It is officially wedding season (not that it’s ever not) and I have been invited to four Zoom receptions already. While browsing the internet for what to do at a Zoom wedding and how to make the most of it, I stumbled upon the most absurd weddings yet the most unconventional videos and images of couples getting married.

Here is a list for your dose of laughter:

The Runaway Couple


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Ruani Ribe and Cortney Charleston literally eloped to get married this year! The couple did not want to wait any more and decided to tie the knot on their 9-year dating anniversary celebrations. They got married on the Jersey City stoop where they first met. So cute, yet kind of crazy.

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Let us start our life together


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This couple got married in their new apartment that they bought together. Such an apt definition of ‘a new life, a new beginning’.

Alternate Altar

Why go through the trouble of walking down the altar when the altar can be presented at the convenience of your backyard? This couple transformed their backyard in an oasis to get married.

What happens in Vegas?


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What happens in Vegas, stays with you for the rest of your life if you do not drunk marry someone in a Chapel. This couple chose Elvis to marry them in Las Vegas.

Father of the Bride remake


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This couple deceived all the odds and got married as per the bride’s mother’s lifelong wish of marrying her from their backyard.

Zoom it

This couple said ‘I do!’ over a zoom video call. Thank God for technology in such tough times and for not putting the institution of marriage on halt.

Surprise surprise


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This couple postponed their wedding at first but, then, one morning decided to get married by a lake in France. There it was, their wedding ‘surprise’ that they gave to their friends.

Beach wedding


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This couple took a surf at the beach together, the bride collected a few plants from nearby and put in her hair to accessorize. Before anyone knew, there, they got married!

Drive me crazy


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If you really have to drive someone crazy, take notes from this couple and get married on a road intersection like they did this wedding season.

Wear your PJs

This couple got married wearing casual clothes in the comfort of their home. If anyone wants to find out how to be comfortable on your wedding day? You know where to follow them.

Keeping family traditions alive

These two ran off to the groom’s grandfather’s farmhouse to get married and skip all the drama. Now, that is called keeping ‘the family traditions alive’.

Step up


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What do you do when the Church is closed? You get married on the steps of the Church like this couple did.

Let us fly together

If you want to vow to see the world together then getting married on a rooftop is for you! This couple could not wait to keep their feet on the ground and had an intimate roof wedding. One of my favorite craziest weddings.

Something old


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What can be more comforting than getting married in your old sweatpants? This couple chose to tie the knot in their home with something old as their old sweatpants.

Before the pandemic, I had always thought of a wedding to be all about the fancy decoration, the lavish menu, and the extravagant dresses. However, one good thing that has come out of this panic is the realization that marriage is a union between two hearts and not two bank accounts.

So, thank you, COVID-19. Who would have thought getting married could be this simple?

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