The Tempest was founded in 2016 to serve tomorrow’s leaders, creators, and dreamers with uniquely creative and intelligent storytelling that’s built for users first. We help our highly engaged audience of diverse women chasing dreams of every size, broaden their views of the world, see what lays ahead, and truly claim their voices – and power.
We are more than thirty people around the world, along with more than 1,500 writers, with a significant presence in New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, London, Karachi, and Toronto. Collectively, we speak 20 different languages, reflecting our diverse perspectives and belief in a truly global community.
As the global next-generation women’s media company, we’ve innovated the way content and storytelling speaks to and represents the world, simply by giving our audience the community they’ve always wanted. Delivering on that mission, we’ve driven authenticity-fueled initiatives across a range of platforms, with a particular focus on design, community, user experience, and innovative storytelling. We’ve grown from a single website into an array of digital products and brands, which are listed below.
We celebrate authenticity, build community, and always seek to disrupt the norm – walking the walk in everything we do.
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We make best-in-class digital content, experiences, and products for brands that want more than media –and fit into life’s every moment.

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Real talk through an unconventional lens? Welcome to Tempest Radio. We develop podcasts that inspire, educate, and bring joy to every listener.

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Meet the team

We’re a passionate and gritty family, who embrace the opportunity to change
the way the world hears the stories of diverse women. We’re passionate about
The Tempest’s mission and values.

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Maheen Humayun
Maheen Humayun
Senior Love Editor
Mishma Nixon
Mishma Nixon
Social Justice & News Editor
Madame Lestrange
Madame Lestrange
Advice Columnist, Love & Sex
Mashal Waqar
Mashal Waqar
COO & Co-Founder
Saffiyya Mohamed
Saffiyya Mohamed
Senior Community Editor
Laila Alawa
Laila Alawa
CEO & Founder
Arsh Khan
Arsh Khan
Partnerships & Community Manager

We believe in…

Disruption and authenticity

Every single day, there’s a chance to innovate something new, whether that’s taking a disruptive approach to storytelling, re-imagining the transmission of authenticity, or learning a new skill. At The Tempest, we’re always hungry for the opportunity to tackle the next big thing, with the authentic creativity and skills to craft the most powerful work we believe in. With every step, we celebrate the process.

Owning the future

We live in a world where media quite literally sets the agenda – for better or for worse. That very same industry is constantly evolving, and we’re all here at The Tempest because, in so many ways, we are passionate about that change. We firmly believe that each one of us is part of the future: a movement so many have already gotten behind. In keeping with that understanding, we have real conversations about where we are and where we want to be, strategically experiment, and uplift those around us.

Community comes first

At The Tempest, we make magic. It’s not about just creating – it’s about creating with a purpose, a vision – all for our community that calls us home. We dream it, then do it – together – working across different teams, timezones, and skills. Our work is never done until it truly comes to life, reinventing what the world believes is possible. Each iteration, article, project is done with empathy and a recognition that the end goal is bigger than any one person. It’s easy to log in and get the job done, but harder to do it when you’re here to shift the status quo.

A more honest world

We reflect the very audience we were founded around: women who never felt like they fit in, reject the status quo, and believe in the power of storytelling to cross every border. These values are also deeply embedded in our stories, journalism, and our team. We hire people who believe that media can quite literally change the world, people who bring their own perspectives, experiences, languages, and cultures. Accessibility for every human is part of our very core, and we reject racism and any bigotry among our own employees and in the broader discourse. We believe a seat at the table is critical for everyone, and that in doing so, we bring the future into the present.

Storm of ideas

No matter who’s in the room, our work stays true to the ideas we innovate, iterate, and implement. At the very core, we believe that every idea – no matter where it falls – comes with consequences. Our ultimate accomplishments lay in the ideas that serve as the catalysts for women of every background to see, feel, and truly claim their voice – and power.

Acceptance and family

We are more than a simple team of innovators and creators. We are a community of generous, strong, and ambitious women, driven by a spirit of service and selflessness. Our every initiative, conversation, and decision is cut from the same cloth – unapologetic in our disruption but focused on empathy and multidimensionality.


The Tempest is defined, more than anything, by our family – the people that work here. We’re all different, but share a common love for #TempestIRL.

I love my girls from @WeAreTheTempest. Y’all tickle my heart. Thank you guys for always being there for me!! #TempestIRL

Have you ever woken up actually excited for work? I think today was the first time ever.  Why? ‘Cause I’m excited to join as @WeAreTheTempest Head of Video! #TempestIRL

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