Pride is a beautiful time to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. And to support queer friends and family in all their endeavors (which we should do year-round). So much beauty and creativity flow through the rainbow, and it’s a shame they are lost in the current of huge corporations doing rainbow washing Pride campaigns. Today I want to tell you about some of my favorite make-up products from small, queer-owned businesses that I think you should know about. Let’s get started!

1. DandyLionsCreations’s Dirty Martini Vegan Pressed Matte Eyeshadow Chartreuse

[Image description: a mustard-colored matte eyeshadow.] via Etsy
Dandy Lions Cosmetics produces beautiful, vegan eyeshadows: your eyes will feel like they’ve been kissed by nature. And your pets will definitely want to wear it, too( it’s vegan).

Get DandyLionsCo Products here!

2. MichaelFoxit’s Natural Liquid Foundation Free Cosmetic Sponge No dye

[Image description: beige-colored foundation.] via Etsy
Harmonize your skin with these foxy foundations! Michaelfoxit products have your skin glowing: feel like a celebrity from the 1960s. Hairspray we’re coming!

Get MichaelFoxit Products here!

3. Moonrise Comestics’ Natural Mascara Botanical Blend Black or Brown Earth

[Image description: a black mascara and a sunflower backdrop. The sunflower has yellow petals and black pollen.] via Etsy
Make everyone howl at the moon in these illuminating natural products. No flakiness, no clumpiness.

Get Moonrise Comestics Products here

4. FinalGirls Comestics’ A horror-themed beauty company by FinalGirlCosmeticsUS

[ Image description: an eyeshadow palette with the colors blue, green, gold, and pink.] via Etsy
Because we’re always ready for Halloween. FinalGirls Comestics offers highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes that grace the world with unconventional colors. And more after the credits!

Get FinalGirl Comestics Products here!

5. Diamanté Cosmetics’ Melting Rich Matte Liquid Lipstick

[Image description: a shiny, reflective lipstick covering.] via Etsy
Transport yourself into the world of diamonds with Diamante Comestics. Rihanna would be proud: you’ll shine bright like a diamond. All of the products are of high quality.

Get Diamanté Cosmetics Products here!

Makeup is a beautiful form of art. And you deserve high-quality products. Shop at these lovely queer-owned businesses!

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