Halloween is coming, and you could be, too. If you’ve already set out a costume and plan on dancing the night away, that’s great! But here’s the thing, you don’t have to be in costume to have fun this spooky season. Being scary in the bedroom can be just as thrilling (sometimes even more thrilling!) as dressing up for a Halloween night out.

Sure, Halloween traditions like trick or treating are fun, but do you really want to go door to door asking for candy when you can eat it off of your boo instead? All I’m saying is you can still experience Halloween screams and goosebumps without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom if you know what I mean.

There isn’t a better time than Halloween to release your inner demons, so here are five sex positions to try this weekend to get your spook on!

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is the ultimate power position! Have your partner sit on the bed (or couch, or floor, whatever strikes your fancy) with their arms stretched out behind them for support and their legs crossed. Climb onto their lap, so you’re straddling them in a kneeling position, with your knees on either side. Hold on to their shoulders as you lower yourself onto them. Then lean towards them and take total control. And here’s a tip: some eye contact might help make things real hot and steamy. Thrust away, everybody!

The Sixth Sense

Whether you’re giving it or receiving it, oral sex is one of the most incredible things to do with your partner. Foreplay and penetrative sex are always fun, but oral sex arouses both partners to a climax with a stronger possibility of achieving an orgasm. When performing oral sex, don’t dive right in for the clitoris or the penis. Intensity and anticipation are essential, so take your time to get your partner excited.

There’s no number for how many times a person can orgasm. So keep going and see if you can give your boo a second one. You can lightly stimulate the clitoris or shaft with your hand or mouth to make them shiver. Your five senses are all imperative in creating arousal and making intimacy an enjoyable experience. Still, only oral stimulation can awaken the earth-shattering sixth sense between your legs.

Final Destination

Final Destination can involve any sexual position as long as you and your partner orgasm together. It can be an intimate experience for a couple. Because it’s usually harder for women to orgasm during penetrative sex because they require clitoral stimulation, I recommend experimenting. Fool around a bit. Sit facing each other and get handsy with yourself. Watch each other closely and do whatever feels right. Or go doggy style because it allows deeper penetration!

Control your pace together and communicate, communicate, communicate. The Final Destination demands it.

Lubie Halloween

Lube isn’t just for anal sex — several other sex positions benefit from it. Here’s one: bend over a table with your partner standing behind you, fill your hand with lube (or even better, get them to do it), and cup your hand under your vagina to make it more comfortable down there. Let your partner slide their penis or dildo over your clit.

This non-penetrative sex position can be equally satisfying! You could also use lube for a missionary position or while massaging your partner’s erogenous zones. By the way, you know they say strawberries are an aphrodisiac? Does that mean strawberry-flavored lube is too? Time for you to find out!


Ladies, whoever said you need a partner to make you scream hasn’t experienced the out-of-body experience that is masturbation. And since we’re busting myths, here’s another: diamonds aren’t your best friend; your clitoris is. School taught me all about how mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, but no one told me that the clitoris was the powerhouse of pleasure.

This is where all the magic happens. The tip of the clitoris alone has more than 8,000 nerve endings, which is double the number of those in a penis. Most vulva-owners need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. However, very few know that the best way to orgasm is to go from outside to inside. You don’t have to stick to one place at a time. Feel free to move around as long as it feels good! Go slow and then fast. Most times, you don’t even need to pop a finger in. The outside of your clit alone can make you scream in the most delightful way.

Happy trick or treating!

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