the The Ambassadors

You love reading The Tempest and telling your friends about the latest story?
What are the Ambassadors, you ask? Let’s get into it.

Since launching The Tempest, we’ve somehow attracted an incredible global family of fanatical readers. It’s the stuff that keeps us going: your love, passion, and belief in a movement bigger than you or me keeps us going. It’s amazing.

The best thing you all have done for us is quite simple: you’ve convinced your friends to join The Tempest. And we’re very thankful for that as we now have millions of people every month reading The Tempest. And so, to thank you, we’ve set up the Ambassadors.

Here’s what you get when you join the Ambassadors:

  • You’re the first to know updates from Tempest HQ on the company, product, and team updates
  • Advice & support on life decisions from a community of like-minded individuals
  • A community to brag about your wins (!) & lean on when you’re not feeling so hot
  • Get first dibs on exclusive opportunities and admission to our events
  • Free swag for life
  • Job opportunities, events, articles, and resources to help you thrive

Just refer 4 friends to get your exclusive invite.

Ready to join the movement?



As a VIP, you’ll get a first look at new features before they even come out and a huge say in what will end up in the final product.

If you live for stickers, tees, hoodies, and trips – we’ve got you. Get Tempest swag based on how many friends you refer.

Meet up with other Tempest members in your community doing big things like you.

As part of our fam, get love on our Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram for being awesome.

Grow. Get advice. Network. And lean on a group of the coolest, kindest people who will be there for whatever you need.

Get facetime with the co-founders and tell them about what you want to see more of.