The headline of this piece is what Brooklyn’s queer-pop goddess That Brunette, aka Madeline Mondrala, considers as an ideal press headline.

The pop sensation is all set to release her new single Platonic TODAYon December 4. The song is an upbeat, light-hearted take on love and friendship. Talking to The Tempest, That Brunette revealed that the song is inspired by a friendship she experienced herself.

“It was one of those wonderful connections that come out of nowhere and change your life in unexpected ways. I enjoy writing about different types of love, not just romantic, so this was an opportunity for me to explore platonic love in a really fun way,” she said.

Platonic showcases That Brunette’s commercial appeal in the pop music industry as she blends unapologetically authentic lyrics with electro-pop melodies and rhythms that are undeniably catchy.

That Brunette
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That Brunette has always loved pop music since she was a kid. She grew up on N’YSNC and Britney Spears, while being a devoted Swiftie. The pop artist considers herself a songwriter first that is why she “crafts the production of her songs by feeling the lyrics and melody.”

Being a songwriter is also something that she feels derived of getting the due credit for that she deserves since she has been in the business long enough without giving up.

Her latest song follows in the vein of her recent hit Coolest Girl as an ethereal pop sound shining through danceable production and showcasing her bright vocals throughout.

Talking about her biggest inspiration, Mondrala said, “It is really difficult to choose just one. My prominent influence changes as I change and evolve as a person. It is gone from Joni Mitchell to Gwen Stefani, to Erykah Badu, to Bjork to Taylor Swift to Lauryn Hill. I am sure it will change again and again as with my taste and personality as I move through life.”

That Bruntte
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The lyrics of this new song are infused with her signature wittiness, while still being emotional and honest as she sings about an intimacy that can only come from a perfectly platonic love affair.

Mondrala is a triple Gemini. Her sun, moon and rising are all in Gemini. This makes it challenging for her to stay grounded because she has a tendency to let her head get lost in the clouds from time to time. This is also something that channels her creativity and drives a sense of wonder that she would not trade for the world.

That Brunette said, “I want my songs to fit like puzzle pieces into each individual’s soul in whatever way makes sense for them.”

She thinks that a special thing about songs is their ability to shape people’s perspectives depending on the listener.

That Brunette
[Image Description: That Brunette posing] via Florencia Alvarado
“The person hearing the song comes with an interpretation and meets the songwriter halfway. I love that one piece of music can mean a thousand different things to a thousand different people,” she told The Tempest.

Mondrala considers herself lucky to have a plethora of extremely talented people around herself whom she loves collaborating with time and again. However, she wishes to collaborate with Jon Brion.

“He recorded Fiona Apple’s iconic Tidal as well as When the Pawn…, both of which made a huge musical impact on me in my younger years,” she said.

Alongside Platonic, That Brunette is also releasing exclusive merch with 100% of the proceeds during the month of December directly benefitting the pockets of Black Drag Artists in her community of Brooklyn.

[Image Description: That Brunette lying down while looking up] via Elisa Quero
Explaining how the Black Dark Artists have helped her, Mondrala told The Tempest, “Being a part of the Brooklyn Drag scene and witnessing Black Drag artists command a room with such creativity, confidence, and charisma has lifted me out of depression or anxiety too many times to count.”

She further said that there is no better feeling than watching friends you love excel on stage in the most authentically beautiful way. “I am so thankful to have had those opportunities and I cannot wait till this pandemic is over so I can get back into the clubs and tip my queens,” she said.

As a piece of advice for beginners in the field, the queer-pop goddess suggests them to make music because it makes them happy. Not because they think fame is waiting on the other end or because they want to make millions of dollars.

“None of that is guaranteed. In fact, it is pretty unlikely to happen. The only thing you have control over as an artist is your authenticity and your art. Put your energy into creating a piece of work that you love and try not to worry too much about what others think,” she said.

There is no stopping this queer-pop artist, be it in terms of her music or the cause that she supports without the care of this world!

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