Press Editor's Picks 40 Women to Watch

Want to make The Tempest 40 Women to Watch List? 2020 nominations are now open!

Nominations for The Tempest’s 2020 40 Women to Watch List are now open. 

Every year, we honor women who are making an impact on the world at large, their industries and communities. Founders, activists, writers, policy-makers, filmmakers, influencers—they’re all here. It’s an impressive club. The Tempest is built on the belief that women and nonbinary people from every corner of the world should be able to tell their own stories and own their impact and legacies. We especially love featuring people who may have just begun on their journeys – journeys with potential to create real change.

Last year’s honorees included up-and-coming comedians like Jenny Yang and Fatima Dhowre, who are making space for all of us in predominantly-male comedic spaces. Past honorees also include United States Artists’ Deana Haggag, AccessNow‘s Maayan Ziv, poet Jasmin Kaur, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Amanda Nguyen. These honorees were just a few from thousands of nominations that we received – nominations that you submitted.

Every year, we work through thousands of nominations, submitted by people like you. Through a careful process, these nominations serve as the first step for our team working on the annual list. Think you or someone you know should join the ranks of the 40 Women to Watch? Please complete this online nomination form for our 2020 Global List.

Here’s some helpful information about the process.

Which countries and regions are covered?

Incredible women from all over the globe are eligible to be nominated. Citizenship does not matter, instead please apply to the region where the nominees (and their business) are most prominent.

Can nonbinary or genderfluid people be nominated? 

Absolutely. We acknowledge that people who experience or have experienced the world as women come in many gender expressions and we are open to nominations of nonbinary and genderfluid individuals.

How do we create the list?

It’s a multi-step process. Through open nominations, recommendations by past List-makers, organizations, and influencers, and reporting by The Tempest editorial team, we assemble thousands of candidates. Next, The Tempest team will narrow down the list, looking carefully for women who are rising stars, tackling new challenges and making a difference in the world and their communities. Finally, our founder and co-founder, Laila Alawa and Mashal Waqar, review the list and green-light it for publication.

What are you looking for in the nomination?

Our team takes a fully holistic approach as we evaluate each nomination. There’s no one metric that is key for making it on the list – but it helps if you include all of the most impressive attributes that put the candidate’s best foot forward.

What are the 10 categories?

For the 2020 list, there are 10 categories: Activism, Art & Design, Beauty & Fashion, Content Creator, Entrepreneurship, Media & Literature, Music & Entertainment, Politics & Policy, Sports, STEM & Finance.

What if I’m not sure what category to pick?

Most people could fall under a number of categories. Take some time and try and identify which industry your nominee is most prominently impacting. For example, even though an Artist could qualify for a number of categories, you should pick Art & Design. Don’t worry if you feel like you made the wrong choice. Our editors review all the nominations and make the final call.

What if a company or organization has more than one founder?

Yes, two women co-founders of one organization can be nominated together. When nominating, be sure to include all names of your co-founders or partners. If you don’t, we may not consider them. Note: if they aren’t women, they aren’t eligible, but you still are.

What is the deadline for submissions?

Our nominations will close in November 2019.

Who owns the nominations?

Once you hit submit, the nomination becomes the property of The Tempest. We may choose to use the contents of your nomination for the purpose of advertising, marketing, promotion, and publicizing the 40 Women to Watch List. Contact information will remain internal.

More questions? Please email