Join our global team of smart, curious, and passionate people who believe that media can quite literally change the world – and aren’t about sticking to the status quo. We have staff on five continents, with headquarters in Washington, DC, and Dubai.

Fellowships are an incredible opportunity for you to be a part of the team, and we provide you with robust and varied responsibilities that all build towards achieving startup goals.  You’ll get incredible opportunities to up your level of career networking and position yourself as a leader in your community, learn and grow through mentorship from The Tempest staff, amazing on-the-ground experience, and the opportunity to be part of an exciting early-stage startup! Fellowships are part-time, unpaid, and remote, and we provide the opportunity for school credit.

If you’re a strong collaborator, curiosity-driven lifelong learner, and someone who is good at what they do—The Tempest could be the right place for you to work.

If you want to help build something great — come join us!

Applications accepted until 11:59 pm EST on August 9.

Current Opportunities

Community Fellow

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As a Community Fellow, you’ll be able to work hands-deep in bringing the freshest, raw talent to The Tempest. This is a pivotal business role that focuses on shaping our company vision and developing audience initiatives.


Growth Fellow

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As a Growth Fellow, you’ll be able to work hand-in-hand with our growth/business development team. This is a pivotal business role that focuses on shaping our company vision and developing audience initiatives.


Editorial Fellow

 Image has text Editorial fellow and Apply now. Image has a typewriter, a coffee cup, a notepad, and a paper with the words “at The Tempest” on top of a desk”

As an Editorial Fellow, you’re bringing your excellent writing, organizational and verbal abilities to push the limits of high-quality online journalism. This is a pivotal position that focuses on detail-oriented original content, fact-checking and innovative digital storytelling.


Video Fellow

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As a Video Fellow, you’re passionate about pitching and developing unique, original video content that resonates with our audience. You will be involved in every stage of the creative process and you should enjoy building products with the team.


Marketing Fellow

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As a Marketing Fellow, you’re detail-oriented and passionate about pushing the company image in a dynamic, visually engaging direction. You will be provided with the opportunity to practice your public relations skills and work with talented social media fiends.


Design Fellow

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As a Design Fellow, you’re passionate about the chance to push the company image in a dynamic, visually engaging direction. You will work closely with our design team and learn how to develop graphics for a quickly-growing company.



Questions? Shoot us an email: hey@thetempest.co.