1. This gorgeous pink lipstick from Fenty Beauty? Nothing less than a must-have.

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What people are saying: “Love this product stays on for hours. No need to reapply constantly. It also doesn’t dry my lips. Best product I’ve used in ages!” —Hayleyd

Get it from Amazon for $21.95.

2. Brighten up your day ( or someone else’s ) with this natural-looking cloud paint blush.

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What people are saying: “This is my 1st tube of Cloud Paint, and I am in with love this Blush…. Very transparent splash of color. It looks so natural and goes on easily. Just a little bit goes a long way, so use small dabs to apply… You can’t go wrong with this Blush.” —billieann01

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

3.  Your eyelashes deserve the royal treatment too! This volumizing and lengthening mascara is sure to set you up for success.

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What people are saying: “I subscribe to 2 beauty boxes so I get lots of samples for mascaras as well as other beauty products. I received a trial size of this mascara and it immediately had me hooked! This is the only mascara that doesn’t smudge after a long day and truly makes your lashes look full and long.”-acw120404

Get it from Amazon for $36.00.

4. It’s funny when people think the “no-makeup look” somehow is actually without makeup – but they won’t know when you put on some natural foundation.

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What people are saying: “Since using this, the mila that my Dermatologist and I have been trying to eliminate for years has disappeared. Mila is tiny hard cysts just beneath the skin. The makeup is so weightless that others cannot tell you are wearing it if you choose the right shade as my daughter did for me.”-Sarah P.

Get it from Amazon for $54.95.

5. You’ll look peachy wearing these stunning eyeshadow colors.

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What people are saying: ” I love love love this eyeshadow pallete! I use it everyday because I love using pink eyeshadows with my eyeliner <3 <3 People compliment my make up all the time ! I am so happy because its hard to find these peachy colours!” —Jaimie Choi

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

6. Glo up with this shimmering highlighter

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What people are saying: “I love this product especially the glow it leaves on my face all day!You don’t have to apply twice or three times. Once a day is all you need.”-Someone

Get it from Amazon for $42.76

7. Go out and get wild with this sultry catsuit lipstick.

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What people are saying: “Wet n’ Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit is by far my favorite liquid lipstick from the Drugstore. I just bought the shade Missy and Fierce. It is a beautiful red color. It is matte. It is easy to apply. Yes, it settles in your creases on your lips, but what liquid lipstick doesn’t! If you eat/drink, it will fade so you will need to reapply. It isn’t clumpy nor doesn’t bleed. I love it and I am buying some other colors.” —LiL-Michelle

Get it from Amazon for $2.54.

8. Standing up for your self can suck sometimes, but this amazing eyeshadow palette never does.

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What people are saying: “This palette ROCKS MY FACE!! These colors are bomb and the formula is great…very blendable and pigmented! I’m a bottle redhead and have been looking for colors to compliment my hair and skin. This is absolutely necessary if you have red in your hair. I have lipsticks and blushes too, that I can recommend as great matches! Just ask if you’re interested! :)” —Cherry T.

Get it from Amazon for $24.21.

9.  Transform yourself into a princess with this sheer bronzing powder.

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What people are saying: “Favorite bronzer bc it doesn’t have an orangey color to it nor does it have shimmer so it looks very natural without even needing a tan.”- Maggie May

Get it from Amazon for $40.57

10. A tube of Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara that’ll leave you with lashes that look so long people will think you’re wearing falsies — but you’re not! And you didn’t have the struggle of trying to put on fake lashes.

via Tarte
via Tarte

What people are saying: “Best mascara I ever had. Stays on all day. It makes my eyelashes look longer with a natural touch to it. Love it.” —Madeph

Get it from Amazon for $23.00.

11.  You will emulate the sun in this radiant highlighter.

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What people are saying: “I got this for my cousin and she loves it. She loves the different colors and choices of highlighters.” —Rena Sparks

Get it from Amazon for $34.83.

12. Get inspired with this matte revolution lipstick.

via Sephora
via Sephora

What people are saying: “I absolutely love this color and lipstick. It stays on well and is the perfect natural color. I’ve had multiple friends buy this exact color and no matter what our skin tone it is flattering…”-Christine Marie

Get it from Amazon for $37.32

13. You’ll remember what beauty is when you open this palette and see all the sophisticated colors.

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What people are saying: “The best palette I ever bought! High pigmented eye shadows. They work better with a eye shadow primer! The colors last all day! Even in the summer….It takes a really hot day to actually lost more and less the initial pigmentation.”-fahitachine

Get it from Amazon for $17.84


14. You’ll outshine any bullies in the room in this stunning blush and glow palette.

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What people are saying: “Just like you dreamed.. Two creamy blushes and two powder shiny highlights. Packaging kept it safe and was a fast delivery.”-Momma P.

Get it from Sephora for $50.00.

15. Flex your artistic skills with this expressive contour kit.

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What people are saying: “LOVE. if you’re new to contouring then this is the pallet for you. I love so much. Two different contouring colors and a cream color as well. Comes with a nice brush and mirror and directions on the mirror on how to contour.”-Delaney Lovell

Get it from Sephora for $31.00.

16. You won’t need to dim your dope AF self with this rouge flash lipstick.

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What people are saying: “I love Chanel! This is a nice light lipstick that I can wear alone for some natural shine, over lip pencil for some depth, or over a matte lipstick to add a hint of moisture. Very versatile!” — Jane Holmes

Get it from Amazon for $38.00

17. Furnish your lips with this stunning satin color.

via Nordstrom

What people are saying: “Fantastic lip product. Overpriced here, as you can get it in a MAC retail store for $17. Cost aside, this is the best lipstick ever. Creamy application and more moisturizing than MAC’s matte line. Reapplication perhaps every 4 hours, and only to even it out. It wears really nicely and evenly throughout the day. Doesn’t smear off on coffee cups. Overall, best product on the market.”-thebearshow

Get it from Amazon for $25.00

18. You don’t need a two-faced date- you need this loyal blush.

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What people are saying: “Beautiful blush. I love too faced and this just furthers my love. 4 diff color options in one. Perfect summer glow.”-Ashley

Get it from Amazon for $41.95.

19. Bury yourself in this alluring mineral veil setting powder.

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What people are saying: “This is a perfect light powder that I put over my bare minerals tinted sunscreen. It lightly mats my face so the sunscreen doesn’t make me look oily. It doesn’t do much in the way of covering anything up if that’s what you are looking for. It’s the only thing I can wear daily that doesn’t dry out my skin. I’ve been using it for years. The tinted version is best if you have a bit of a tan, if you are on the more pale side you’d likely want the un-tinted version.”-Julie Popvici

Get it from Amazon for $21.34

20. These liquid eyeliners are perfect for pride month. And all year round.

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What people are saying: “There’s a total of 12 liners. Wide variety of colors and are very well pigmented. You get the lightest color yellow to the darkest being black. They all work smoothly and application is even. You are able to apply over foundation and eyeshadow. I use these for my personal use because I do videos and with the bright lights they are vivid and have a good pop look. Good price for a large variety of colors.”-Betty

Get it from Amazon for $18.98

21. Who needs dirty talk when you have this wondrous pillow talk eyeshadow palette. 

via Sephora

What people are saying: “I just got it it’s beautiful. I gave it to myself as a birthday present. The colors are great. I love it.”-Gooseylloosey

Get it from Amazon for $59.99

22. This ultra-light lip gloss will help you concoct the perfect look.

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What people are saying: “Perfect Shades…Ultra Moisture.”- Christin Peeples

Get it from Amazon for $60.00

23.  This warm eyeshadow palette will make you feel toasty.

via Sephora

What people are saying: “Love it love it, came totally in great condition I was please nothing was broken up. The colors are really beautiful beautiful and very soft going on eyes it’s probably my favorite eye pallette.”-Kathleen Dodge

Get it from Amazon for $51.00.

24. Hot flashes don’t sound too bad in this throwback lipstick

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What people are saying: “This is one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. The color is GORGEOUS and it’s really long lasting without being dry. Very creamy and glittery with high pigment and color payoff. Don’t fall too much in love with it, though, because this was a limited addition/ throwback from the brand. Maybe they’ll release them annually or something. I ordered a couple and I’m going to try to make them last. Highly recommend.”-Nurse_Natalie

Get it from Amazon for $16.50

25. Be dramatic in this rouge drama matte lipstick.

via Sephora
via Sephora

What people are saying:” Hands down best neutral matte stick in the world.”-Janet A. Roberts

Get it from Amazon for $32.00

26. Ever wonder what it would be like to grace Beverly Hills? Try this acclaimed eyeshadow palette filled with matte and metallic shades. xxxxxxxxxx

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What people are saying: “So pigmented and the color story made me feel so creative.” —CherryBombb

Get it from Amazon for $38.00.

27. You’ll outshine Belle in this luminescent radiance perfecting-foundation.

via Sephora

What people are saying: “Overall great foundation.”-ashieo

Get it from Amazon for $48.

28. You’ll be sizzling in this electric liquid matte lipstick.

via Cult Beauty

What people are saying: The color is great and the lipstick lasts all night and doesn’t smear.”- Gabrielle Loeser

Get it from Amazon for $36.99

29. Solidify your look with this long-wear gel eyeliner.

via Vanitynoapologies

What people are saying: “The second time I purchased this item, and I will buy it again and again. It lasts forever, it stays on all day, and I can control with my brush how thick or thin my appointment.”-Central Florida Realtor

Get it from Amazon for $36.04

30. Get vulgar in this smooth blush.

via Temptalia

What people are saying: “I love the rich color and how smooth it goes on. The color lasts all day!!”-Marianna C.

Get it from Amazon for $36.00.

31.  Kiss all your worries goodbye with this light and airy lipstick.

via KajaBeauty on Twitter

What people are saying: “I little highlight each morning to put this on. It is long-lasting and a great color. The little heart shape adds. bit of fun!”-AB

Get it from Amazon for $22.00.

32. Feel the power of the Amazon wearing this clay-smart mascara.

via Sephora

What people are saying: “I wasn’t sure what to expect with this product, but I had read reviews on Google that it was pretty amazing. IT IS! I wear contacts, have chronic dry eyes. I have worn this for 3 days now, not one fleck, not one smudge, not one issue with it wearing off. Lasts all day. AND comes off with my usual daily cleanser (not a special cosmetic remover). I am shocked. My concern will be how it does as it ages. Once air is introduced into mascara, I generally find it doesn’t perform as well, but after 25 years of wearing make-up and trying every (and I mean dang near every) mascara in the planet I am pleased.”-L.Short

Get it from Amazon for $30.00.

33. You’ll be the star of the show while wearing a shimmery color from this LA-inspired palette.

via  The Kelshay Shop

What people are saying: “Excellent variety of colors. Anyone can use this and upgrade your look. What I like best is the Smashbox microfine eyeshadow powder. Applies smoothly and evenly. And if course the fabulous art on the lid !!”-Adrienne Green

Get it from  Amazon for $25.00

34. Have you ever wanted to be in the band KISS? Rock their look with this kohl eyeliner pencil. 

via Holt Renfrew

What people are saying: “Favorite eyeliner goes on super smooth beautiful color and lasts and lasts.”-; )

Get it from Amazon for $34.00.

35. Go under the sea with this pigment-rich color splash lipstick.

via Tarte Cosmetics

What people are saying: “Color stays on for longer than other brands I’ve used.”-Tiffani

Get it from Amazon for $27.83.

36. Your skin will shine brighter than any lights out there: this highly-pigmented stick foundation will satisfy all your needs.

via Sephora

What people are saying: “Absolutely my favorite foundation…I have received more compliments since I started wearing Anastasia.”-Kathy Gresham

Get it from Amazon for $25.

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