I’m going to get this out of the way first: when the last episode of New Girl aired back in 2018, I was crushed. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to all of the strange yet hilarious characters I had grown so fond of, even Ferguson the cat. So, when I found out that Netflix’s latest movie Desperados would star Nasim Pedrad and Lamorne Morris, I said yes to watching it faster than you can say True American.

The new summer rom-com follows the journey of Wesley Darya (Nasim Pedrad) and her two best friends as they travel all the way to Mexico to delete a risky email that they had (accidentally?) sent to Wesley’s almost-boyfriend Jared (Robbie Amell). At different points in time in the movie, Wesley keeps running into Sean (Lamorne Morris), the man that she had a one-time horrible blind date with… until fate brings the two together.

Desperados at first glance might seem like a light-hearted tale to cheer your soul up on a sad rainy day, but the movie goes beyond the average comedy. As Wesley’s story unfolded, I could clearly see the reasons behind her acts of desperation. When you’re a 30-something with no job or a steady relationship, it becomes easier to fall into a pattern of craziness and that’s what happened with Wes. She was a constant witness to her two best friends, Brooke and Kaylie, each having what she desired and it drove her to a point that she had to lie about her personality to a guy, Jared, just so she could see her white picket fence fantasy come true.

As Wesley dictates the profanity-laced email for her friends to write, you don’t just spot a drunk woman filled with rage after thinking that she had been rejected, but one that’s also deeply hurt. Her actions show that it wasn’t just her wounded pride that made her angry, but knowing that she won’t get her happy ever after because yet another man had turned her away fueled that anger the most. Which is why when she finds out that Jared had meant to call her but couldn’t because of his accident, Wesley does everything in her power to delete that email from her boyfriend’s account afraid that he might see the crazy side of her and leave her.

Although Wesley is the star of this desperation train ride, the characters of Brooke and Kaylie are worth mentioning as well especially for the undying love that they each showered their best friend in. At many times during the movie, the friendship that these three women had reminded me so much of the bond that Cece and Jess from New Girl had shared. The two stars of the show would have moved mountains for each other but they were also quick to point out wherever the other person was wrong. Similarly, Brooke and Kaylie did everything they could to help Wesley out but when she couldn’t see beyond her own problems, they had to give her a reality check until she did.

It is safe to say that I loved each and every moment of Desperados but not seeing enough of Lamorne Morris in the movie is what irked me the most. He barely came on in the first half but my anticipation was at last fulfilled when Sean decides to help Wesley track down Jared’s laptop and the two end up crashing a quinceanera. Following a van just to help a girl delete an email is the most Winston like thing that I can think of and at times, I actually felt like I was watching Ally and Winston back in action and not entirely different characters played by the same actors.

By the end, the movie goes from being a comical tale of a woman correcting her error in judgment to a woman finally following a path that fulfills her. After the many mistakes our protagonist makes that cost her even her friendships, Wesley’s journey shifts more towards self-discovery than finding love after she admits to her crazy side to Jared who ends up breaking up with her for it. Wesley eventually, with the help of Sean, is able to get a job as a guidance counselor at a school where she is appreciated for her unorthodox methods of dealing with children, something that another institute had frowned upon before. The start of her new career changes the way Wesley’s mentality had been before and she is finally able to set things right with her friends as well as gather the courage to confess her feelings for Sean at the very end.

Desperados might not have been an official New Girl reunion, but I was still glad to see Nasim and Lamorne share a screen once again to tell the story of friendship, love but most importantly, the consequences of drunk emails.

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  • Tayyaba Rehman

    Born and raised in Pakistan, Tayyaba completed her MPhil degree in English Literature from Kinnaird College, Lahore in 2019. She strongly believes in the humane treatment towards all animals and equality amongst humankind. She also loves listening to the same song on repeat for days, watching reruns of New Girl and spending time with her cats.