Pride events take place throughout the summer all over the world. It’s a celebration of queer sexuality and identity in a world that abhors it.  Queer people get decked out in Pride gear and display self-love in the most beautiful form.  This list is for everyone attending: get ready to show the world you’re here, you’re queer and you’re not going anywhere.

1. A Pride Backpack (Etsy)

[A Pride Backpack with the colors of the rainbow: blue,purple, red,orange, and blue.] via Etsy
Carry your pride in a fun and colorful backpack.

Get it here for $58.07+

2. A Pride Brooch (GAP)

[A pride brooch. It is silver and says the word love and the letter  ‘O’ is replaced with studded and rainbow colored-heart.] via Banana Republic
Don’t be afraid to be aBROOCHable throughout the day.

Get it here for $$38.00+

3. A Pride T-Shirt (ASOS)

[Image description: a T-shirt that says they/them, she/her, he/him and we with a rainbow background. the rest of the t-shirt is white.] via ASOS UK
Because we can’t let anyone forget our pronouns at PRIDE, right?

Get it here for $35.00+

4. A Pride Hat (ASOS)

[Image description: a green hat that says ‘Reclaimed’ in rainbow colors.] via ShopStyle
Reclaiming queerness, reclaiming style.

Get it here for $20.21+

5. A Pride Rainbow Bow Tie (Etsy)

[Image description: a rainbow tie.] via Etsy
Because who wouldn’t want to be choked by the rainbow?

Get it here for $22.95+

6. A Pride Anklet (Etsy)

[A  rainbow pride anklet.] via Etsy
 Pride runs from the feet to the head.

Get it here for $8.86+

7. A Pride Scrunchie (Etsy)

[ A rainbow scrunchie.] via Etsy
Rainbows lie above the head after all.

Get it here for $5.18+

8.  A Pride Headband (Etsy)

[Image description: a mickey mouse themed Pride headband. It is white with colorful mickey mouse imprints all over it.] via Etsy
Because queerness isn’t just in the head.

Get it here for $8.00+

9. A Pride Ring (Etsy)

[Image description: a gold ring with star and bead rainbow designs.] via Etsy
You can’t go wrong with rings as the perfect Pride accessory.

Get it here for $24.65+

10. A Pride Mask (Etsy)

[Image description: a black mask with the inscription ‘Be Gay, Do Crime.] via Etsy
Because the gays need a chic mask moment.

Get it here for $11.23+

11. Pride Earrings (Etsy)

[Image description: rainbow beaded earrings.] via Etsy
Because studs are never a dud.

Get it here for $32.00+

12. Custom Pride Flag (Etsy)

{Image description: custom LGBT flags to represent the spectrum of sexuality.]

Different flags. Same mission.

Get it here for $15.00+

13. A  Personalized Pride Water Bottle (Etsy)

[Image description: a white water bottle with the name Poppi on it.]
It’s important to come prepared. And to keep your water bottle safe.

Get it here for $26.64+

14. A Pride Bracelet (Etsy)

[Image description: A beaded rainbow Bracelet.] via Etsy
 In my opinion, bracelets and are the easiest way to show off your sexuality and identity.

Get it here for $5.61+

15. A Pride Pin (Etsy)

[Image description: A Pride Pin.] via Etsy
These are perfect on purses and backpacks. And on your mailbox, because the queers have an agenda, of course.

Get it here for $7.00+

16. Pride Heart Stickers (Etsy)

Image description: rainbow stickers in the shape of a heart.] via Etsy

You never know when you need to stick it to a homophobe.

Get it here for $4.25+

17. Pride Shoes (Etsy)

[Image description: white running shoes with a heart filled in with a rainbow.] via Etsy
Run away from homophobes in these cute sneakers.

Get it here for $59.99+

18. A Pride Scarf/ Bandana (Etsy)

[ Image description: a Pride Bandana.] via Etsy
Live out your Bridgerton fantasies in this scarf.

Get it here for $12.99+

19. Pride Sunglasses (Etsy)

Because the sun won’t leave Pride.

Get it here for $12.99+

Pride means solidarity. The louder you are, the more people hear you. Everyone deserves to be heard and experience a safe support system —that’s what Pride means. Have a safe one!

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