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2020 is truly the year that’s changing life as we know it. If you had told me a few years ago that Halloween had more romantic traditions than Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t have believed you. But with spooky season creeping up, and Halloween crawling thick into the October air, I’ve been falling deep into a Halloween romance spiral.

Who would’ve thought it was the key romantic holiday of the year?

If you look back, Halloween was considered a way for people, especially women of ‘marriageable age’ to enjoy flirting, romance and the opportunity of love in a way that society approved of. Pretty interesting, right? Some even claimed that this romantic holiday was the time for women to flip the script and take control of their destinies. Talk about fascinating!

Halloween was once considered a holiday that was entirely about couples, dating games and romantic traditions that resulted in long-lasting unions and fruitful courtships. Who would have thought that?

No sir, not me. 

Which is why we did some digging and uncovered five very interesting traditions and sayings around this much overlooked and underrated romantic holiday:

1. Till World War II, Halloween was *the* Beyoncé of romantic holidays

[Image description: A GIF of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze from the romantic thriller movie Ghost] Via Giphy
No, we’re not joking.

It was one of the most happening couple holidays and people celebrated the whole night by turning it into a huge matchmaking marathon but with costumes and spirits.

Sima Aunty gasping in our midst.

According to old lore, hordes of young, singles would set empty places at their dinner tables and light lanterns on their doorsteps or leave treats for spirits on windowsills, all in hopes that members of the afterlife would show them their future bae and that they too, would be married by next Halloween.

I’m low-key wishing I found my Patrick Swayze from Ghost, right about now.

2. Halloween is celebrated very uniquely in Ireland

A gif of multiple rings floating into water.
[Image description: A gif of multiple rings floating into water.] Via Giphy
Samhain, as the holiday is referred to in Ireland and few other parts in the world, is celebrated by practicing a very interested Halloween divination ritual.

Involving a meal of colcannon, mashed potatoes, parsnips, and chopped onions, it’s said that if a ring was buried in the colcannon, the one to find it would be married within in the year. And if the person who found it was already married, they would have extremely good luck.

I could really use either of that, about now. 

3. Apples have played a huge role in Halloween traditions

[Image description: A GIF of a dark-haired man saying this is a little kinky, even for me] Via Giphy
One game in particular, Snap Apple, challenged participants to use only their teeth to bite a hanging apple from the ceiling by string or a ribbon.

The catch? The first to succeed would be the first to marry.

How do you like them apples? 

4. This one’s all about apples (again)

[Image description: A GIF of the witch from Snow White saying ‘Bon Appetit’ while holding a basket of apples] Via Giphy
And no, an apple a day doesn’t quite keep the doctor away.

But this tradition, hailing from good ol’ U-S-of-A sounds like something straight out of a Charmed episode. Apparently, if people cut a long strip off apple skin and tossed it over their shoulder, the landed peel was said to resemble the first initial of a potential suitor.

This would really make my dating life much simpler.

Brb, trying it out for science. 

5. Our last one is by far the most romantic but also the most cheesy

[Image description: A GIF of the original Addams Family adaptation with Morticia and Gomez talking to each other] Via Giphy
It is said that if there’s a proposal on Halloween night, the couple would have an everlasting love. And that is why it is believed that people who fall in love on Halloween are said to never be broken apart.

If you’re looking for some fun this Halloween, here’s your chance!

Head out to those socially distant Halloween gatherings and let love and lust guide the way forward. After all, the universe is rooting for you and your bae.

Now, while we did a little look into how Halloween and romance tie together, we truly can’t deny that Halloween has also given us ample excuses to spend the spooky holiday, boo’ed up (pun intended).

From giving us romantic ways to spend the holiday, turning dressing up into a couples activity or even letting us fall in love with the dark side (*cough Twilight cough*).

Think Dracula and Mina Harker, the Phantom and Christine, Morticia and Gomez Addams.

We’re huge fans of this romance-heavy but scary holiday!

Do you have any interesting Halloween myths or sayings you’ve heard of? Let us know on by mentioning us on social media! And if you’re still looking for a costume to spice up the holiday, look here.

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