holders (any cheap ones will do) water down some acrylic paint, and dribble the paint inside the glass votive holders. Don’t mix the colors too much or they’ll end up blending. Just dribble some colors in, let the paint dry and then when it’s done, drop in a candle! These simple candles can look great on your dinner tables or as accents on the cake table.

5. Tulle table skirt.

Tulle table skirt DIY
Catch My Party

Sometimes it’s hard to make the venue-provided tables look fancy enough to fit with the rest of your decor. If you’re looking for a way to make the tables a little nicer, check out these tulle table skirts. You can use one color or multiple colors to create a rainbow effect. Or just use your wedding colors to match the rest of the decor. Check out detailed instructions here.

6. Sparkle branches.

Sparkle branches at a wedding
Happily Ever Borrowed

One of the biggest wedding trends of 2017 is finding ways to incorporate nature into your decor. If you like the idea of using natural items in your decor, but want to glam it up a bit, these sparkle branches are right up your alley. They can be placed in mason jars with some flowers as a centerpiece for your tables or they can be hung throughout the venue to add some shine. Learn how to make them here.

7. Glitter glassware.

glassware dipped in glitter
Inspire, Design, & Create

Why have classic, boring glassware when you can have sparkly glassware? These champagne flutes and wine glasses are dipped in glitter at the bottom. You can go classic silver or gold, metallics are totally in this year, or you can dip them in your wedding colors. Find out how to make these sparkly masterpieces here.

8. Floating photographs.

gold balloons with pictures hanging from them
Wedding Chicks

Telling the story of your love through pictures is a great and meaningful way to decorate your wedding venue. If you’re looking for a new way to display these photos, floating pictures is the DIY wedding project for you. Fill balloons with helium so they float, then tie a ribbon to them and attach the pictures to the ribbon. Create depth by hanging the photos on different lengths of ribbon.

9. Window frame seating chart.

Window frame with seating arrangements written on it
The Knot

Using reclaimed materials for decorations has become a really hot trend in DIY wedding projects. For this project, you just need to get your hands on an old (or old looking) window and find someone with decent handwriting. Use a window marker to write all your table assignments right on the glass panes of the window.

10. Resin-coated guestbook serving tray.


If you’re looking to do something out-of-the-box for your guestbook without breaking the bank, this DIY is super easy to do. Not only will it give your guests something interesting to do, it will also make your guestbook a useful part of your new lives as a married couple! Breakfast in bed has never been this sweet. For detailed instructions, check it out here.

I promise that not all DIY is as hard as you think it is. Even if you suck at DIY, these projects are easy enough for you to handle. Now, get crafting!

Beauty Lookbook

8 essential skin care secrets you need for glowy skin year round

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Chances are, you can’t help but notice their skin. It’s unavoidable and pretty in your face, literally. People have all different types of issues with their skin, and nobody seems completely satisfied with it.

People are constantly trying new skincare remedies, whether it be home made face masks and scrubs, or even salon exfoliant treatments. Everyone wants to know how to achieve clear, beautiful skin while still being affordable.

Here are some of my secrets that I am trying to incorporate more of in my life which I thought I’d share. They’re not breaking news or anything, we have all heard these techniques from various sources. And yet if you’re like most people, you find it hard to stay in the habit of keeping up with these small and yet effective routines.

Here are 8 ways to maintain glowing skin:

1. For Pete’s sake, wash your face!


Day and night. Night and day. Who knows how much dirt and filth we have taking abode in our pores. What happens when you get out of the habit of washing your face each night? According to dermatologists, the build up of dirt on your pores results in more acne breakouts, causing one to look dirty, oily, and/or greasy. Als we go about our day, we may not even realize it but bacteria and dirt are coming on to our skin, so it’s our job to cleanse them away.

2. Always use sunscreen.


Make sure to use SPF 30 or higher though – we have to protect our skin from all those sun rays. Why? To prevent skin cancer and any other unwanted issues. Always apply it before going outside, even on cloudy days! This small habit can also help slow down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin.

3. Break a sweat.


But make sure your skin is makeup free when you work out and wash your face after. All that makeup clogged into your pores could break out your skin more than you know it. Dermatologist Ellen Marmur states that  exercising helps flush out cellular debris out of our system and it’s almost like you are cleansing your skin from the inside.

4. Get enough sleep.


Each person differs in how many hours they need. However, Dr. Michael Brues found that those who get less than 6 hours of sleep usually find that it does affect their appearance. He found that people who sleep less than 6 hours tend to have more fine lines and drier skin as well. Getting our beauty sleep allows our skin to repair itself while we’re snoozing. It’s important to change our pillow cases often as well!

5. Exfoliate!!!


At least once a week, scrub off those dead skin cells with an exfoliator that suits you. This simple action can make a world of a difference in your skin care routine. Some benefits are that it causes you to have smoother skin, helps prevent breakouts, and it allows your skin care products to work better. However, don’t over-exfoliate because that can cause dry or irritated skin. If you want more fresh and healthy looking skin, then exfoliation is the way to go.

6. Moisturize. Always.


Our skin gets dehydrated too so it’s important to apply moisturizer, especially after exfoliating or taking a bath. Skin experts suggest that you apply your moisturizer in an upward direction, massaging it in circular motions gently. Dr. Craig Kraffert highly recommends that when shopping for a moisturizing lotion, you make sure it includes the ingredients which are called humectants. It’s also important to ensure that you’re using one which is suitable for your skin type.

7. Treat yourself and splurge on a face mask.


If you don’t want to bother going to a salon and spending a lot of money on a facial, then face masks are for you! LUSH has some really awesome ones. You can also find some DIY masks online. If you’re feeling fancy, throw on some cucumber slices. Not only is it good for your skin, but it’s also really relaxing and a good way to pause and enjoy some me-time. According to one website, “Masks are incredible at providing deep cleansing, which helps in the improvement of the appearance of your pores.”

8. Don’t pop your pimples!


A friend of mine in college used to advise me to pop any zits that came up but that can lead to acne scars, which you’ll have to spend the rest of your life covering up with concealer. Instead, use acne medications and over the counter creams to reduce acne as they come. Dermatologist Zakiya Rice tells us that a pimple usually lasts from around 3 to 7 days. However, when we try to mess around with it can “linger for weeks and lead to permanent scarring.” So as tempting as it may be, don’t do it!

I hope I can practice what I preach. I know the struggle is real for all of us, but hey, there are bigger issues in the world we should be worrying about. So in the grand scheme of things, these tips are easy peasy. Where there’s a will there’s a way. There are tons of other cheesy quotes I can use but I think you get the point. Good luck in following these steps- you got this.

Beauty Lookbook

Here’s the life-changing makeup tutorial for anyone with acne

Chances are if you have acne, you’ve had someone tell you to stop wearing makeup. The idea is that it clogs your pores and makes your acne worse. The truth is, though, that wearing makeup over your acne only becomes a problem when you don’t take care of your skin in the first place.

[bctt tweet=”Chances are if you have acne, you’ve had someone tell you to stop wearing makeup. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

It’s okay to put makeup over your acne because your pores are going to clog, anyways.  If you want to look fabulous as your skin takes its given course, then you should! I’m no dermatologist, but in my experience taking a few precautions can help you protect your skin and wear makeup too.

1. Take extra steps when wiping your makeup off

The Way You&#39;re Applying Makeup Could Give You Wrinkles | HuffPost Life
[source: Huffpost]
The most procrastinated part of the day has to be wiping away your masterpiece before bed. It’s worth that clean and fresh feeling, though, and you should relish it as you go to bed.

Some makeup tip lists suggest keeping makeup wipes near your bed, but if you have acne, that is so insufficient. Makeup wipes dry out, even in packaging that is designed to protect them. You can wet them with micellar water (which, by the way, should also not be considered sufficient to wipe off a proper application of foundation by itself if you’re at risk of breaking out). Wipe from forehead to jaw to avoid redistributing oils to different parts of your face. Your nose should be the last spot you wipe.

[bctt tweet=”Makeup wipes dry out, even in packaging that is designed to protect them. ” username=”wearethetempest”]

After wiping down your face you can make sure you really wiped the makeup layer off by pulling out a strip of acne clearing wipe or cotton pad with micellar water on it. If tan hues show up on the cotton, your makeup didn’t completely come off before. Don’t forget to wash your face with a cleanser and dab dry with a clean towel to ensure that you’ve really cleaned off any leftover makeup, dirt, and oil.

Note: To restore your skin after all the wearing and washing, you can look into which oils and moisturizers benefit your skin type as you get your beauty sleep.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Moisture GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
[A woman moisturising. Source: Giphy]
I’m not just saying this because you have to make sure your glands don’t go haywire from dryness. While that is true too, moisturizer will keep your skin supple which will help your makeup stay on. When you have acne, you forget that everything that you put on your face has some shadow of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it, just because that’s what you’re used to having around.

You’re also used to washing your face really well and might lose sight of the line between clean and dried out. So your skin dries up and your makeup flakes off.

[bctt tweet=”Drinking plenty of water should also be included to keep your skin hydrated.” username=”wearethetempest”]

It can be weird to put more goop on your face when you work so hard to keep it clean to prevent further breakouts, but a gel moisturizer should give you that hydrated and clean feeling that can help your skin heal. There are even moisturizers designed to help with acne that come in gel form, like tea tree lotions.

Drinking plenty of water should also be included in your efforts to keep your skin hydrated (and decreasing the odds of breaking out!).

3. Clean. Your. Makeup. Brushes.

Image result for get out gif no no no
Monster GIF

Your foundation brush was not orange when you bought it, and it should not be orange the next time you use it.

[bctt tweet=”DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE.” username=”wearethetempest”]

If it’s not enough of an incentive to wipe down your blush brush to avoid breakouts, at least keep in mind that the makeup will apply better if it’s from a clean brush.

After all, you don’t want to apply your rose highlight with a brush that had deep pink makeup residue left on it from a bold decision you made last night. It could mess your look up.


Image result for do not touch gif
Reaction GIFs


Don’t mess up your makeup. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, don’t touch your face. Don’t peel makeup out of your pores. Don’t blend or apply foundation with your fingers. Don’t aggravate your skin.


5. Hunt down makeup with the least damaging potential

Image result for applying foundation gif

There are drug store foundations by lines like Neutrogena that contain acne-fighting ingredients, and it’s better that they don’t hurt your skin even if they don’t clear it. These foundations and concealers apply pretty nicely and look good too.

If you want to drop serious cash on good foundation or primer, it could be worth looking for one that causes minimal comedogenic damage. Brands like Prescriptives and Clinique are worth checking out and sampling.

6. Keep your face towels clean

Image result for clean laundry gif
Enlightened Matriarch

After you’ve cleaned off your makeup, you don’t want to put the dirt back on your face by using a dirty towel. Plus, when you wash your face before wearing makeup in the morning, you don’t want to have that layer of dirt already present on your face to put your makeup over.

7. Make it a habit to exfoliate – and get the occasional facial!

Image result for face mask gif

Gently exfoliating from once to a few times a week could help keep your skin polished, especially if you need it to recover from consistent applications of makeup. If you find products or ingredients that you trust, you can give yourself a facial at home too.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you don’t have to follow all the DIY ideas you stumble across, because some of them may not be for you. Some beauty gurus might be predisposed to having less problematic skin and their ideas just work out on them better.

Don’t be hard on yourself if your skin doesn’t turn out as nice as the guru’s was before she even applied the skin products on her face.

It’s literally her job to make products and techniques look like they work.

Related image

You can wear light layers of makeup to tone down your redness or you can go all out to have that smooth and flawless look. In either case, if people without acne can wear makeup, you can too. In the process of taking extra care of your skin to prevent breakouts, you’ll get into good habits to keep it young and radiant. I wish you slay-status looks and happy healing for your skin!


10 adorable DIY decorations that will make your wedding look like a million dollars

Time has come and you are thinking about putting together the perfect wedding. Aside from your stunning outfit, the beautiful venue, and all the other magical things you have planned for your special night, you cannot forget about the decor. What other way to personalize your wedding than by DIY-ing the little things?

Not only is this incredibly fun to do, but it will add a special touch to your perfect day. Your guests will leave remembering all the hard work and effort you put into carefully specializing these crafts.

1. Illuminate your reception with a little bit of glitter: 


You can even add them to your centerpieces! Candles always look elegant and classy, while the glitter adds a bit of personality.  You could also coordinate the color of the glitter you use with your wedding colors and the reception will be even more beautiful. Find out more about these here.

2. Share your most dorky moments, which will also be the perfect icebreakers: 

Table numbers:

These are adorable as they are easy. It’s a simple task to just print these out at your own home and it’s a fun talking point for each of your guests.  Table numbers are always something of a hassle, and then people don’t sit where they are supposed to half the time.

This idea makes the table numbers much more fun and gives your guests some more cute information about the bride and groom.  This is completely unique and will leave a memory with your guests.

3. Keep your wedding going months after it happened with this adorable guest activity:

8c7a46baf3a220903d2f57d50472b8f6.jpg 400×600 pixels:

Another fun way to entertain your guests is with a date jar. You can buy chalkboard and mason jars and just provide a box for the ideas. A simple and fun way to get date night ideas as well as to enjoy a laugh or two with your guests. This is a cheap and elegant way to keep your guests entertained, and it leaves you and your partner another great gift that can last a lifetime. It will also help keep the magic and fun of being in a relationship.

4. It’s easy to get creative with centerpieces with simple arrangements: 

blog centerpiece wine glass 12 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas from Pinterest:

Easy, simple, and elegant – what else could you want?  Just look at how beautiful this arrangement is, and everything is functional. After the wedding, you have an entire bar set ready to go for your new home with your partner, instead of just hundreds of flower vases that will most likely sit in a closet for the rest of your marriage.  Also, this way you would spend less on flowers and therefore save money.

This is an adorably elegant and cute way to save money because you’re buying fewer flowers and more functional pieces.  You could even use the plate holder mirror as a beautiful mirrored collage in your home afterward! For more DIY ideas for centerpieces look here.

5. Keep your invitations personal and elegant with a simple tweak: 

DIY Gold Leaf Prints | Photography by Wesley Vorster | DIY and Design by White Kite Studio:

Stop paying for expensive wedding invitations and make these instead. Send something that says I specifically want you to come to my wedding, with a more personal touch.  These are so fabulous and cost significantly less than it would be to pay a company to send our your invitations.

This works especially well for smaller and more intimate weddings because each invitation is unique and could be tailored towards the person receiving it.  More information about how to do these can be found here.

6. Give guests the perfect way to give you a send-off: 

Check out these DIY wedding confetti tubes for your ceremony toss!:

Remember how guests used to throw rice? This is the next best thing!  Make sure you get paper that is compostable or biodegradable, so you are in the clear.  These are an easy way to make your wedding more of a celebration than a formal affair.  Find out more information about this DIY project here.

7. If you’re really adventurous, make your own beautiful boutonnieres:


Why buy it when you can make it yourself? This is an easy and classy way to put your creativity to the test.  You can personally coordinate your wedding colors into the boutonnieres and make each one unique. You can even use flowers from your own garden and save money while adding an intimate touch.  Or you could use fake flowers so the memories could last forever. Check them out here.

8. Add some themed flair with beautifully handcrafted flowers: 


Check out these awesome paper flowers to decorate on your special day. These are cheaper and easier to discard than twinkle lights or anything else. These flowers can coordinate with your wedding colors or just hang on their own.  This is a great way to make your wedding personal and adhere to your personal taste.  Find out how to make these here.

9. If an open bar isn’t your thing, make it a mini bar:


If the open bar concept is too daunting of an expense for you, here is a cute replacement. On the wedding invitation, add a section for preferred alcohol and have these little airplane bottles waiting for your guests at their seat.  This would be less expensive than a typical open bar and this is an easy way to make sure nobody is drinking too much. Originally this post was presented as a wedding favor for the groomsmen, which also works. There are endless possibilities when you put drinks into a little mason jar! For more info go here.

10. Keep the memories of the wedding going for your guests this summer:

20 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love and Use - Jason & Anna Photography:

If you’re a gardener, then this idea is absolutely perfect for you. Just set up a box or wheelbarrow with packets for seeds that your guests can use and plant in their own gardens and the memory of your wedding day will last even longer. I suggest getting perennials so you and your guests really can remember the day for years to come.  This works especially well for spring weddings.

Fashion Lookbook

7 easy steps to become a thrifting master

So you want to pop some tags? But you’ve only got $20 in your pocket? Never fear! You don’t have to be a huge Macklemore fan to master the art of thrifting. Fortunately, thrifting has been a popular way of saving money and finding great clothes since long before hipsters came on the scene.

[bctt tweet=”You don’t have to be a huge Macklemore fan to master the art of thrifting.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Before you head off to your local independent thrift shop or neighborhood Goodwill, here are a few simple tips for finding the best deals (and the greatest style)!

1. Be prepared to shop around

The first rule of thrifting is never settle. At least, not if you can afford not to. If you’re on the look-out for some fashionable finds, then it’s so important that you don’t settle with the first thrift store you find. If you have time, try stopping by a handful of thrift stores before you make any purchases (unless you find something really cute).

You might find that your local Goodwill is the place to be, or you might decide that it’s just not your style. You might be more into a pickier thrift shop like Buffalo Exchange, or their prices might be a little higher than you were hoping for. The point is, you won’t know what you like until you see it–so shop around!

2. Dive in

This is the key to thrifting: you need to be prepared to dig. The most beautiful floral dress or perfect pair of skinny jeans isn’t going to be the first thing you find. Thrift stores are crowded and packed full of clothes, and things aren’t always sorted as well as you might wish they were. The trick to finding great outfits is looking around, and having enough determination not to give up right away.

[bctt tweet=”This is the key to thrifting: you need to be prepared to dig.” username=”wearethetempest”]

3. Try things on

You have got to, got to, got to try things on at thrift stores. Clothing sizes aren’t always clearly labeled, so you might want to try a few different ones. (I personally shop for color and cut before getting too picky about size–that comes later).

You’re also going to spot brands that you may never have seen before, and the best way to know if you like them is to put them on your body!

4. Be picky – and don’t settle

Just because you’re looking for cheap deals, doesn’t mean you need to settle. I like to remind myself that just because something’s on sale, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. If you find a super cute top, but it’s ripped, stained, or missing buttons–think twice!

5. Don’t be afraid to alter

This is wear thrifting can get really fun. Like I said, color and cut matter way more than size–because you can alter that! If you’re into DIY crafting and sewing, thrifting is definitely going to be your cup of tea.

At the same time, though, don’t feel as if you need to alter. In fact, if you don’t know how to sew or don’t really love crafting, don’t bother. Thrifting is supposed to be affordable; if you’re going to shell out a load of cash to have your clothes professionally altered, you probably should have just bought new clothes in the first place.

6. Push your comfort zone

Get creative and have some fun thrifting. I love to try on new colors and patterns that I might not usually gravitate towards when I’m at thrift shops. And if you think something looks great, but you’re not 100% sure, take a chance.

The goal of low-cost shopping should be to push your boundaries. If you’re not paying an arm and a leg, give it a shot and see what you think!

7. Come back often

The best, best, best way to find good thrifting deals is to come back often! Most thrift stores get new clothes every day, that means that the perfect outfit could show up at any time. If you’ve got some free time on your hands, get your butt down to your local thrift store and start looking!

[bctt tweet=” I love to try on new colors and patterns that I might not usually gravitate towards.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Thrifting doesn’t need to be a daunting process. If anything, it should be a fun, low-stress way to try out new styles and find some great deals. So, leave your inner-Macklemore at home, all you need to become a real pro at thrifting is your self, your personal style, and some determination.

Fashion Lookbook

20 times Farah Dhukai killed us with her outrageously beautiful looks

Farah Dhukai is a South Asian goddess who can literally rock any type of outfit.

Farah Dhukai, YouTube star and owner of Farsali skincare, is a goddess when it comes to all things makeup and skin. She’s one of my favorite gurus on YouTube because she has it all on her channel. I’m talking makeup tutorials, hair DIYS, homemade remedies, you name it! Not to mention she’s downright gorgeous.

Dhukai’s finesse as a businesswoman is also enviable, with her YouTube channel and business growing exponentially in the past five years.

[bctt tweet=”Farah Dhukai is a South Asian goddess who can literally rock any type of outfit.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Recently, she’s been werking some amazing suits from different cultures on her Instagram account. Her outfits are absolutely stunning, and she is literally the definition of goals.

Take a look at some of her amazing outfits below.

1. Absolutely GLOWING.

2. Emerald beauty.

3. Can you even with this color combo!?

4. And the prize for the world’s biggest, most gorgeous eyes goes to…

5. Deepika would be so proud.

6. Beautiful in blue.

7. Next level color coordination.

8. Frozen has a new princess.

9. The perfect Desi wedding look.

10. Black and gold have never been this stunning.

11. That smile! That color!

12. Prom, anyone?

13. The slayer of fashion.

14. I am dying for this collar!

15. Accessories game on point.

16. Can she teach me how to pose!?

17. Long hair don’t care.

18. L.O.V.E this!

19. Is there a more photogenic human!?

20. Simple. Clean. Flawless.

No matter what style or color of clothing she wears, she can pull it all off and still look phenomenal.