Raise your hand if you’ve thought: Wow, I wish there was an app for that. Come on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has fantasized about creating apps that would pretty much solve all our problems. Being indecisive, anxious, and everything in between in this forlorn world, an app that can literally reduce our daily struggles would be manna from Heaven.

Here are seven apps we wish existed in real life:

1. An app to help delete nude images

We are sexual beings, and as women, have engaged in sexual activities online. However, the deep trust and intimacy that we have towards our partner might not always be reciprocated. We are always haunted by the possibility of nude images that were given in confidence being shared. Thus, we need an app that actually deletes our private pictures from other’s phones and helps us protect ourselves a bit more.

2. The witty-comeback app

You know that moment when you’re fighting with someone and you don’t have a reply right at the moment, but then hours later, way in the evening, you want to kill yourself for not saying that oh-so-perfect statement that comes to you when you are showering later? Trust me, it is all too familiar a situation. If such an app existed that could magically provide us with the best comebacks for any type of situation based on our personalities, it would make our lives so easier. We so wish this app existed.

3. The app that turns writer’s ideas into fiction

How incredible would it be if there was an app that could formulate all our ideas into fiction and help us through our writer’s block? An app that magically transforms our thoughts into masterpieces would indeed help most of us. During crucial moments such apps would help us convert our ideas into actual coherent words.

4. The app that assists your parents and grandparents with technology

We have all received that call from either of these two generations asking us how to change their Facebook display picture or how to insert new stories for their Instagram account. An app that could magically reduce all their technological difficulties with just a click and provide them with an easy-to-use interface would make life a lot better for us by reducing our role as tech support (and help them as well).

5. The app that deletes yourself from someone’s contacts

We all have made questionable choices and given our contact information to people we certainly wouldn’t have interacted with if not for our drunken state of mind. An app that could help us delete our contact information from someone else’s phone would be a cherry on the icing and reduce our day-to-day struggle and anxiety a little more. No more having to change your phone number and texting, “Who’s this?”

6. The app that reminds you that you are loved

We have all felt disappointed, depressed, heartbroken, and anxious.  We, humans, are indeed social creatures and want to feel loved. There should be an app in existence that actually makes us feel better. It should remind us that we are unique beings who are loved and cherished even during the hardest moments of our lives.

7. An app to make us remember that thing we’ve forgotten

That particular guy you’ve seen in another movie but just can’t remember, or that song you know you have heard before but you just can’t place it; or maybe just that word you don’t remember at all, right on the tip of your tongue, even if your stomach is twisting with discomfort. These are situations that are always extremely uncomfortable and make you doubt your memory very much. We need a magical app to exist that helps us remember instantaneously and save us time and energy.

It’s simple problems like that that make us wish for these quick fixes. Bigger miracles have proven possible with technology and growth. And hey, we can all dream, right? We all wish for these quick fixes and maybe it’s just a quick app away. Someday, maybe.

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