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When you join our fiery, engaged community of contributors, we help you develop stories that are true to you. As a multi-cultural creator, you connect the world on everything from culture to policy, entertainment to fashion. Our contributors gain incredibly valuable insight into their interests and skills and get access to opportunities not usually available. 

Our community is more than 2,000 strong. And our contributors create incredible work around the world.

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The Tempest is the place where you can build your voice, develop your influence, and leave a legacy of change. If you’re an aspiring writer, budding comedic personality, creative mind, or a person that wants to be heard, you’re in the right place. If you’re ready to get started, read on below. You’ll be connected with a staffer at TempestHQ to walk you through how to join the family.

Any of these verticals are fair game:


We all have a story to tell, and here we bring your stories to the world. Whether it’s an analysis of cultural attitudes, a critical take on how food shapes our perspectives or a light-hearted take on life’s little ironies, Life is at its heart an exploration of our multifaceted identities.  


Love, sex, and everything in between. By bringing a diversity of narratives to the forefront, we immerse the world in queer experiences, tradition-challenging narratives, and those secrets you really only ever tell your best friend. We’ll also spotlight the journeys of people seeking to create better realities of self-love and health for themselves and those around them. 

Be as honest, raw, and gut-wrenching as you need to be.


The world is spinning fast these days, and we’re here to stay on top of all of it. Putting a twist on conventional politics reporting, we’ll clear up the confusion surrounding the legislative mazes and clunky language of the political scene. It’s more than just slacktivism – we’re getting political.


Social Justice is here to break down the trifecta of racism, sexism, and all the other -isms in our lives these days. That new health care bill? That loophole law that lets Texas effectively ban abortions? The hotly-debated burqa ban? Yeah, we’re definitely discussing it. These are the issues that hit WOC hardest – the ones that need to be analyzed from an intersectional point of view. We’re bringing on the voices directly impacted, providing you the first-hand perspectives you can’t get anywhere else. 


Pop Culture pushes past societal norms to really discuss the ins and outs of media. Whether it’s movies, TV, books, music, or gaming, the media we consume is a reflection of our culture – for better or for worse. We challenge common entertainment conversations and showcase indie creations that seek to really redefine the world around us. 


Now + Beyond seeks to bring you new, cutting-edge science and technology while giving you the tools to navigate the world through career and money advice. We highlight innovations that are a fresh spin on everything from cyber hacks to how to use that new app everyone is talking about, to science’s struggles with sexism and racism to being mansplained about that thing you’ve studied for years. We challenge the world, and give you the present and future, with a little nod to the past.


What’s in, and what’s out, and what’s trending in the world of fashion and beauty? This channel covers topics ranging from personal style to hair, makeup, fashion, and body image.


This channel gives you the lowdown on everything from designer dresses to discount vendors for your big day. We provide you with all things wedding-chic, but also challenge the Wedding Industrial Complex by taking charge of mainstream wedding narratives. We challenge the notion that love comes in a single shade of eggshell, and highlight weddings that dominate in both slayage and diversity.

If you have an idea that you don’t see on here already — we’re open to that too.

You can bring your perspectives to The Tempest, and this is how we like to see it:


To submit your pitch, email us at, and start your subject line with the word “pitch.” If it’s time-sensitive, let us know in the subject line, too. We like on-point, thought-out pitches – it helps us understand what direction you’re interested in taking the piece, and it helps you with ironing out details before the fun stuff starts. We don’t prefer receiving full articles – so make sure to take a step back, and craft your pitch, instead. Typically a pitch is 2-3 paragraphs long, and should include the following, if relevant:

Your thesis

The context – historical, social, cultural or political – behind the article you’re looking to write

Why is this so important? Why does it matter to you? What makes your perspective important?

If needed: existing research, potential interview topics, or relevant information if it’s a news hook

And the fun part: word length


When you’re submitting to us, put all of the pitch information in the email body. Give us 1-2 lines about yourself, and if you’ve never written for us, put 3-4 links to other published work. Here’s the thing: if you haven’t written before – cool. We definitely want you to pitch to us. In those cases, any writing examples are awesome.


We work to respond to your pitches within two weeks. We go through every email you send, and encourage you to follow up – but if we turn down a pitch, take it like this: we might not have space for the angle you’re suggesting, but you’re more than welcome to try again with a new topic.

 Are you ready to join our contributor network of 1,500+ strong