I’ve never been much of a fangirl.

I didn’t swoon over Harry Potter or obsessively stalk One Direction members like some of my other friends. However, I have always been an avid reader. The Percy Jackson series in particular caught my attention as soon as I read the first book at 11 years old. I was instantly hooked. To this day, I still hold many fond memories of the series.

Test your knowledge and see if you’re a true fan like me by seeing if you relate to and understand the statements below.

1. You affectionately refer to the author of the Percy Jackson series as “Uncle Rick”

rick riordan wearing glasses and a suit and smiling.
Attribution: [Image description: Rick Riordan wearing glasses and a suit and smiling.] Via Wikipedia.

Who needs formality when you feel like he’s part of the family?! After all, he is like that kooky relative that you think about fondly. He’s friendly and off-beat. He even knows how to crack a good satyr joke that just tows the line between clever and cheesy.

2. You have shipped Percy and Annabeth since the beginning!

Gif of Percy and Annabeth leaning in to kiss from Percy Jackson movie
[Image description: *Gif of Percy and Annabeth leaning in to kiss from Percy Jackson movie.] Via Giphy.

Is it weird to be a little bit in love with a fictional character? Honestly couldn’t tell if I liked Annabeth, Percy, or just their relationship with one another as a whole. I swear it was as if they were close friends of mine, I knew so much about them and their relationship. They were my original ship. Percabeth forever!

3. You have written some low-quality Percy Jackson fan fiction on websites like Wattpad.

Illustration of Percy in a blue hoodie and Annabeth in a turtleneck sweater cuddled close together
[Image description: *Illustration of Percy in a blue hoodie and Annabeth in a turtleneck sweater cuddled close together.] Via viria.tumblr.com

I personally was a big fan of the insert y/n here fanfics. They allowed yourself to really picture yourself within the world of Percy Jackson. I also definitely wrote some pretty embarrassing Percabeth romance scenarios. At the time, I was hopelessly single. Fictional character love was the only experience with what relationships looked like.


4. You secretly hold out hope that you could be a demigod. Hey, stranger things have happened.

Percy Jackson Illustration of Percy in the water with his sword during a lightning storm
[Image description: Percy Jackson Illustration of Percy in the water with his sword during a lightning storm.] Via estavs.tumblr.com

I don’t know about you, but I really was eagerly waiting around for my 13th birthday and wondering when I would find out I had an Olympic God in my bloodline. I honestly credit it to my active imagination and optimism. Poseidon was definitely the parent I wished for. Now, being 21 years old, I have officially given up on being a demigod. For a few years though, I held out some hope.

5. You know many of the Greek myths like the back of your hand and can be a bit of a mythology nerd.

The Birth of Venus famous renaissance painting
[Image description: The Birth of Venus by Botticelli]. Via Getty Images

Not only did I know all the names of the gods, but also their subsequent jobs and powers. I also knew many lesser-known myths like Narcissus and Echo and Prometheus and the theft of fire. I read countless supplemental mythology books to stay up to date on my knowledge. The stories and explanations of nature’s workings fascinated me.

6. You know the difference between Greek and Roman god iterations.

Four Greek God marble statues]
[Image description: Four Greek God marble statues]. Via Kveez.com.

True fans will know that when the names change, so do the characteristics of the Gods in nuanced ways. Which camp were you in? Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter? Were you a Poseidon or Neptune kid?

7. You will always take capture the flag a little too seriously.

Percy and other campers wearing armor and playing capture the flag at Camp Half Blood.
[Image description: Percy and other campers wearing armor and playing capture the flag at Camp Half-Blood.] Via Gif Hunts.

Let’s agree on one thing, it wasn’t just a game. This was war. This was some serious stuff. How could you not take capture the flag seriously after reading all about the Camp Half-Blood competitions? The stakes are high and your capture the flag team definitely valued you for your dedication to winning.

8. You have picked out which of the Gods of Olympus would be your parents.

Statue of the greek god Poseidon with his trident
[Image description: Statue of the Greek god Poseidon with his trident.] Via: greekmythology.com.

I personally feel like I’m Poseidon’s spawn. Maybe it was just because I like to swim. I also always dreamed about being a mermaid. Something about water powers really appealed to me and still does. Let’s face it, Percy’s powers were pretty dope.

9. You consider The Lighting Thief movie and its sequel to be garbage in comparison to the book.

Minion meme about movies being nothing like their book versions
[Image description: Minion meme about movies being nothing like their book versions.] Via: reallylaterviews.com.

Since when are Percy and Annabeth 17 at the onset of the first book? Try more like 12. And why does Annabeth look nothing like her fictional description? Where did the brown hair come from? It feels like the producers and director didn’t actually read the book. 

10. You are painfully aware of how bad Olympian gods are as parents.

Meme about Kronus as a bad parent
[Image description: Meme about Kronus as a bad parent]. Via Reddit

There was far too much abandonment, cheating among Gods and Gods trying to kill their children. The family dynamics were very strange. They make you grateful for the family you do have.

11. You hold a weird appreciation for swords and niche things like lightning bolts.

Replica of Percy's sword called riptide
[Image description: Replica of Percy’s sword called Riptide.] Via: reliks.com.

Forget any normal human weapons. Those are boring. You were always trying to find a trident lying around. I even got my own Riptide here.

12. You have wished you had a best friend like Grover Underwood. 

Illustration of Grover Underwood from Percy Jackson series
[Image description: Illustration of Grover Underwood from Percy Jackson series.] Via: https://riordan.fandom.com/wiki/.

He had all the qualities of a great right-hand man: loyal, protective, and brave.

13. You were probably also obsessed with Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Aang from Avatar bending air
[Image: Aang from Avatar bending air]. Via: https://in360news.blogspot.com.

Let’s face it, fantasy nerds are all pretty similar. Magical powers also drew you into other fandoms.

14. You own at least some memorabilia. Trident anyone?

Trident memorabilia in gold
[Image description: Trident memorabilia in gold]. Via: fabiovalle3D on turbo squid.com.

Maybe you cosplay, have an orange Camp Half-Blood shirt, or maybe you just like a few trinkets to rep your favorite book series. It’s a spectrum.


15. You’ve read the spin-offs. The Demigod Files and Camp Half-Blood Confidential are staples on your bookshelf.

Book cover for Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Ultimate Guide
[Image description: Book cover for Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Ultimate Guide]. Via Amazon

You loved their field-guide-like format. You felt like you were uncovering the secrets all on your own.

16. The Lightning Thief holds a special place in your heart as the start of it all.

The Lightning Thief book cover
[Image description: The Lightning Thief book cover]. Via: Disney Books

There’s something about the first book of a series that is such a soft spot.

17. You remember The Great Prophecy clearly. Hell, you could probably even recite it.

Oracle of Delphi from Percy Jackson movie
[Image description: Oracle of Delphi from Percy Jackson movie.] Via: https://riordan.fandom.com/wiki/.

“You shall go west, and face the god who has turned, / You shall find what was stolen, and see it safely returned, / You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend, / And you shall fail to save what matters most, in the end…” whoops.

18. You learned the ancient Greek alphabet and maybe even wrote some coded messages to fellow obsessed friends.

Greek alphabet written out
[Image Description: Greek alphabet written out.] Via: http://betterlearningforschools.com.

Maybe you’re putting that to good use in Greek life at college now? I sure am.

19. Greece is on your bucket list of places to go for reasons beyond its natural beauty and architecture.

Mount Olympus peak in Greece
[Image description: Mount Olympus peak in Greece.] Via: The Independent.

Forget the Parthenon, where can I visit Mount Olympus?

20. You carry a ballpoint pen in your pocket. That or you wear a Yankees hat everywhere when you don’t even like baseball.

Yankee baseball cap
[Image description: Yankee baseball cap.] Via: amazon.com.

Are you more of a Percy or an Annabeth? I think I’m an Annabeth. There is a certain poetry of a pen that turns into a sword though.

21. You remember all of Percy’s friend group’s inside jokes.

The evolution of an inside joke between Percy and his friends
[Image description: The evolution of an inside joke between Percy and his friends.] Via Pinterest.

Anyone remember the dam snack bar lol?

22. You shrieked when you heard about The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.

Percy Jackson, Grover and Annabeth sing on stage during The Lightning Thief Musical
[Image description: Percy, Grover and Annabeth sing on stage during The Lightning Thief Musical.] Via Jeremy Daniel on The Hollywood Reporter.

Your fangirl heart could have exploded hearing about the musical. It has been keeping the fandom alive and well ever since it debuted. You love to watch the YouTube clips when you’re feeling nostalgic and want a pick me up.

23. You’re counting the days until we hear more about the new Percy Jackson tv series on Disney+

I trust Rick Riordan to ensure faithful representation in Disney+ Percy Jackson adaptation

And you still can’t believe the fandom was blessed enough to receive a second chance at a screen adaptation, one where the author is finally involved, which is why I have faith in it.

The Percy Jackson books will never die in your heart. These books hold special memories from your childhood that linger to his day. Keep being your super fan, demigod self and don’t let the haters get you down!

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