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Imagine watching the festivities come to life in the Great Hall whilst you enjoy the Christmas Eve feast. Or kicking it back in your house dorm with your friends to the crackling fire. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, just because we Potterheads can’t spend Christmas at the castle or receive jumpers handmade by Molly Weasely herself, doesn’t mean we can’t have the perfect Harry Potter-themed Christmas presents to bestow upon our Harry Potter-loving friends and family members.

Here’s the procured list of 15 perfect presents for all Harry Potter fans!

1) Felix Felicis and Time Turner Charm Necklaces

Image of Time Turner necklace and Felix Felicis Necklace
via Etsy

Every Harry Potter fan has been fascinated by Hermione’s Time-Turner in Prisoner of Azkaban. And everybody would love to get their hands on a vial of Felix Felicis. The pair of these handmade necklaces are crafted with delicacy and detail. You can choose to buy the pair, or pick your favorite. Each necklace comes with customizable initials. They would make a magical gift!

Get it here for $9.95 

2) Hogwarts House Themed Candles

via Etsy
[Image Description: Photo Collage of Themed Candles; Courage Candle (top left), Loyalty Candle (top right), Magic Potion (bottom left), Wisdom Candle (bottom right)] via Atelier Mitternacht on Etsy.
Each candle is themed according to the prized values of the Hogwarts Houses! For Gryffindors, we have the Courage Candle. For Hufflepuffs, we have the Loyalty Candle. Slytherins have their Magic Potion Candle. And finally for all Ravenclaws is the Wisdom Candle.

Get it here for $12.66

3) Harry Potter House Blankets

via Etsy

Imagine sleeping with a blanket embedded with your favorite house’s logo. And watching your favorite characters unravel with a cup of hot chocolate. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure.

Get it here for $35.99

4) Marauder’s Map Rug

Image of Marauder's Map Rug
via Etsy

You can’t be a Harry Potter fan without being a fan of the legendary Marauders. And what’s better than to have a Marauder’s Map Rug complimenting your furniture?

Get it here for $37.80

5) Replica Marauder’s Map

via Etsy

I know we’ve all wished we could’ve gotten our hands on the Marauder’s Map and snuck around the hallways. This Replica Marauder’s Map could be the best Harry Potter souvenir your friend could receive to manage their mischief!

Get it here for $19.54 

6) Surprise Bath Bomb

Surprise Bath Bombs
via Etsy

Fire burn and caldron bubble! These bath bombs will relieve every trouble! They will inform you of what house you belong to. Each bath bomb you order comes with a hidden House Crest charm inside! Sounds like the cutest Christmas present for a Potterhead!

Get it here for $11.17 

7) Notebook and Wand Gift Set

wand notebook giftset
via Etsy

A Notebook and Wand Gift Set makes a lovely present for a Potterhead who loves to write! The Wand even doubles as a pen (the Muggles will never know your wizard secrets)!

Get it here for $18.00

8) Wand Makeup Brush Set

Image of Wand brush pieces set

Recognize the design on these makeup brushes? Yep, you guessed it, they’re Harry Potter-themed wands! If you want your loved one to add the most epic addition to their makeup collection, this 5 Wand Brush Piece Set is the way to go!

Get it here for $21.99

9) Harry Pawter Mug

via Etsy

Daniel Radcliffe as a cat. A fat cat. That is all.

Get it here for $27.64 

10) Polyjuice Potion drinking Flask

polyjuice potion flask
via Etsy

Do you start talking about Harry Potter when you drink? This Polyjuice Potion Drinking Flask is for you! And your fellow Potterheads!

Get it here for $24.95 

11) Personalized  Harry Potter Name Sign 

via Etsy

You’ll become the teacher’s pet if you gift her one of these Harry Potter-themed nameplates. It would also look great in a bedroom – far away from any Dudleys.

Get it here for $21.71

12) Harry Potter House Wax Seal Stamps

Wax Seal Stamps
[Image Description: Collage of Harry Potter House Wax Seal Stamps] via Housagreentree on Etsy.
These Wax Seal Stamps are perfect for any letter that needs to be sent. Maybe then we’d receive our Hogwarts acceptance letters that are lost!

Get it here for $29.60 

13) Harry Potter Fan Sequin Pillowcase

via Etsy

Make Hermoine jealous with this pillowcase of Ron Weasley’s face. Who doesn’t love this heroic, loyal character?

Get it here for $36.96 

14) Harry Potter Hogwarts Badges 

harry potter badges
via Etsy.

A set of all the Hogwarts House badges is a valuable gift for any Harry Potter fan to add to their collection.

Get it here for $29.99

15) Harry Potter Gift Box Hamper

gift box hamper
via Etsy.

This Harry Potter-themed Gift Box Hamper is the ULTIMATE Christmas Present for any and every Harry Potter fan out there! It comes with a customized Hogwarts Letter and a bunch of other items that show all the Harry Potter love!

Get it here for $83.45

Bonus: this amazing book box set with stickers

There can never be enough books… we know Potterheads love to re-read the books, especially if they come in gorgeous sets.

Get it here at a discounted price for $189.

Just because we may not support JKR anymore doesn’t mean we need to stop loving the magic or the characters that were our childhood… I know, looking at some of these gifts even I was thinking, “This would make such a good present for me!” Guilty as charged. If only a one-way ticket to the Wizarding world was available. All Potterheads would be gone faster than you can say ‘Quidditch’. Therefore, whichever gift you pick for your fellow Potterhead, it’s guaranteed to complete their Christmas if it’s on this list!

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