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15 amazing gifts for people who are still obsessed with Game of Thrones in 2020

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Although it’s been over a year since we heard the words “she’s mah queen, “dracarys” or “bend the knee”, and we’re no longer counting down the days to the next season, now that winter is here, many of us are still very much obsessed with the world and characters of Westeros created by George R.R. Martin (yes, despite that last season).

You might not be that person, but we all have at least one friend who just can’t let go. Because the holidays and times of gift-exchanging are approaching, we decided to compile a list of 15 presents that every Game of Thrones fan would love in 2020. 

1. House Stark Tree Ornament 

House of Stark Game of Thrones Tree Ornament 3D-Printed
via Etsy

As it is famously known that The North Remembers, we must remember the North as well this Holiday season. Decorate your tree with this House Stark Tree Ornament and remember the words the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. 

Get if here for $1.99


2.  Washable Westeros Mask  

Game Of Thrones Washable Face Masks, Face Mask, Reusable Mask, Protective Mask, Cotton Face Mask, Adult Face Mask, Children's Face Mask
via Etsy

Allowing you to pick the symbol of the House you identify most strongly with, these reusable cloth masks are protective, environmentally-friendly and a great way to keep the Game of Thrones spirit alive. 

Get it here for $8.99


3. Westeros Map

Game of Thrones Westeros MAP minimal style (Light),Printable Wall Art,Large Poster,Home Decor,Waves,Graphic Design,Digital Download
via Etsy

Extending from the sands of Dorne to the lands Beyond the Wall and the coast of the narrow sea to the Land of Always Winter, Westeros holds most of its mystery in its lands. For a reminder of the walk down King’s Road or the sail to the Iron Islands, this map of Westeros is an amazing gift for a Game of Thrones fan. 

Get it here for $7.02



4. Wooden Targaryen Dragon Tea-light Candle Holder 

Game of Thrones Dragons Wooden Tea Light Lantern Candle Holder
via Etsy

For when the night is dark and full of terrors, and even for when the night is full of relaxation and the holiday spirit, this Targaryen-inspired candle holder is an amazing way to transform the vibe of a room and remind us of the battle between Ice and Fire. 

Get it here for $17.55


5.  A Love Knot Necklace

via Etsy

This sparkling silver game of thrones themed necklace is the perfect gift to show your lover you would die for them. You would never think of giving it to your twin.

Get it here for $70.64

6. Wooden Music Box

Game of Thrones Wooden Music Box
via Etsy

This wooden music box that holds a delicate version of the Game of Thrones theme song is the best reminder of the story of Westeros. With just a simple rewind of the music box, you could relive that moment any time you miss the unique feeling of Game of Thrones suspense. 

Get it here for $16.32


7. House Stark Direwolf Ring 

House Stark Direwolf Ring Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming Stainless Steel Ring Mens Jewelry Gift For Him US Sizes 8/9/10/11/12/13
via Etsy

 Whether you remember Greywind, Nymeria or Ghost, this Direwolf ring would take you back to the beginning of the story with the Stark family at Winterfell.

Get it here for $22.49


8. Winter Is Coming Sweatshirt 

WINTER IS COMING jon snow Game of Thrones Inspired sweatshirt Christmas Jumper Unisex Kids Sweater Sweatshirts Gift
via Etsy

This Winter is Coming Stark-themed sweatshirt is a cosy Game of Thrones gift perfect for the winter. While it does not give the same warmth as the Nights Watch armour at the Wall, it offers a more comfy alternative.

Get it here for $18.94


9. Hodor Door Stop 

Hodor!! Hold the Door - Game of Thrones door stop - For the die hard fans
via Etsy

This Hodor – Hold-The-Door – inspired door stop is the cutest Game of Thrones gift for its simultaneous practical and emotional meaning.

Get it here for $5.60


10. Christmas is Coming Card

GAME of THRONES Inspired Night King Christmas CARD
via Etsy

This Christmas is Coming card is the perfect holiday-themed card to send to a fellow Game of Thrones fan. Including sketches of all our favorite characters and the most enchanting Night King himself, this card is the cutest way to send Westeros-themed holiday cheer. 

Get it here for $5


11. House Stark Winter is Coming Tote Bag

House Stark Winter is Coming Tote Bag
via Etsy

This House Stark Tote Bag is a multiple-use and eco-friendly way to remember Westeros. As a tote bag goes with anything for any occasion, this gift is a great way to remember the Seven Kingdoms all year round. 

Get it here for $15.20


12. Personalized A Girl Has No Name Cosmetics Bag

Personalised GOT Custom cosmetic, Toiletry, Wash, Accessories Bag | Personalized Game of Thrones | Customizable Gift ideas for her.
via Etsy

Whether you are on the go or trying to discover what is West of Westeros, this Arya Stark-inspired mini bag is a multi-purpose, travel-size bag. 

Get it here for $10.52

13. Winter is Coming Wooden Notebook

Winter is Coming Wooden Notebook
via Etsy

The vintage and Westeros vibes of this notebook is perfect for transporting us back to Cersei writing on her desk at King’s Landing or Sam reading volumes of books as a Maester. 

Get it here for $18.50


14. Three-Eyed Raven Candle Trio

Three Eyed Raven | Candle Trio | gift bundle
via Etsy

This scented candle trio is the perfect ode to the Song of Ice and Fire. 

Get it here for $31.20


15. Hand of the King/Queen Broach 

Hand of the King Queen Brooch from Game of Thrones - Antique Gold or Silver Plated Metal Pin
via Etsy

This broach symbolizes the evolution of the story as it began and ended with the actions of the King or Queen’s hand. As the symbol of loyalty and betrayal – it holds all our favorite themes of the story.

Get it here for $20

Bonus: A Song of Ice and Fire leather-bound box set

[Image description: boxed set of the five books in A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin] via Amazon
[Image description: boxed set of the five books in A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin] via Amazon
 Nothing can heal the wound left by the show better than to read the books. And this edition is honestly too pretty not to buy.

Get it on Amazon for $89.99 or the regular box for $82.80 on our Bookshop supporting local bookstores.

While we all left the world of White Walkers and wildlings with mixed feelings, we can’t bring it back from the dead like Jon Snow and see the story close the way we wanted. But, as we wait for House of the Dragon, the Ironborn remind us that what is dead may never die, so we can keep Westeros alive this gift-giving season!

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