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Applications will be accepted until August 10, 2018, at 11:59 pm EST.

The Tempest is a groundbreaking technology and media company aimed at building, amplifying and connecting innovative products and experiences for diverse millennial women. Launched in March 2016, The Tempest has exploded into the global conversation, reaching millions of millennials a month. From culture to policy, entertainment to technology, we connect the world with our multi-cultural creators, tastemakers, and influencers. We’re not about consuming the norm. We believe that media can quite literally change the world and that in providing a global community of diverse millennial women a seat at the table, we can transform it.

The Tempest team is full of fun, passionate and smart people located around the world who come together to build something special. We’re the fastest growing media company reaching millions around the world. If you want to help build something great — join our team.

Fellowships are an incredible opportunity for you to be a part of the team, and we offer close mentorship and chances for you to develop your portfolio through assignments specifically curated to your interests – this is no run-of-the-mill coffee run fellowship.


As a Design Fellow starting out, I didn’t have a clear understanding of how artwork and illustrations were utilized in an article-based media company. Since coming on as a fellow, my artwork has been used in concise and visible ways to grow the brand. I feel empowered that my input, opinions, and creativity are considered and taken seriously to run The Tempest. I am also humbled by the effort that the amazing ladies of this company put in each day to push the millennial voices of women out into the forefront. Trust me, once you join The Tempest, you’ll want to keep riding the wave. –Spring 2017 Design Fellow

Being an Editorial Fellow for The Tempest literally changed my life. I was thinking about becoming a full-time writer and editor, but I didn’t have the portfolio or hands on experience to get hired anywhere. The fellowship gave me direct access to the editors at The Tempest, who took time to personally mentor me. I built a portfolio of really solid writing, learned about the digital media publication process, and learned how to be a kind but honest editor for other writers. Before the fellowship even ended I’d been hired for paid writing work by two websites and now I’m a full-time writer and editor, just like I dreamed. The Tempest Editorial Fellowship made it all come true. – Spring 2017 Editorial Fellow

The Tempest attracts progressive, game-changing young women from all backgrounds who are determined to fight social injustices collectively. I’ve learned how we can address these issues effectively both seriously and even sometimes with a sense of humor. The collaborative atmosphere that is integral to The Tempest is exactly what is needed to make such an impact – and it’s working.  – Fall 2015 Video Fellow

The best part of my fellowship was the opportunity to learn more about what young feminists were doing around the world. It really broadened what I was reading and expanded the people and publications I was following. I also loved the reactions I got from young, new writers when I would reach out to them about writing for The Tempest — the opportunity to give someone a confidence boost, make them feel heard, and to give them a chance to tell their stories on their own terms is incredibly rewarding! -Spring 2017 Community Fellow

What we do at The Tempest is absolutely necessary – there’s no other millennial publication like ours out there. There’s a lot of love to go around here. Everyone deserves to be a part of a community as supportive and uplifting as this one. – Spring 2016 Editorial Fellow


We are looking for a Community Fellow to work hands-deep in bringing the freshest, raw talent to The Tempest. This is a pivotal business role that focuses on shaping our company vision and developing audience initiatives.




We’re accepting applications for an enthusiastic Tech Fellow, to elevate our tech game to the next level. As a fellow, you will work closely with our tech team and on web development and projects across different verticals.



We are looking for a Growth Fellow to work hand-in-hand with our growth/business development team. This is a pivotal business role that focuses on shaping our company vision and developing audience initiatives.



We’re seeking a detail-oriented Editorial Fellow with excellent writing, organizational and verbal abilities to help build our editorial team and push the limits of high-quality online journalism. This is a pivotal position that focuses on detail-oriented original content, fact-checking and innovative digital storytelling.



We’re accepting applications for an organized, passionate Video Fellow to develop unique, original video content that resonates with our amazing audience. As a fellow, you will be involved in every stage of the creative process and you should enjoy building products with the team.



We are accepting applications for an enthusiastic and detail-oriented Marketing Fellow to push the company image in a dynamic, visually engaging direction. As a fellow, you will be provided with the opportunity to practice your public relations skills and work with talented social media fiends.



We are seeking an organized, efficient, and passionate Audio Fellow to work with the team and push the company image in a dynamic, visually engaging direction. As a fellow, you will have the opportunity to work across a number of teams.



We’re accepting applications for an organized, passionate Design Fellow to push the company image in a dynamic, visually engaging direction. As a fellow, you will work closely with our design team and learn how to develop graphics for a quickly-growing company.




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