Queer individuals should be celebrated on every holiday, including Mother’s Day. It can be hard to find personalized gifts, books or jewelry that center gay relationships, but LGBTQIA+ family members deserve to feel special on important occasions. I did some digging and found the perfect purchases tailored for queer folks.

If you’re looking to show your queer mother, grandma, aunt or any maternal figure in your life you feel pride they’re in your life – this list is for you.

1. Pregnancy Keepsake (Personalised Pregnancy engraved keepsake for two mums)

[Image description: a pregnancy keepsake for a lesbian couple.] via Etsy
This personalized engraved keepsake will remind you of the beautiful journey that is motherhood.

 Get it here for $36.35+

2. A charm  (Lesbian Moms Sapphic Charm)

[ Image description: A charm that displays two lesbian moms and their child.] via Etsy
Everyone knows keychains and phone charms are the best way to show your love for your family.

Get it here for $8.49+

3. A lesbian family print (Lesbian Family Lesbian Moms Gay Baby Shower Family Print)

[Image description: a lesbian family print.] via Etsy
This simple black and white print will adorn your wall with all the colors of pride.

Get it here for $20.25+

4. A watercolor print (Two Moms Watercolor Print Same Sex New Moms LGBT Family Love)

[Image description: a watercolor print of a lesbian family.] via Etsy
This watercolor print will make hearts explode.

Get it here for $12.21+

5. A mother’s day ornament (Our First Mothers Day Ornament Lesbian Two Moms And Baby)

[A mother’s day ornament.] via Etsy
Ornaments for every holiday because our moms deserve Christmas every day.

Get it here for $33.37+

6. A Mother’s Day Mug (Gay Moms Club Mothers Day Mug Gay Mug Lesbian Mug Lesbian)

[ Image description: a mug that says Gay Moms Club.] via Etsy
Because every mom needs a mug, right?

Get it here for $22.46+

7. Matching Couples Shirt (I’m Mama She’s Mommy I’m Mommy Shes Mama)

[Image description: a couple wearing matching t-shirts.] via Etsy
Pronounce your love for your family in these adorable t-shirts.

Get it here for $51.33+

8. A fantastic beret (DYKE LIFE beret)

[Image description: a beret that says ‘dyke life.’] via Etsy
Because we all want to be the gay version of Emily in Paris, right?

Get it here for $35.00+

9. Lesbian Mothers Day Sign (Two Moms Are Better SVG / Gay Parents Lesbian Mothers Day Sign)

[Image description:’two moms are better than one’ sign.] via Etsy
Because framed signs with cute sayings  are neccasary for every household. The astrology experts on Tik Tok said so.

Get it here for $1.25+

10. Bisexual Flag Candle (Bisexual Candle)

[Image description: a candle with the bisexual flag colors. the colors are blue, purple and pink.] via Etsy
Because what home is complete without a beautiful candle that reminds you of the warmth of family.

Get it here for $12.50+

11. A children’s book (Lesbian Family Book / Lesbian Children’s Book / Teach)

[Image description: lesbian family children’s book.] via Etsy
This lesbian family children’s book is perfect for the whole family to read on Mother’s Day. Isn’t this the representation everyone’s advocated for?

Get it here for $29.00+

12. A Pronoun Necklace (They / Them Preferred Pronoun Engraved Silver Bar Chain)

[ Image description: a gold necklace with the inscription’ they/them’] via Etsy
There are adorable necklaces for everyone on the gender spectrum on Etsy. It’s the perfect way to show off gender pronouns.

Get it here for $40.00+

13. Mama, Mommy, and Me Onesie (Mommy Mama and Me Onesie for Two Mom Kids or Baby’s)

[Image description: a onesie with the inscription ‘ mommy, mama and me’ with a rainbow.] via Etsy
This onesie will make everyone in your life smile. And the baby will touch the rainbow.

Get it here for $18.00+

14. A stained glass rainbow suncatcher (Stained Glass Pride Flag Suncatcher / Gay Pride Flag / Rainbow)

[Image description: a stained glass rainbow suncatcher.] via Etsy
 Because we all want to capture the rainbow. Pride cannot escape our clutches.

Get it here for $35.00+

15. Lesbian Vintage Remake Buttons (Lesbian Vintage Remake Buttons LGBT)

[Image description: vintage remake buttons that having sayings including ‘lavender menace’] from the 80’s-90’s activist movement.] via Etsy
These are perfect for 80’s and 90’s mamas. Tell homophobes to eat your shorts.

Get it here for $4.00+

16. Lesbian Flag Earrings (Lesbian Earrings Pride Earrings LGBTQ Jewelry Lesbian Gifts)

[ Image description: Lesbian pride earrings. It is orange, purple, pink and white.] via Etsy
These lesbian pride flag earrings will show your mom you have taste.

Get it here for $33.37+

17. A bisexual pride flag knot bracelet (Bisexual pride square knot bracelet or anklet LGBTQA)

[ Image description: a Bisexual Pride Bracelet. The colors are blue, pink, and purple.] via Etsy
Because pride seeps through the veins.

Get it here for $7.15+

18. A  Pansexual Pride Necklace (Pansexual Pride Flag Necklace Pan Pride LGBTQ Jewelry)

[ Image description: a necklace with the pansexual pride colors: pink, yellow and blue.] via Etsy
 Pan pride but in GOLD.

Get it here for $21.00+

19. Lesbian Mother’s Day Card (you can literally never go wrong)

[Image description: a lesbian mother’s day card with an animation of two lamas and an inscription that states ‘ you’re the best mmamas.’] via Etsy
Because the lamas are always bringing the drama, am I right?

Get it here for $6.80+

20. Personalized Mother’s Day Graphic or Painting (Custom lesbian mom mothers day gift Personalized gay mothers)

[ Image description: a graphic of a lesbian couple and a rainbow.] via Etsy
Wouldn’t a painting of the whole family light up the entire house?

Get it here for $84.46+

21. Proud Parents (Buy Proud Parents by Nicola Hill With Free Delivery | wordery.com)

[Image description: the cover of Proud Parents by Nicola Hill features a Teddy Bear wearing a Pride scarf.] via Wordery
Do you know any queer couples interested in adopting or fostering? This book features many heartwarming stories related to taking care of a child. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day Gift for those interested in navigating queer  parenting.

Get it here for $24.54

We wish queer moms a wonderful day surrounded by loved ones. Every parent deserves to be seen, heard and loved. Happy Mother’s Day!

This day is for every person who has a role in raising a child.

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