A number of breakthrough albums and artists breathed light into this pandemic. Halloween is a great time to honor them and get out of the dumps and into bars (fully vaccinated and masked). I believe that, collectively, we can make this the best Halloween yet! Whether you’re at a party or staying in and watching scary movies, opportunities to dress up are creeping upon us all.

Here is a list of costumes that are very appropriate for 2021. Be the horror you wish to see in the world.

1. A Cruella De Vil Costume

[Image description: woman in black and white Cruella De Vil costume.]

Emma Stone stole hearts as Cruella De Vil. Now it’s your turn to target dalmatians.

Get it here for $48.00+

2. Olivia Rodrigo Costume

[Image description: Olivia Rodrigo-inspired beaded necklace A string of the beads with the text ‘Sour’ written on it. Olivia is in the background with stickers on her face.] via Etsy
Olivia Rodrigo took 2021 by storm and now you can have a flavourful Halloween. And look cute for Instagram and Tik Tok. This necklace will help you replicate Olivia’s look!

Get it here for $13.98

3. A Squid Game Costume

[Image description: a squid game hoodie. The hoodie is burgundy and the Squid game symbol with a circle, square and triangle.] via Etsy
Are you ready for the challenge that is Halloween ?! This hoodie will help you feel like you’re fighting for your life in Squid Game.

Get it here for $42.00+

4. Lil Nas X  Industry Baby Costume

[Image description: Lil Nas X on the phone in the Industry Baby music video.] via Etsy
[Image description: Lil Nas X on the phone in the Industry Baby music video.] via Etsy
No one could tell you anything.  This will help you replicate Lil Nas X’s look! and maybe get a shout-out from him on Twitter.

Get it here for $26.00+

5. The Plague Doctor Costume

[ Image description: a mask with a beak. a doctor’s old mask.] via Etsy
Scare all the anti-vaxxers away.

Get it here for $24.95+

6. A Candyman Costume

[ Image description: a collage of  Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Candyman  with a black hook and a trench coat and another picture of a silver hook for a Halloween costume.] via the Tempest
Order this five times, and the Candyman will appear… this hand hook will help you achieve the perfect Candyman look.

Get it here for $50.00+

7. Moderna Vaccine Halloween Costume

[Image description: a man and woman wearing Moderna vaccine Halloween costume.]
[Image description: a man and woman wearing Moderna vaccine Halloween costume.]
Try out a Moderna vaccine Halloween costume as a quirky, statement outfit. You’ll be the center of attention for sure!

Get it here for $29.98+

8.  Grim Reaper Costume

[Image description: a red hooded grim reaper costume.] via Etsy
Because what is Halloween if not a celebration of death? Get this hooded cloak to complete your look.

Get it here for $37.97+

9. Skeleton Costume

What’s scarier than remembering we’re all flesh and bones? And that sexy costumes and boning can lead to children? Buy this costume to get in touch with your sexy insides.

Get it here for $38.88+

We hope you have a safe and scary Halloween. Filled with lots of candy, no dead spirits, and great costumes. Let’s end spooky season fashionably.

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    Aisha Malik is currently finishing her BA in Political Science. Aisha’s interests include South Asian and Middle Eastern history, philosophy, writing poetry and learning about different religions.


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