Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to run your own business? The essential skills and experience you should acquire? How technical and finance-oriented you need to be? Well, we have the answer, or rather the event, for you. WomenX Impact is THE event for budding female entrepreneurs that will inspire you to undertake your entrepreneurial pursuits, whatever business field that may be.

We spoke to Eleonora Rocca, founder of WomenX Impact, the largest international event centered around female empowerment, female entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion.

With an impressive resume working across a number of disciplines as a business owner, digital strategy consultant, speaker, lecturer and author, Eleonora is without question the right person to lead this exciting event that will bring together women of every age and career stage.

The WomenX Impact summit will be held from 30 September to 1 October 2021 in Bologna, Italy at Fico Eataly World, and also will be available online for international audiences to view. Over 80 international speakers from major global organizations such as Google, Spotify, BBC, The European Commission, and more will share their career and life stories that will inspire and empower women across different backgrounds, experiences, and life choices.

Practical workshops will take place to cover topics on career development, business & entrepreneurship, soft skills & personal development, and improving on digital, content, and social media skills. With over 200 partners, supporters and ambassadors supporting this initiative, WomenX Impact is set to be the highlight of the international event calendar this year.

With a multidisciplinary education and experience, from studying law, then specializing in marketing and communications and working for the likes of Microsoft, Kingston Technology and others for over ten years, Eleonora Rocca realized she wanted more than working for someone else:

“I realized that building my own business was what I truly wanted for my future. I decided to open up my first company, successfully selling it and now even building my second one.”

Alongside holding the role as founder of WomenX Impact Eleonora is co-founder of Horizone Group, a London-based digital company. We asked her what it’s like to start a new adventure as a company founder. “I enjoy creating new things as I never stop learning. Learning means growing, both as a person and as a professional.”

Eleonora’s active business acumen involves her working between Italy and the UK – traveling is another career aspect she fully recommends for aspiring entrepreneurs. “It is a great boost for your resume and you get to learn about new cultures, different ways of living and different working environments, which is proven to strengthen both personal and professional skills.”

With her rich, multifaceted career, we were curious to learn what her most rewarding work experience is to date. Microsoft was right there at the top, without hesitation.

“At age 30 I was Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Office, managing a budget of over €1 million, creating and developing marketing campaigns across over 700 points of sales throughout Italy. It was extremely rewarding and it granted me a fast and very important learning curve. Most of my strong knowledge about 360-degree marketing campaigns comes from that experience.” That’s certainly impressive!

We asked Eleonor the one message she wants everyone to take away from WomenX Impact:

“Amazing things can happen if you know what you want to achieve but most of all, if you know how to achieve it. It is true that if you want something you can get it, but it is also true that you need to know which steps need to be taken, when and how in order to succeed.

This is what I expect our speakers to share: how-to and practical elements of their journey so they can inspire, train and get the audience up to date with the latest trends to watch in the world right now.”

Lastly, we asked her for some advice for young female founders starting out. “Persevere. Persevere. Persevere and don’t allow anyone to let you down. Keep going even when things get complicated, even when you feel you are not progressing, just keep going because a thousand small steps can make a big difference when it comes to results.”

The Tempest is a proud media partner of WomenX Impact. Stay tuned for more interviews to come about their badass speakers, leading women in every sector!

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  • Rebecca Azad

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