A special edition cover of Sister Sledge’s timeless hit “We Are Family” was released online on 9 November 2020 as part of a call for global solidarity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign was launched by The World We Want, a global social impact enterprise that aims to accelerate the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and singer Kim Sledge, part of the legendary music group Sister Sledge, in benefit of the WHO Foundation, and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Part of the proceeds from the new song will be donated to the WHO Foundation to support the response to COVID-19 and the promotion and protection of health for people around the world.

Graphic design with a green and blue background and musical notes that says 'Unite The World: The We Are Family special edition cover for unity and solidarity', along with logos from The World We Want, WHO Foundation, Unity Strong and hashtags #WeAreFamily #HealthForAll and #COVID19.
[Image Description: Graphic design with a green and blue background and musical notes that says ‘Unite The World: The We Are Family special edition cover for unity and solidarity’, along with logos from The World We Want, WHO Foundation, Unity Strong and hashtags #WeAreFamily #HealthForAll and #COVID19.] Via Unity Strong
To accompany the song’s release, a crowd-sourced style music video comprising of health heroes, leaders, celebrities, and members of the public are invited to participate in the music video, all lip-syncing to the song, which is set to release this month.

I spoke to Natasha Mudhar, founder of The World We Want and the driving force behind the #WeAreFamily campaign, where she discussed how she connected with Kim Sledge and the World Health Organization about relaunching the powerful anthem:

“Kim Sledge of Sister Sledge and I are good friends and I have been lucky enough to have known her and her sisters, especially the late Joni Sledge, for many years due to various other projects we have had the opportunity to work on together.

At the height of the pandemic, which was around March, and as lockdowns began to take place across the globe causing millions of us to feel anxious and uncertain about the future, Kim got in contact with me and said she was considering re-recording a special edition cover of ‘We Are Family’, given the song’s poignant message, to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

I reached out to the World Health Organization to collaborate with them on the campaign and I’m so delighted that a portion of the song’s proceeds will go towards the WHO Foundation and their endeavours to address global health challenges such as the pandemic.”

Photo of Natasha Mudhar
[Image Description: Photo of Natasha Mudhar] Via The World We Want
I asked Natasha why she felt it was important to release the song and launch the music video at the end of 2020: “The message we wanted to send to the world with this song and the supporting music video was one of solidarity so that everyone, everywhere, including people from all walks of life, can come together and fight the pandemic ‘together’,” Natasha said. “We did not just want to make this Covid-centric but to use this as an opportunity to fight other health challenges such as mental health and healthcare coverage head-on. This meant to see the year out on a positive note and to show that we are ready to enter 2021 much stronger, together as one.”

Watching the clip of health workers dancing and lip-syncing to We Are Family on the Unity Strong website, instantly put a smile on my face. I could see why Natasha felt it was vital to launch the campaign at this time – to end the year on a more positive and uplifting note.


I asked Natasha how she would like the public to respond to the campaign: “This has been one of the most challenging times for all of us and from what we have seen, many of us have come together during these moments. We now want people to bring this new-found solidarity to the forefront and get involved with one of the most innovative, inclusive, and ground-breaking music videos ever. This video is for all of us and we would love it if people just pick up their phones and cameras and sing along to one of the most popular songs of all time. We can’t do it without them, and their response is what will really make the difference.”

Diversity and inclusivity are important factors in the music video, with Natasha explaining that: “In today’s world we need to be more together than ever and this is a perfect opportunity to remove barriers and finally come together against one of the biggest health threats our generation has faced.”

This is where you come in! All you need is a phone or a camera if you want to be in this inspiring music video. Here’s what you need to do:

• Download the new We Are Family single by Kim Sledge (available from all streaming services)
• Film yourself lip-syncing (or singing) and dancing along to the song – you can be as creative as you like!
• Upload your video to unitystrong.com and accept the T&Cs
• Feel free to share on social media and encourage your friends and family to get involved!

You have the opportunity to be a part of something amazing today! As Natasha highlights about this campaign, “Music has the power to not only entertain but inspire action. I always felt connected with the song and truly feel it’s an anthem for unity and solidarity, and there was never a time more fitting than now when we needed to bring the world together, as Dr. Tedros (Director General of the World Health Organization) has always said, as one big global family.”

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