How to make money on your site - Experience Olga (Part 1)

With Olga, I met on one of her projects forum for women webmasters. This is a young and cheerful girl who earns on the Internet on their sites. How she succeeds, how to make money on his site, what she does for this and for what she need it you will learn from an interview.

1. Olya, how long have you been doing that you earn on the Internet on sites?

Hello. I earned my first dollar in January 2008 by writing an article for one of the popular sites now. And only in almost a year I realized that I could and myself do sites. This is much more interesting than writing articles.

2. What did you do before? What is your education? Did you have to work on "normal" work? :)

Oh, what I just did not do. By education I do not even know, probably, no one. University I threw, there is no knowledge there, only teachers selling. :) I study everything itself, and therefore, with the "normal" work quit. I'm not interested there. I constantly strive for knowledge, and work on uncle to give them not
Could. Now everything is different ...

3. At what point did you decide that it is enough to work for someone and need to work for yourself?

I always wanted it, but I just did not know how everything will happen and that it will be sites. And then I dreamed of my daughter. My future daughter. She told me: Mom, do sites, people will see them and want the same for themselves and their children.
At first, I just made a site for women and decided to earn it on it. It began to get. Made another one. And one more. And further. Then he opened a blog dedicated to her daughter. And somehow so, it rushed ...

4. Why did you choose the Internet with your source of income? What circumstances preceded this?

In December 2007, I resigned from work and was very worried, because I did not want to work, and the money was needed. But on January 1, I had a husband at work, he wandered from his work computer on sites and found an offer on the forum to try to earn on articles. I immediately began to write articles, and was very surprised that in this way, indeed, you can earn.

5. You immediately defined a strategy for yourself how will you make money on the Internet or did she change with time?

I defined as soon as I bought a domain for my site. I decided to do not just sites, but good useful resources that benefit. Then I just did what I like. All advertisers were found me and now find.

6. How many sites do you have now?

Yes, I still do not collect them to calculate. It seems to be 20, but half of them are joint projects. Лучшие Онлайн курсы на выбирайте лучшие курсы 2022 года