Recently, it was revealed that dentists have been hiding a surprising secret from us about oral sex. And it has all of us completely shook!
TikTok user @cianmcbrain posted a viral video where he wrote, “JUST FOUND OUT THE DENTIST CAN FIND OUT WHETHER SOMEONE HAS GIVEN [HEAD] OR NOT IM SCREAMINGGGGG.”

Here is the video so you can witness this revelation for yourself:

@cianmcbrienIM CRYING #fyp♬ Somebody to love Basstrologe Bootleg – mthekyng

As you can see above, it turns out that your dentist knows if you’ve been handing out some blowjobs.

And of course, when this video went viral people were itching to know more and had tons of questions. It also left some people concerned and a little worried. I mean imagine if your parents are your dentist….YIKES!

All these years, we have been going into our dentist appointments and unknowingly giving our hygienists a brief low down on our recent sexual history.

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Until now, professionals in the field of dentistry have unfortunately been a little stingy when it comes to explaining exactly how they can tell if a patient has been having oral sex. Most likely in efforts to save their patients the embarrassment or avoid some very awkward conversations. But this is something we need to know immediately!


Luckily for us, a few dentists have been willing to enlighten us on the subject and break it down for us. TikTok users @mandimaeee@thryants, @denite, and @doctor_rachel have all the answers that we need!

Let me break it down:

Having palatal petechiae on the roof of your mouth is what lets your dentist knows if you are having oral sex, which is bruising and irritation of the soft palate. Fellatio-associated petechia can potentially occur during penile oral sex. The connection of the penile glands with the palate during oral sex can cause a hematoma.

hematoma is basically a bruise that is caused by trauma and dilation of blood vessels. In this case, the pressure from performing penile oral sex causes blood to collect under the skin, which then is presented as palatal petechiae.

Check out their TikToks below:

@mandimaeee#stitch with @cianmcbrien But I’d never tell 🤫 #dental #dentalhygiene #GetReadyWithOldSpice♬ original sound – Mandimaeee
@thyrants#stitch with @cianmcbrien yeah but we aren’t going to really give anyone hassle about it. #dentist #oralhealth♬ original sound – Lil Young Old Man
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@doctor_rachel#duet with @cianmcbrien yep, sometimes we can…but need to rule out other possible causes ✨ #themoreyouknow #dentist #howwilltheyknow #fyp #fypシ♬ Somebody to love Basstrologe Bootleg – mthekyng

Besides informing our dentists about our sex lives, the presentation on palatal petechiae is also pretty common for several illnesses. This includes strep throat, mono, tonsilitis, and more. In addition to diseases and infections, palatal petechiae can also be caused by repeated coughing, sneezing, or vomiting. 

Therefore, having palatal petechiae on the roof of your mouth does not 100% mean that you are having oral sex but in some cases, it can be pretty telling.

If you really don’t want to give your dentist all the tea when it comes to your sex life, there’s some good news. You can always refrain from oral sex during the time near your dental appointment. As @mandimaeee says in her TikTok, it is not like a dentist can tell if you did the deed three or four years ago! They can only tell if you’ve done it recently.

So while it turns out that our dentists may know more about our sex lives than we thought, there’s no need to be ashamed.

Ultimately, the vibes from the dentists above seem pretty chill and nonjudgmental.

They don’t want you to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about it. Most of them did say that they only bring it up with the patient if they suspect a larger problem or issue.

So, at the end of the day, just do you and find yourself a dentist that you can trust!

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