If you’ve decided that marriage is the right move for you, and you’re in a loving relationship, why not choose to celebrate that? Your opportunity to do so might just be a vow renewal ceremony. A vow renewal is exactly what it sounds like — a chance for a married couple to renew the vows they made to each other when they first got married.

Some couples renew their vows because they had initially eloped for their wedding, due to budget or time constraints. Elopement can provide adventure and flexibility, but it doesn’t always garner the same level of awe and reverence towards marriage, and for some, it can feel like an inadequate celebration of love. When you’re older, with maybe more time, money, and stability, you may find you want to renew your vows as a way to properly honor your feelings.

Your marriage may have recently experienced some hardships too. For example, perhaps you and your partner are overcoming obstacles like living long-distance. Renewing your vows could be a way of commemorating a renewed love for each other and can perhaps recapture those feelings you had when you first got married.

Vow renewals can also be done as an anniversary ceremony for reaching milestones such as 30 years of marriage. Renewing your vows can allow you to celebrate how far you’ve come together as a couple in your own unique way.

Honoring the amount of time you have been married to your partner can also give you an opportunity to reflect on your relationship. Vow renewals allow you to remember and express your gratitude and love for one another. They can be an opportunity to examine what you have accomplished together, whether it’s beating illness, buying a home, or starting a family. They also let you check in on the relationship’s current status, the goals you have accomplished, and how they evolved over the years.  This is the time to examine how your desires and priorities have changed, and how you feel about your commitment. By doing this, you can assess the ways in which your marriage can improve.

So, what does the vowel renewal process entail? You obviously need to state your vows to each other. However, you can get creative with how you do this. You can opt to simply restate the vows you initially made at your wedding if they still ring true and feel honest. You can also choose to add some new ones to the ones you already had, to reflect your relationship’s growth. Or, you can even make entirely new vows. Don’t think of this option as voiding your original vows, but rather as adding to them.

On top of all that, you don’t have to worry about the legal matters that were involved in your original wedding. As such, there’s technically no need for an officiant at the ceremony, but many couples opt to have one. Some of the other trappings of weddings can be involved too, like gift-giving, and the rededication of rings. Some couples even have new engravings made on their rings or get new ones altogether. There are also ceremonies that have what is known as a ‘ring warming’ or ‘ring blessing’, in which the rings are passed around and blessed by loved ones as a symbolic ritual.


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A lot of couples also opt to hire wedding venues to renew their vows. There’s the option to hold the ceremony anywhere that is significant for the couple and holds sentimental value. This can be where you first met, where you had your first date, your proposal location, or where you first got married. Renewals tend to be more casual than weddings though, so often couples will have significantly fewer guests in attendance to keep the event low-key. While a bridal or wedding party isn’t really necessary, you can absolutely have a bachelor or bachelorette party. I recommend keeping it casual so you’re not burdening loved ones with extensive planning.

You also don’t need to have a ceremony for vow renewals. Instead, you can choose to take a trip. It’s a good opportunity to visit cool places on your bucket list.

There are no strict rules for what you can or can’t do if you choose to renew your vows. You can make it a public affair or a private one, and since you’re already married, there’s a lot less stress. Focus on reliving the best parts of your marriage and creating new memories.


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  • Amanda Justice

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