Period pains make you feel like your worst enemy sent a hex upon your uterus. It also has you cursing into the night, preparing your body for the transcendental experience of childbirth. Your neck, your back, your boobs and your abdomen are all screaming into a void.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time googling cures for your all your period problems, so here are some products we hope will help:

1. Neck heating pads


Many complain about their neck hurting during their period.  This neck heating pad will have you feeling like you’re in Spy Kids and also relieve neck pain.

Get it here for $17.99!

2. Heating pads for cramps

[Image description: a woman wearing a brown heating pad around her waist.] via Amazon
Cramps can really put a damper on your day. Along with the blood. This heating pad will seamlessly help with those cramps.

Get it here for 18.99!

3. Heating pad for lower back

[Image description: a heating pad for your lower back.] via Amazon
Period pains can have your back feeling like Madison Beer sang to it and destroyed it. We’ve got the solution.

Get it here for $25.99!

4.  Heating pad for neck and shoulder

[Image description: heating pad for neck and shoulders.] via Amazon
Can you believe periods are powerful enough to affect your shoulders too? Yeah.

Get it here for $35.99!

5. Lulumai heating pad for sloths

[Image description: a sloth heating pad and a bag.] via Amazon
Who thought being on your period could be so cute?

Get it here $32.95!

6. Heating pad – dry and moist therapy

[ Image description: a turquoise heating pad.] via Amazon
We’ve all drowned in rage because of our periods. Let this heating pad that looks like a blanket soothe you.

Get it here for $25.99!

7. Cordless heating pad

[Image description: a pink heating pad.] via Amazon
This heating pad looks like a gadget you could find on Kim Possible. NEED.

Get it here for $39.96! 

8. Head heating pad

[Image description: a head heating pad.]
You won’t be able to see anyone when you wear this heating pad and it’ll help relieve migraines you get during your period. WIN-WIN.

Get it here for $39.95!

9. Large microwaveable heating pad

[Image description: a large purple heating pad.] via Amazon
This heating pad covers your entire back. And it looks like a giant pillow.

Get it here for $29.90!

Happy period week! We hope this list emphasizes the importance of self-care during your menses.

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