When it comes to fashion, winter is my favorite season as I can create many everyday looks; be it for lunch dates or for work. However, some people really take the charm of winter away by becoming a human snowman. If you need help in the way of winter style, I have just the list you need to bring your A-game into play during those unforgiving days when you feel cold, but you want to dress up and feel fabulous.

Scroll through the 21 trendiest outfits as donned by celebrities from JLo to Cardi B:

1. That suit suits you

Janelle Monae in a suit
[Image Description: Janelle Monae in a suit] via Instagram

American singer and songwriter, Janelle Monáe is all about the tailored three-piece suit this winter. Pair it with a printed tie or a wide brim hat to stand out.

2. Strip a pinstripe

Lizzo in a VOTE dress
[Image Description: Lizzo in a VOTE dress] via Instagram

Bop star (as she likes to call herself) Lizzo is playing around with the stripes this season.

3. Keep it casual

Diane Keaton in casual jeans
[Image Description: Diane Keaton in casual jeans] via Instagram

Sure, dressing up can be fun, but what about those gloomy fall nights? Keep it casual like Diane Keaton by wearing a pair of boot-cut jeans and a cozy sweater.

4. Leather pants for the win

Margot Robbie in leather pants
[Image Description: Margot Robbie in leather pants] via Instagram

Who said leather pants are too bold to wear to the office? Take note from Margot Robbie by finding the right cut for yourself. Ditch those shiny leather pants for a sleek, matte pair.

5. Pattern

Yuliet Torres in patterned crop top and tights
[Image Description: Yuliet Torres in patterned crop top and tights] via Instagram

Yuliett Torres inspires us to wear bold prints with this patterned crop top and tights she’s sizzling in.

6. Check me out

Kristen Bell in a yellow checkered outfit
[Image Description: Kristen Bell in a yellow checkered outfit] via OutfitID

You can never go wrong with the old school check print. Save this look inspired by Kristen Bell’s checkered outfit.

7. You are too cool for us

Kendall Jenner in a baseball cap
[Image Description: Kendall Jenner in a baseball cap] via Instagram

Play it cool like Kendall Jenner by pairing a casual outfit with a baseball cap.

8. Crop those dress pants

Meghan Markle in cropped dress pants
[Image Description: Meghan Markle in cropped dress pants] via Instagram

When the Duchess of Sussex gives you style inspiration, what do you do? You bow down to our style queen! For a chic office look, get your hands on these cropped dress pants to look professional and fashionable (and warm!) at the same time.

9. Sweater dress, whaaaaa?

Ashley Graham in a sweater dress
[Image Description: Ashley Graham in a sweater dress] via Instagram

Can’t decide if you should wear a dress or a sweater? Ashley Graham makes the choice easy for us by channeling it all into a sweater dress.

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10. Little white dress

Mary J. Blige in a white dress
[Image Description: Mary J. Blige in a white dress] via Instagram

Switch it up from the customary little black dress to a little white dress like Mary J. Blige. If it feels too simple for your style, pair your outfit with a hat or accessories.

11. Matching separates

Cardi B in matching separates
[Image Description: Cardi B in matching separates] via Instagram

Would you dare stick to one pattern, from top to bottom, like the one and only Cardi B?

12. Reviving jackets and blazers

Yara Shahidi in a red jacket
[Image Description: Yara Shahidi in a red jacket] via TopCelebsJackets

Actress Yara Shahidi pulls off the conventional winter wear with her striking red jacket.

13. Wrap me up

Selma Blair in a silk scarf
[Image Description: Selma Blair in a silk scarf] via Instagram

If you’re not too fond of a beanie or hat, wrap your hair in a silk scarf like Selma Blair – a trendy accessory this winter season.

14. Be right beret

Jennifer Lopez in a beret
[Image Description: Jennifer Lopez in a beret] via Instagram
To up your overall look this season, wear a beret like style diva Jennifer Lopez.

15. Retro racing

Zendaya in a retro outfit
[Image Description: Zendaya in a retro outfit] via Instagram

Nostalgia will hit you hard during these long winter nights, so why not wear something retro to reminisce about those times? If you need inspiration, Zendaya is here to give us that 70s vibe.

16. Strike a balance and a pose

Chanel Iman in an oversized sweater
[Image Description: Chanel Iman in an oversized sweater] via Instagram

You might just want to wear an oversize sweater that makes you feel warm; both inside and out. For such days, take a tip or two from Chanel Iman to accessorize your outfit and boost your mood.

17. Skirts that pleat together

Olivia Palermo in a green pleated skirt
[Image Description: Olivia Palermo in a green pleated skirt] via Instagram

Taking inspiration from Olivia Palermo’s glamourous looks can help with your winter style this season. All you need is a pleated skirt and then watch the magic happen. Tuck in a knit, wear chunky bangles and a pair of heels and you’ll be the girl of the night for sure.

18. Put a bag on your shoulder

Kaia Gerber with a shoulder bag
[Image Description: Kaia Gerber with a shoulder bag] via Instagram

Why put the weight of other people’s fashion blunders on your shoulder when you can easily swap that with a shoulder bag like Kaia Gerber?

19. Get me a statement piece

Rihanna in statement jewelry
[Image Description: Rihanna in statement jewelry] via Instagram

Rihanna is known for making statements, both through her words and in the world of fashion. She is your go-to celeb for making sure you have the right statement jewelry piece this winter.

20. Puffer jackets will always stay

Gigi Hadid in a puffer jacket
[Image Description: Gigi Hadid in a puffer jacket] via Vogue

Gigi Hadid can pull off a puffer jacket like no one else. If you’re into jackets, you sure as hell would want to invest in a puffer jacket to upgrade your winter style.

21. Back to the boots

Kim Kardashian in boots
[Image Description: Kim Kardashian in boots] via Instagram

Kim K is rocking boots this season and so should you. After all, who does fashion better than the Kardashians?

I have already started looking for hacks to get the winter style looks these A-listers are flawlessly donning this fall. I can’t wait to collect cheaper alternatives that are easy on the pocket, but will make me stand out when I dress to impress.

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