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Valentine’s Day is about spreading love and receiving love. That being said, to show how much we love you, we have decided to help you out with your Valentine’s Day playlist by gathering a list of the best love songs released in 2020!

We already know that most of us will be sitting in our cars listening to “Driver’s License” by Oliva Rodrigo on the 14th of February this year on repeat. But just in case you want to mix it up, we came prepared! Despite the many ups and downs of last year, we have to admit that 2020 left us with epic love songs, especially when it comes to love songs about self-love, romantic love, break ups, sex, and everything in between!

These songs that have listed for you are perfect for whatever pandemic safe Valentine’s Day plans that you have going on this year.  In this curated list, we have your beautiful ballads if you need a good cry, powerful anthems to sing at the top of your lungs with your friends while standing six-feet apart, and songs for those of us who are hopelessly romantic.

Whatever vibe you are feeling for Valentine’s Day, we have got something here for you!

 1. “Stuck with U” – Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

An Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber collaboration is just what we needed! Their vocals together are AMAZING! “Stuck with U” is the perfect song to listen to when you are in love during quarantine. Because, you know, you’re “stuck” in the house together. Also, the music video was so cute with all the clips of families, couples, and dogs!

2. “Bigger Love”- John Legend

The music video for this song will make you smile! The video is filled with TikTok dances, Facetime calls, Tweets, photos, and more. It is truly a reflection of how families and friends have had to communicate and stay connected throughout the pandemic.  It is a song that will make you happy and brighten up your day! It will also make you want to get up and dance! It is truly about spreading love!

3. “Boy with Luv” – BTS (feat. Halsey)

Okay, this one may be cheating because the song was technically released in 2019. But “Boy with Luv” was also on their album Map of the Soul: 7 that was released in 2020, so I am going to count it anyway! Can you really blame me? BTS performed this song in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and it was the best way to kick off the year if you ask me. The song is all about their love for their fans, ARMY, and how true love comes from the small things.

4. “34+35” – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has truly blessed us. Her album Positions is so good that we could probably fill this whole list with just her songs. We all love the title track “Positions,” but must admit that “34+35” is a whole vibe. It is super playful and will totally get you in the mood if you know what I mean! 

5. “Forgive Me” – Chloe x Halle

Let’s take a moment of silence for Chloe x Halle because they are truly amazing and talented. Their album is perfection! Also, their performances in 2020 were everything that we have ever needed and more! “Forgive Me” is powerful and badass. It is really empowering to listen, especially if you are going through a breakup or were recently in a relationship that did not work out! You should turn this song all the way up!

6. “Before You Go” – Lewis Capaldi

“Before You Go” was released as a single in 2020. If you loved the song “Someone You Loved,” I bet you will love this song too. Insider tip, the piano version is incredibly beautiful. Lewis Capaldi really knows how to sing and write a painful and gut-wrenching ballad that expresses deep, tough emotions.

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7. “Rain On Me” – Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

Two queens came together and gave us “Rain On Me.” This is the perfect anthem for you if you are going through a heartbreak or a breakup! It is about overcoming tough times that are filled with painful emotions. Sometimes a good cry is exactly what we need to get through hard times and tough emotions. This song can definitely boost your spirits, which is 100% needed!

8. “Blueberry eyes”- MAX (feat. Suga of BTS)

If you don’t know MAX, in addition to singing “Blueberry Eyes,” he sings the song “Lights Down Low.” Plus, he was in the Nickelodeon movie with Keke Palmer called Rags. I know, my mind is blown too! His voice is amazing. Also, this song is so sweet. The song is about his wife’s blue eyes and his love for his wife. She is also in the music video. So cute! Also, we cannot forget the BTS’s Suga has a killer rap verse on this song!

9. “Say So” – Doja Cat (feat. Nicki Minaj)

If you did not watch Doja Cat’s performance of “Say So” for the 2020 MTV EMA, you are missing out. The 70s vibe and the beat for this song are literally made for dancing! This song is about the beginning or start of a relationship. It is that potentially awkward phase when you just want the person you like to say something and confess their love! Stop wasting time, and just say it!

10.  “Lovesick girls” – BLACKPINK

Blackpink finally released their first album with hits like “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez. Their title track, “Lovesick Girls,” is perfect for any person that is a little sick of the troubles and woes that come with love. It will definitely have you singing the lyrics “Yeah, we were born to be alone” at the top of your lungs by the end of it!

11. “Rare”- Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez released her song “Rare” and then launched her makeup company Rare Beauty all in one year. I would definitely say that 2020 was quite a busy year for her! With this song, Selena wanted her listeners to know that they are all “rare” and unique! It is about self-love and independence. If the person you are with does not make you feel the way you deserve to feel, then know that someone or something out there will!

12. “you broke me first” – Tate McRae

This song is so good! Tate McRae has blessed us with another ballad that we can listen to when love goes wrong. The song is about a person who was in a relationship with someone, but their partner did not care and broke up with them. Then after breaking up, the person comes crawling back. Tate is basically saying the NO WAY am I taking you back after the way you hurt and broke me. Her performance of her song at the MTV EMAs was SO good! And let’s not forget to mention that the performance featured her incredible dance skills! It was completely mesmerizing!

13. “Damage” – H.E.R

H.E.R is so talented! In “Damage,” H.E.R. sings about being vulnerable in a relationship. Being open in a relationship takes time and trust, which can even be REALLY hard sometimes. The song warns us about the damage that can occur when you break a person’s trust and take for granted the vulnerability that a person has shared with you. The song samples the record “Making Love in the Rain” by Herb Alpert, Lisa Keth, and Janet Jackson.

14. “That’s What Love Is” – Justin Bieber

This song is the sweetest.  It is the 15th song in Bieber’s album Changes. We waited a long four years for a new Justin Bieber album, and it was worth the wait! His voice and the acoustic guitar in the background are so beyond incredible as he sings about true love and what love has taught him.

15. “Sweet Melody” – Little Mix

When you need a girl power moment, play a Little Mix. They are known for their power anthems. Also, this group’s vocals are on another level! The song may be called “Sweet Melody,” but it is powerful! “Sweet Melody” is about realizing your relationship did not involve real love. But after listening to this song, I think you will be okay. Also, check the music video, the outfits, the dancing, and the girls all are FIRE!

16. “The 1” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift released her eighth album folklore, then she released her ninth studio album evermore a few months later. We see you, Taylor! Both albums were truly magical and mystical. Her track “The 1” reflects on lost love, a failed relationship. What could have happened if that person was the one?  What could have happened if the relationship did not fail? This is completely relatable. It has been said that this was written based on one of her friend’s perspective and experiences.

17. “Juro Que” – Rosalía

“Juro que, juro que, juro que, juro que!” Rosalía had her first Grammy perform in the United States last year and is completely killing it!  “Juro Que” features acoustic guitar and a flamenco-fusion sound.  In the song, she sings about how she swears that she will wait for her lover that is been sent to prison and that she will do everything to help him get out.  That is a true commitment for sure!

18. “Prisoner” – Miley Cyrus (feat. Dua Lipa)

Miley and Dua Lipa came together to give us “Prisoner.” A duo we did not know we needed! The song has an electronic, pop, and rock vibe to it.  The song also uses the melody of “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John from 1981. Miley and Dua Lipa both sound great together as they sing about feeling like a prisoner in an abusive or toxic relationship. It is no surprise that they completely killed this song together!  If you watch the music video, they include a very special message for all of their exes at the end.

19. “mad at disney” – salem ilese

I bet we have all been mad at Disney at some point in our lives, just like salem ilese. She wrote this song because she is mad at Disney for the princess archetype that is portrayed in many of the films that she watched as a kid. Princesses are often seen as the damsel, waiting for a prince to fall in love with them and save them. We all love the classics, but finding true love is not necessarily a fairytale. As salem ilese says, we can slay our own metaphorical dragons.

20.  “Savage Love” – Jawish 685 x Jason Derulo

“Savage Love” is 100% not a song about true love. This love story actually sounds a little tragic and sad, despite its happy beat.  But I guess sometimes love is like that! This song was all over TikTok this summer and even on has its own dance! It will definitely be a song that will get stuck in your head at a few listens! Also, let’s not forget, thanks to BTS hopping on the track for a remix, the song got to be #1 on the Billboard charts!

21. “LUCID” – Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama’s single “LUCID” from her deluxe studio album SAWAYAMA. In an interview with Apple Music, Rina states, “Lucid’ is about living a different life through dreaming, whether it’s to be with the dream girl or to be the dream girl.” It is the perfect song if you want to get up and dance! I highly suggest listening to more of her music!

22. “pov” – Ariana Grande

I was not lying when I said that this whole playlist could be filled with songs from Ariana Grande‘s newest album, Positions! A lot of love songs refer to romantic love between pairs, but the track “pov” is a love song that also refers to self-love. It is about having a partner that loves every part of you and knows as much as it is about seeing, trusting, and loving yourself.

23. “Watermelon Sugar” – Harry Styles

I cannot think of a better way to end this list of 2020 love songs than with Harry Styles! If you are not exactly sure what “Watermelon Sugar” is all about, go watch the music video. I bet you will start to get some ideas (if you’re still confused, we wrote about it)! Harry has left many of the details of the song up to interpretation! But he has described the song as being about the “initial euphoria” when you are beginning an intimate relationship with someone.

We all know that 2020 was quite a year, to say the least. But as we make our way past Valentine’s Day in 2021, I think we can all agree that some great music was released in 2020 that helped get us through the good and bad. So no matter what 2020 songs about love that you choose to listen to on Valentine’s Day, happy listening!

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