There’s something special about live music that’s difficult to put into words. Whenever I’m at a concert and the crowd starts to scream as the lights go down, or I look around at the complete strangers belting out the same lyrics as me, I am filled with an inexplicable joy. For however long the show lasts, I find myself completely in the present – the entire world outside the concert venue disappears. 

Live music does so much for us. It brings people together, gives all of us the space to create new memories, and leaves us with sore feet as a sweet reminder of all the dancing and moshing we did the night before. Ever since the pandemic hit and venues had to temporarily shut down to adhere to social distancing rules, concerts started to get canceled left and right. During this time I’ve found myself missing live music and I’m sure I’m not alone. 

1. Scouring social media after an album announcement

A woman scrolls through her phone.
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You’re not alone if you immediately look for the tour schedule that follows an artist or band announcing they’re coming out with a new album. There’s nothing like finding out an artist is going to play a show in your city.

2. Checking your bank account to make sure you can buy a ticket

A man talks to the camera.
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Although you’re going to buy the concert ticket whether you can afford it or not, it’s always good to pretend to be responsible. 

3. Texting your friend to tell them to buy a ticket

A girl smiles down at her phone.
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At this point, you probably have a go-to concert buddy

4. Only listening to that artist on the day of the show

A man bobs his head back and forth.
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It’s important to only listen to that artist or band all day before the show so you can get even more excited and of course, have the song lyrics burned into your brain. 

5. Getting to the venue and waiting in line

A group of people stand in line.
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Waiting in line never seems fun the day of but you can look back fondly on all those times you waited in the rain, cold, or sunshine to see your favorite band. 

6. Getting your ticket scanned in

A woman scans a ticket.
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You step inside the venue, everyone is buzzing with excitement, and then your ticket gets scanned. This always makes waiting in line not seem so bad.

7. Grabbing a drink or snack at the venue

Refreshments smile and dance.
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If you can swing it, grabbing a snack and eating while waiting for the opening act is never a bad idea. 

8. The Opening act walking on stage

A man sings into a microphone.
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Finally, some live music to make all that standing worth it. Not only are you getting closer to the main act, but you’re also probably discovering new music too. 

9. Holding a friend’s spot when they go to the bathroom

A man stands and looks to the side.
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You have to muster up all the strength you have to defend your friends’ honor and make sure no one takes their spot. 

10. The lights going down. Chills!

A group of girls scream and jump.
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You’re in the middle of a conversation when suddenly the venue goes dark and the screams start. I can feel the goosebumps already. 

11. Getting pushed and shoved into other people once the music starts

A crowd jumps up and down.
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Anyone else come close to having a panic attack after getting shoved by hundreds of teenagers at a Rex Orange County Show? No? 

12. When your soul leaves your body the moment your favorite song comes on

A woman floats into the sky.
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There’s that moment when the band starts to perform THE song you were waiting for and suddenly you’re floating. 

13. Screaming out song lyrics at the top of your lungs

A girl sings into a microphone.
[Image Description: A girl sings into a microphone.] Via GIPHY
The entire crowd is scream-singing in sync and you know your voice will be gone by the end of the night but you’re used to it by now.

14. The moment you remember why you love concerts

A woman sits on a lawn chair.
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You look around and find yourself feeling completely at peace amongst a sea of strangers.

15. The encore!

A man stands and puts his arms out.
[Image Description: A man stands and puts his arms out.] Via GIPHY
The lights dim once again, and everyone stares at the empty stage waiting for more. Then the band comes back on and plays one more song.

16. Catching the drumstick at the end of the show.

A man plays the drums.
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Suddenly your hand-eye coordination remembers it exists as the drummer throws their drumstick out in the crowd. 

17. Figuring out what merch to buy.

A boy takes out a wad of cash.
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You realize at the end of the show you never bought any merch and soon you’re running to the booths at the back of the venue. 

18. The long wait for an Uber once the show is done

A woman speaks into a microphone.
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It’s freezing outside and yet there you are standing and waiting. Post-concert adrenaline pumping through your veins. 

19. Getting home and looking at the videos you took

A hand scrolls through a phone.
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After the show, you open your phone and scroll through all the videos you have hoping to never forget any details of the night.

20. The post-concert high

A woman spins around.
[Image Description: A woman spins around.] Via GIPHY
No matter what happens, the days following the concert you’re happy and in a constant good mood. Plus the concert reminded you of songs you love and now you’ll listen to those the rest of the week.

21. Looking for more tickets to buy

A man holds up cash.
[Image Description: A man holds up cash.] Via GIPHY
You had such a good time at the show that you can’t help but look at the concert venue’s website to see what other artists are performing there soon and of course, buy another ticket.A time when we can enjoy live music again feels incredibly far away. Until that moment comes I’ll stick to watching live performances on YouTube. 

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