We’ve had a good time binging The Crown’s latest season and gushing over Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen’s Gambit. But that doesn’t mean the fun is over because there are so many films scheduled for release this December. And hopefully we’ll be able get to witness the greatness in theatres soon enough.

I absolutely miss being able to have a night out with friends at the theatres; buying the overpriced snacks and walking out the dark room feeling as though I’m in an alternate reality. Well, the season’s tidings bring merry news of being able to experience it all over again!

So, if you’re a film enthusiast like me and have been anticipating these upcoming releases, sit back, enjoy the movie selection and save the date for your favorite picks!

1) Mank (December 4th)

mank poster via. IMDB
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘Mank’ starring  Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins] via IMDB
Set in the 1930’s, Hollywood takes a new form, this time we’re given the point of view of the legendary screenwriter Herman J. Mank. You can watch the enthralling black and white biography on Netflix.

2) Nomadland (December 4th)

Nomadland poster
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘Nomadland’ in number plate style] via IMDB
Ever wonder what trekking around America would be like? Nomadland portrays exactly that. This film releases in theatres and shows the story of a woman who chooses to explore beyond life beyond everyday conventions.

3) Let Them All Talk (December 10th)

Let Them All Talk poster via. IMDB.
[Movie poster for ‘Let Them All Talk’ starring Meryl Streep] via IMDB
Who doesn’t enjoy a good self-reflection, especially when it involves a cruise and your two best friends! And where there are old friendships involved, there’s got to be drama! Tune in to Meryl Streep’s journey as an author who reconnects with her old gal pals and revives her youth. You can find out the details of what goes down exclusively on HBO Max.

4) The Prom (December 11th)

The Prom -Meryl Streep poster via. Ryan Murphy's Instagram
[Image Description: Meryl Streep ‘The Prom’ poster] via Ryan Murphy’s Instagram
Hold up… You’re telling me Meryl Streep is hitting the stage again? I couldn’t have heard better news. Ryan Murphy’s bringing back our Dancing Queen. This time she’s with Nicole Kidman and James Corden, all ready to give us a smashing prom musical style. And you can witness it courtesy of Netflix.

5) Death on the Nile (December 18th)

Death on the Nile poster via. the MovieWeb
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘Death on the Nile’ displaying a cruise ship] via IMDB
Bump up your winter plans with a love triangle and a steamy murder mystery! Coming to theatres we have Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Letitia Wright, Emma Mackey, and Kenneth Branagh, roped into a murder motivated by love and lust. Talk about a killer cast! 

6) Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (December 18th)

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom movie poster
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman] via IMDB
Revolving around a beautiful story about the earliest African-American blues singer, Ma Rainey, this Netflix film showcases the beauty in culture and music. Although that’s not all. We also get to witness the great Chadwick Boseman (may he rest in power) on the screen one last time. I already know the film will be immensely heartfelt!

7) The Midnight Sky (December 23rd)

The Midnight Sky poster via. IMDB
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘The Midnight Sky’ starring George Clooney] via IMDB
Venture into the depths of the universe in this heart-wrenching and intense sci-fi film starring and directed by our favorite George Clooney -based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight. Exclusive on Netflix.

8) Wonder Woman 1984 (December 25th)

Wonder Woman poster via. IMDB
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ starring Gal Gadot] via IMDB
We’ve all awaited the return of Wonder Woman. She’s back and she’s upgraded, giving the phrase ‘girl power’ a whole new meaning. You can catch her and the dreamy Steve Trevor, once again in theatres on Christmas Day. It really is a Christmas Miracle!

9) Soul (December 25th)

Soul poster via. IMDB
[Image Description: Movie poster for Disney’s ‘Soul’] via IMDB
Disney and Pixar are about to make everyone’s Christmas extra magical. Hop onto your Disney+ to stream the movie with your loved ones and find a new reason to love life. It’s exactly the kind of spirit everybody needs and this movie is here to deliver it!

10) News of the World (December 25th)

News of the World movie poster
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘News of the World’ starring Tom Hanks] via IMDB
This heart-warming film features Tom Hanks as a non-fiction story-teller who travels across lands. His mission to care for a young girl whom he finds amidst his travels is filled with emotion. The passion in this movie is definitely going to be one you could feel whilst watching it in theatres.

11) Monster Hunter (December 25th)

Monster Hunter poster via. IMDB
[Image Description: Movie poster for ‘Monster Hunter’ starring Milla Jovovich] via IMDB
Monster Hunter is set in an alternate world filled with beasts and a battle for survival, whilst the world hangs in the balance of it all. If you’re into action-packed thrillers, you’ll want to get tickets as an early Christmas present to watch in the theatre. Did I mention it’s based upon a videogame? The graphics already look amazing!

I know my plans for December just upgraded because I’ll be spending A LOT of my time watching these films! If you missed some of November’s releases, here they are.

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Fareeba Ansari

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