Just when I was contemplating my Monday blues, I stumbled upon Harry Styles new music single Golden and boy, it was all I needed as a breather.

The music video starts off with Styles sprinting out a tunnel towards you, singing ‘you are so golden’. Who would not like hearing that after a long day at work? Call me crazy but, I am not the only one. The song has already become the top trending music video on charts across the US.

I am listening to the song for the 50th time now and this is literally my face watching Harry Styles in the golden light.

I mean how else do you expect me to watch the video when the 26-year-old moves and groves in that oversized white linen shirt, which is only, buttoned from the middle somewhere while his hunky torso is showing? If the video was not shot along the Amalfi Coast in Italy, I would have asked someone to call for the fire brigade but, there was enough water already. It did not help in bringing down the temperature though.

I am not the only one who Styles saved from having a dull Monday. It is literally everyone on the internet today.

The music video is directed by none other than Ben and Gabe Turner who are the founders of Fulwell 73, a London based production house. They have been associated with Styles on many of his previous projects also, including several music videos from his One Direction days.

My favorite look for this single has to be the teal/turquoise suit that he wore. Show me a better looking man in that color and also carrying it so well. I will wait.

I might have been too quick to decide on a favorite though! The One Direction star went shirtless in this video, showing off his tattoos. He had reasons though. Who enjoys the Amalfi Coast fully clothed? Not Styles, at least.

Another fan favorite thing, apart from the gorgeous location and the catchy song that you won’t be able to stop humming, are the long necklaces that Styles has donned in the music single. This song from the Fine Line album is close to this golden boy’s quirky personality which is evident in the wardrobe choices he made for the video. The boot-cut printed yellow pants are to die for! Summers, please come soon, I want to party like Styles, too.

And always trust Styles to break all the gender-bias-dressing-up rules. That gold and white nail color is the IT trend this fall! Mark my words. Boys, why are you not taking notes from this stud already?

The song has caused uproar on Twitter and fans are literally pointing out at every single detail they have been keeping a look out for.

Even though the music video is fast-paced, neitzens on Twitter got hold of the missing pieces from the teaser they saw last week and were quick to share pictures of them, asking why the scenes were not included.

You can watch the complete music video here and thank me later for this Tuesday treat!

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