Every so often, I quietly shuffle through my parents’ wardrobes looking for any remnants of their 70’s childhood. Unfortunately,  they’re anti-hoarders and got rid of all their trendy clothes and accessories from back in the day. 

However, I have noticed that my frantic searches for cool pieces in my parents’ closet reflect a popular phenomenon: the widespread interest in vintage clothing and accessories. The rise of thrift stores and second-hand shopping has affirmed that vintage is not simply a trend, but a lifestyle. 

Here are some of my favorite vintage accessories from Etsy to level up your wardobe this spring. 

1. Sterling Silver Locket Ring

Sterling silver ring locket placed on a wooden surface.
[Image description: Sterling silver ring locket placed on a wooden surface.] via Etsy
There’s something special about this vintage sterling silver locket ring. It’s one of a kind and you’ll certainly make a powerful statement.

2. Gold Oval Locket

Gold locket necklace with flower etchings.
[Image description: Gold Oval Locket sold by Ringostone] via Etsy
This Gold Oval Locket is a great alternative to the previously mentioned locket ring. It’s perhaps the more recognizable form of the locket due to its size and aesthetic. Place a photo of a loved one, or even yourself.

3. Lady Cameo Ring

This is a ring. There is a cameo of a lady, which is to say a bust, on a blue drop background. The shank surrounds the size of the backdrop in intricate silver detailing.
[Image description:  Antiquated Silver Filigree Ring sold by ragtrader] via Etsy
This ring falls under a particular style of jewelry called ‘Cameo jewelry’. The main characteristics of this style of jewelry are a portrait engraved in a gemstone against a solid background. The style originated in ancient Egypt and was eventually adopted by the Greeks and Romans. The rings generally depict religious and mythological figures. 

4. Peridot Ring

Diamond peridot gem with a thin gold shank.
[Image description: Peridot Ring sold by AbahyDesignArt] via Etsy
If simplicity is your style, then this vintage gemstone ring is for you. The peridot gem is known to help open up your heart and create harmony in your life.

5. Brass Ring

Brass ring with flower engravings around the circumference.
[Image description: Floral Brass Ring sold by chloesvintagejewelry] via Etsy
This beautiful band ring is suitable for anyone who seeks comfort in a sturdy, statement ring. The intricate flower details bring the perfect balance of delicate and rigid.

6. Vintage Ring

Vintage woman's ring with a turquoise gem. Hugged with a very vintage style silver shank.
[Image description: Vintage Woman’s Ring sold by LittlejoyshopByMD] via Etsy
Sometimes you can’t go without a simple vintage ring, especially one that sizes a bit smaller. Create layering in your rings by sizing down to give you one that sits halfway down your finger. Make sure that you choose one that adjusts to your finger size. The one linked is a size 5 ¼. 

7. Labradorite Gem Ring

Silver shank droops down onto a labradorite gemstone.
[Image description: Sterling Silver Labradorite Ring sold by 925SILVERSMITHSTORE] via Etsy
The labradorite gem nests in the hands of sloping arcs, drawing your attention. The unique slope of the ring acts to beautifully elongate and accentuate the finger on which it lies.

8. Set of Rings

Assorted set of 15 bohemian rings. One has a pearl crystal hanging off it, another has a silver flower. Another has three consecutive turtles on the band. Many of them are simple silver rings with varied designs.
[Set of 15 Bohemian Rings sold by V2Sbeautiful] via Etsy
Can’t decide which ring to get? Get them in a set to have a selection to mix and match from. 

9. Victorian Brooch with Chain

Gold brooch. Regal emblem with chains hanging off it.
[Image description: Victorian Style Brooch with Chain sold by SassySuziTreasures.] via Etsy
Believe it or not, brooches weren’t always a standout fashion statement. Instead, they were created for utilitarian purposes in securing clothing. They only become ornamental during the Byzantine period of the middle ages. Now, they can be pinned almost anywhere!

This particular brooch stands out with its multiple hanging chains. It’s a great piece for someone who isn’t afraid to be the center of attention. 

10. Gold-Tone Cabochon Brooch

Gold brooch. The pink glass cabochon is the main feature. It is surrounded by gold embellishments, similar to a headdress. There are mini pink and beige colored pearls amongst the gold.
[Gold-Tone Filigree with Pink Glass Cabochon sold by ChasAndVivVintage] via Etsy
If the previous brooch didn’t suit your style, look towards this dainty one. Made in Germany, it embodies the perfect balance between femininity and reality. 

11. Turtle Brooch

Jade green ceramic turtle brooch
[Image description: Ceramic Turtle Brooch sold by TinysToysAndMore] via Etsy
Who knew a brooch could be so damn cute? This turtle brooch doubles as both an adornment and a simple comfort buddy wherever you go.

12. Pearl Crown


Silver pearls in flower shape surrounding a gold-wire tiara.
Pearl Flowers Silver Metal Crown sold by SweetheartVintageUS

From watching ‘Princess Bride’ to scrolling through countless Princess Diana photos, I am very drawn to a nice crown. It creates a sense of sophistication. 

Special headgear, in fact, was always used to discern rulers in society. The Romans had diadems, Native Americans wore headdresses, and the pharaohs had uniquely individualized crowns. 

This beautiful crown is adorned with flowers following the intricate gold circumference. It’s absolutely stunning. 

13. Vintage Bridal Tiara

[Image description: Vintage bridal tiara placed on pink silk sheet] via Etsy
[Image description: Vintage bridal tiara placed on pink silk sheet sold by ShadowCatCharms] via Etsy
When one imagines a tiara, the vision hardly deviates from this classic vintage one. The gems surrounding the tiara are sure to catch the light and twinkle with beauty.

14. Cool-Toned Necklace

The deep shades of blue and purple bring the necklace a cool ambience. There are jewels and beads assorted in a symmetrical pattern between wire.
[image description: Necklace sold by RebasDesignsNFinds] via Etsy
This is the most beautiful necklace. Period. The deep shades of blue and purple create a cool ambiance. The ensemble of jewels and beads are absolutely gorgeous in their alignment. This necklace is sure to upgrade an outfit. 

15. Pearl Necklace

There are three large pearls amongst a sea of smaller white ones, all separated by elegant clasps.
[ Image description: Pearl Necklace sold by Haengseongworkshop] via Etsy.
All I can say is I’m super grateful that cultured pearls exist. The elegant clasps between each pearl make this necklace worth having.

16. Pearl Necklace + Earrings

Necklace and earring set. Both are accented with pearls but the main focus is porcelain paintings of pink roses.
[Image description: Necklace and Earring Set sold by roxiesvintageattic] via Etsy
If you’re looking for a jewelry pair, then look no further than this vintage 1928 necklace and earring set. Both have pearl decals centered around porcelain rose point, taking you back to a time of balls, extravagance, and glamour (along with the racism, sexism, and added problems that we won’t dive into right now). 

17. Rhinestone Necklace + Earrings

This is a necklace and earring set. Big blue rhinestones are hanging off both the pieces of jewelry.
[Image description: Necklace and Earring Set sold by BrocanteSisters] via Etsy
This lovely blue rhinestone necklace and earrings are the perfect level of extravagance. Pair these with a stunning evening outfit and you’re good to go.

A blast from the past is always a good time. Ordering some vintage jewelry and accessories is a great way to immerse yourself in the past while looking amazing this spring. Online marketplaces like Etsy have made it all the more accessible for young people to explore various clothes and accessories and purchase items directly from one another. Styling and wearing vintage items helps to cultivate a sense of self in a unique and eco-friendly way. It’s a win-win situation. 

Check out The Tempest’s Etsy favorites and make the most of what’s on offer!

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