At The Tempest, we do things a little differently. We aren’t here to stick to the rules, we write them. We’re building a new type of media company, and that angle covers everything from our content to our talent to the ways we do advertising.

We’re a multimedia company run, created by and developed for women who operate on a very simple premise: amplifying the stories and lives of diverse millennial women to change the world. We’re not about consuming the norm – we’re here to disrupt media and start a global movement.

How it Works

Tempest Innovation is The Tempest’s in-house branded content and creative shop. We’re a team of producers, writers, designers, strategists and storytellers who specialize in developing and creating original content that authentically conveys your brand’s message to a young, diverse and engaged audience.

Our Audience

The Tempest was more than just a reflection of our future – it’s a reflection of the real future. By creating a space for globally-minded thinkers, doers, and open minds, we had stumbled upon something powerful – and it’s been exponentially growing ever since at a staggering rate.

Partnership Opportunities

Custom Social Articles

Our in-house creative team works with brands and agencies to craft custom social posts that are designed for sharing. Content ranges from humor to inspirational to personal narratives, and comes in various formats to engage our audience.

Custom Video

Our in-house creative team works with brands and agencies to craft custom social videos designed for sharing. Videos evoke a sense of emotion and storytelling that inspires sharing and engagement by consumers.

Custom Mixtape

Our in-house creative team works with you to produce a branded genre mixtape designed for a millennial, socially-engaged set of consumers. Content is carefully curated to be sponsored and branded to align with your seasonal or strategic goals.

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