Palestinian artists transcend boundaries. Beautiful art is put in production each day. Each work honors Palestine, and brings culture and beauty to life. Palestinian artistry features intricate patterns, landscapes, and a wide breadth of experiences. Let’s support talent in marginalized communities by checking out their work. Here is a list of wonderful artists with small businesses that showcase amazing talent ! 

1. EnbyShami’s Coffee and Coffee Pot postcard

[ Image description: a post of a coffee pot and two cups.] Via Etsy
These beautiful, detailed designs will make you feel the warmth of Palestine (and coffee). The details on the coffee cup create a lively design, and the coffee pot’s intimate design will make you feel cozy.

Shop EnbyShami here! 

2. Sanasel’s Palestinian Art Wooden Comb 

[ Image description: A wooden comb featuring a woman in a white and red thobe.] via Etsy
The CRAFTMANSHIP. The design of the woman in a thobe on this comb is so beautiful, so lively. You can see Palestine in the eyes of the woman drawn in this. Palestine will stay with us even when we’re getting ready in the morning.

Shop Sanasel Here!

3. IllustrationsbyAya’s Palestine Print 

[Image description: a print of Olive Trees with speech bubbles statin. “We come from the land, give our love and labor and she nurtures us in return. When we die, we return to the land. In a way, she owns us. Palestine owns us. And we belong to her.”] via Etsy
This beautiful print will intercept your reality: Aya’s art owns us. The trees, the buildings, and all of the land are drawn and shaded perfectly. Viewing this art is a new experience.

Shop IllustrationsbyAya here !

4. Artisan Oriental Embroidery 

[ Image description: A black and red embroidered mask.] via Etsy
This beautiful embroidery work is perfectly symmetrical and displays rhythm and rhyme. The pattern tells a story. It speaks of love (And it’s also a great way to remind Zionists they’re stinky).

Shop Tatreez2021 here!

5. QualiTShirtsDesign’s Palestinian Key of Return Personalized Matt Poster 

[Image description: a poster of a key with trees and mosques in it.] via Etsy
This beautiful poster captures the beauty and essence of the Palestinian spirit. The colors are extremely vibrant and will have all eyes asking questions.

Shop QualiTShirtDesign Here !

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Palestinian artists create beautiful art every day. Let’s support them in all their endeavors. Buy their art and beautify your home!

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