The Saturday Night Live (SNL) 46th season premiered on October 3rd, despite the pandemic. SNL had to halt their in-person production in March, which forced them to film episodes from home. Closing out with three episodes every other week, they kept up their fabulous display of creativity and comedy.

Even though we don’t know how many episodes will be coming out, the network announced that SNL will be recording from their home studio in Rockefeller Center. They did not directly announce whether or not there will be an in-person audience, they have been raffling off tickets, and they haven’t canceled their annual lottery for being an audience member either. The show will be hosted by Chris Rock alongside singer, Megan Thee Stallion.

The entire cast is returning back for season 46. Will I be watching solely for Pete Davidson? No! Never. Maybe. Well, it’s definitely a strong possibility, but we will discuss this at a later date.  Despite the pandemic, Saturday Night Live has been known to come up with creative solutions to problems. They are comedians after all.

The network has not released official safety precautions that they are following, however, those who are attending as an audience member have to follow specific rules. Besides following the New York State Guidelines, guests must wear a mask, excluding gaiters and bandanas, take a symptom questionnaire, undergo a lower nasal test, and temperature checks. If anyone in your group tests positive, everyone who is attending with that individual will be refused admission.

Apart from the fact that I’ve been watching SNL for as long as I can remember, this season is guaranteed to be golden. I mean seriously, they have so much material. This year has been a literal garbage-hell-fire, so if you can’t cry about it, let’s at least laugh about how screwed we all are, together.

SNL first debuted in October of 1975, causing a major uproar all over the nation. The short comedy sketch featured famous actors such as Chevy Chase, John Belushi, and Jane Curtin. The 90-minute show quickly became NBC’s highest-rated and most-watched comedy. It became the American symbol of pop culture and comedy at an amazingly fast pace and has only grown to become more prevalent in our culture.

In honor of the new SNL skit coming out, here are a few of my favorite recent SNL skits. 

1. Olya Povlatsky

Olya Povlatsky, played by Kate Mckinnon, is a prominent character on Seth Meyers’ Weekend Update segment. She plays a woman who is coming to the States from a small village in Russia. She discusses everything from dating the village dog, living in a home that doesn’t have windows, and her extreme hatred towards Mother Russia. Plus, it’s goddamn Kate Mckinnon. Isn’t that enough? Well, it should be.

2. Chandeliers

Rachel Dratch, Fred Armisen, and Scarlett Johansson star in this hilarious parody of commercials for family businesses. As suggested by the title, this in an advertisement for Mike and Toni’s Chandelier Galaxy. I feel like I’m back in Long Island walking past a family who is driving to the beach from New Jersey. The haircut. The glittery cardigan. The overlined lips. The curly hair. All of it. It just makes sense.

3. Duolingo For Talking to Children

Okay, but who hasn’t tried Duolingo at some point and then utterly failed after that damn owl kept guilting you out about not giving him a little Hola at five in the morning? This episode will give you all of the relatability feels and take you back to that birthday party with your best friend’s little sibling, or cousin, or kid and how you just cannot connect with them for the life of you. 

4. Apple Picking Ad

This one hits a little too close to home. Being from an agricultural town in Northern California, when fall hits, it’s like the spawns of the apple picking gods creep into your dreams. As October 1st hits, no one is at school, no one is at work. Guess where they are? At the apple farm. Picking apples. Every year my family has an applegaeden. Madness I say. Madness. 

5. Aidy Bryant’s Childhood Journal

At my childhood home, I have about 20 different diaries that I wrote in as a child. And thank god, they are all equally as embarrassing as Aidy’s. Crushes, family fights, third-grade gossip, girl drama. You name it. I can’t decide if this episode gives me majorly humiliating throwbacks or if it gives me comfy nostalgia vibes. Maybe a little bit of both?

6. Cut For Time: Jason

Ugh. To be the younger sibling of Harry Styles. A dream. An absolute dream. But I get it, it can be pretty jealous-worthy. I would be jealous too, don’t worry. 

7. RBG Rap

Rest in Peace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The actual hero of our time. This beautiful rap tribute to RBG makes us celebrate her legacy and remember that she would probably want us to be laughing right now. And let’s be real. You know the queen is up in heaven giving Trump a real bad dose of COVID-19 right now. God Bless Notorious RBG!

8. Childbirth Class

Okay, so maybe I only like this because I’m obsessed with Scandinavia. And Harry Styles. And Heidi Gardner. And SNL. But we’ll discuss that at a later date. If this isn’t my husband and I when I’m giving birth, I don’t want it. Enough said. 

9. Every Californians Ever

As a native Californian, I might be biased, but this just hits it right on the nail. Those who watch SNL regularly, known The Californians pretty well, but for the sake of time, check out this video to see a montage of the best Californian skits. 

10. Women of Congress

Need some girl power in your life right now? Need a laugh? Just watch a few minutes of the SNL skit impersonating the women in congress screaming at Trump. Seriously, we all need it.

11. Leave Me Alurn

Sadly, I think we all need this product.

12. SoulCycle

I’ve never been to SoulCycle, but I still love to make fun of it. 

13. Brunch

What the hell? These girls are acting like having Chris Hemsworth grace your brunch party is a sin? I don’t care if Chris Hemsworth was in a frog costume, I would sure as hell like him to sit with me while I chug some mimosas. 

14. Fifty Shades of Grey Auditions

As if Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson aren’t perfect enough, this SNL skit decides to tease us with a few other perfect pairs for the job.

15. The Day You Were Born

Honestly, they should just show this video in sex education classes. This is the best method of birth control out there.

16. Barbie Instagram

As someone who grew up in a household where Barbie was banned, I find this funny. Therefore, anyone who has ever watched or played with Barbie should find it even funnier. 

17. Aer Lingus

If you are looking for a sign to move to the Irish countryside, find Niall Horan, open up your own pub, have adorable little curly-haired children that wear cable knit sweaters and frolick in the rain, this is your sign. Not like I’ve been thinking about this exact scenario ever since I watched this three years ago or anything

Look, the reality is, life won’t be normal for a while, so it’s important to develop a routine that will bring some laughter and lightness into your day. So close your computer, turn off your phone, and press play on NBC at 11:30 pm on Saturday night to forget all about what’s happening around you for just an hour.

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