Rita Ora is not just an artist and entertainer. Nor is she just the face of multiple brand campaigns. Yet the media continue to overlook her achievements, and tabloids leave out what’s of actual importance: her career triumphs.

Back in 2018, Rita Ora made Official UK Chart history with the most Top 10 singles for a British female artist, and she wasn’t even born in the UK. In the same year, Rita Ora had a crowd of 300,000 people gathered in Kosovo, celebrating 10 years of independence. That’s more than you will find at any festival main stage! Throughout her career, she has performed for former President Barack Obama, the Vatican, and at the Oscars. Now she’s reached a new milestone: becoming the 11th artist with the most gold-certified songs in the UK

Besides her musical success, Rita Ora has been lending her voice to UNICEF since 2013 and due to her work in Kosovo back in 2019, she became an official UNICEF UK Ambassador. Thanks to her speaking up and representing her roots, she has inspired a lot of young people by showing us the importance of using your voice to help others. 

Over the last decade, Rita Ora has built her own brand. From making music, appearing in several movies like Fifty Shades of Grey and Detective Pikachu and TV shows like The Masked Singer UK and the upcoming 10th season of The Voice Australia to launching her own tequila back in 2019, Rita Ora is doing it all.

Today, she is a household name, known for not just her musical talent, but her charming personality and stage presence. Remarkable, right? These are just a few of the many outstanding parts of her overall success story. Yet, media outlets still reduce Rita Ora to a headline that has less to do with her entertainment industry success and more to do with her current relationship status, bikini pictures, and social media presence.

While each of these accomplishments is something you can easily discover after a simple Google search, there is so much you will not see by just looking at what certain media outlets cover. There is more to a woman’s name than what you can read between the lines of a news article. It is neither right nor fair to base someone’s current success and status on past relationships alone, or to define a woman by her dating life.

Women have proven to be successful forces in all kinds of industries, and it is time to not just see and recognize that but to respect and value women’s contributions. What a woman brings to the table has no connection to a male companion. She embodies her own hard work and determination. 

Described by fans as a huge inspiration, Rita Ora has positively influenced so many from all around the globe. While her music has reached millions of people, what truly stands out is the powerful force behind her art. It is the artist behind the art who gives the art its meaning. Personally, Rita Ora’s music has created a safe, therapeutic space, a place of comfort.

Artists tell stories through music. They put real emotions and truth between the lines of their poetic work, and we connect to it. Rita’s music has been my heart’s band-aid and has turned my light back on many times. Even Prince once said: “Rita is a force of nature, that girl—the way she walks into a room. She’s got it.” I couldn’t agree more. Her energy is electrifying and she has made being confident look so effortless and fun.

Following someone’s journey for years goes beyond just listening to their music. Just looking at how far Rita Ora has come and knowing how hard she has worked to make a name for herself and have her voice heard, makes me proud. Watching and learning from her, I have found the courage to fight for my own career and dreams. Today, I am more aware of the power I have and what I can do with it because she showed me how.  

This is why I strongly believe that the media conversation around Rita Ora should be about the empire she has built, rather than the irrelevant tabloid headlines that just want to financially profit from her name. It is disappointing that there are people out there who believe and trust the media and cannot do their own research to see the amazing person who has made such a huge impact on so many people. Of course, this goes beyond the entertainment industry. Think about how in five to 10 years, young women will be confident enough to pursue their own careers because they saw someone like Rita Ora succeed despite so many obstacles and rejections.

The media has to start thinking about the effects their journalistic abuse towards women has and how it constantly puts their mental health at risk. The media must start respecting women for their hard work, for what they truly stand for and represent. Rita Ora is someone who’s surely paving the way for the future generation of artists.

With everything she does, she is opening doors for the women of tomorrow and leading by example when it comes to juggling it all so remarkably. Let me remind you that Rita Ora is not just an artist and how she does it all is a question I have asked myself for many years. She doesn’t stop working hard, always trying to reach higher stars. 

Rita has touched the hearts of those who have been positively influenced by her tremendous light and has made a huge impact on those who have crossed her path. She treats her fans like family, appreciates everyone who has shown support throughout the years, and the best part is she never forgets a face. She helped so many find the strength within themselves and has given me friendships I will cherish for a lifetime. It is not something to take for granted. 

Michelle Obama once said, “Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.” I can proudly confirm that Rita Ora has made a difference by brightening up my life. Her impact and legacy surely are legitimate reasons why the media’s reporting on well-known women should be more respectful. This is not only necessary to protect their mental health but to assure future generations can evolve and succeed in the entertainment industry. 

As you can see, Rita is an empowering force of nature you can’t get rid of. And the Ora Wave is one you should catch if you haven’t already. 

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  • Darija went from writing long captions on Instagram to taking her first online course in Journalism at the University of Pennsylvania this year. Besides her love for writing, she enjoys concerts, learning new skills and browsing through social media. She loves speaking her truth and standing up for what’s right.