Ansel Elgort, mediocre movie star, son of famous photographer, and writer of creepy, repetitively exhausting, and sloppily written EDM music is the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual assault.

On June 19th, a woman on Twitter under the username @ItsGabby tweeted that she had been raped by Elgort when she was only 17. Elgort was 20 at the time and was allegedly aware of their age gap. In her statement, Gabby claimed that Elgort was aware of her age, and would say “stuff like ‘you’re going to be such a beautiful lady when you’re older,’” a clear sign of sexual grooming. 

Twitter user @ItsGabby's post accusing celebrity Ansel Elgort of sexual assault.
[Image Description: Twitter user @ItsGabby’s post accusing celebrity Ansel Elgort of sexual assault.] Via @ItsGabby on Twitter.
Twitter user @ItsGabby's post accusing celebrity Ansel Elgort of sexual assault.
[Image Description: Twitter user @ItsGabby’s post accusing celebrity Ansel Elgort of sexual assault.] Via @ItsGabby on Twitter.
After exchanging Snapchats and DMs, Elgort forced himself on her. “I was sobbing in pain and I didn’t want to do it,” Gabby wrote. “The only words that came out of his mouth were ‘we need to break you in.'” She also wrote that she had suffered from PTSD and panic attacks due to Elgort’s abuse. Despite Gabby’s claims, fans were quick to harass her, flooding her timeline with tweets in defense of Elgort: 

“17? She knew exactly what she was doing.”


“She shouldn’t have exposed him like this. It’s so immature of her.”

“gabby OBVIOUSLY didn’t say no, i mean how could you?”

These are just a few of the thousands of horrific comments that use Elgort’s looks as justification for his actions. Newsflash, people — hot people can be rapists too.

This past weekend, Elgort released a statement on Instagram, confirming his relationship with Gabby, yet denying that he assaulted her. “I cannot claim to understand Gabby’s feelings but her description of events is simply not what happened,” Elgort wrote. “I have never and would never assault anyone. What is true is that in New York in 2014, Gabby and I had a brief, legal, and entirely consensual relationship.” Elgort then says he ghosted her, and the two broke up. His manipulative comments depict Gabby as a bitter, jealous ex who is out for revenge. 

Ansel Elgort's response to his sexual assault allegations.
[Image Description: Ansel Elgort’s response to his sexual assault allegations.] Via @ansel on Instagram
Elgort’s post is overflowing with comments of support. “Ansel would never hurt a girl. Id put my kidneys against her word” is the top and most liked comment on his post. Another account commented “Ansel has every right to defend himself and argue on his own behalf. Sorry kids, but something doesn’t become true because somebody anonymously tweets that it is.” 

Surprised that the actor who portrayed the lovable Augustus Waters in “The Fault in Our Stars” is a rapist? Don’t be. Elgort has a lengthy record of being predatorial.

In a 2014 interview with GQ, Elgort smugly gave a response on how he picks up women: “Girls love it when you have some weird nerdy thing in your room. It makes you look less threatening, even though I’m, like, very threatening. I’m the most threatening guy ever.”

In another interview with Elle Magazine in 2015, Elgort goes into lengthy details about his sexual opinions about women: “if you can find a girl who you can go to an EDM concert with, have a conversation with, who will sit on the couch and watch you play GTA for three hours—and then you go to bed and have amazing sex? That should be your girlfriend.” He also goes so far to comment on how women are “dishonest people pleasers” when discussing his co-star Shailene Woodley: “Shailene is very different. I wouldn’t use her as an example of what most women are like. She hates people-pleasing. She wishes the world could be a place where we could be really honest and true to our emotions.” 

Check out his EDM music for more cringe-worthy proof of Elgort’s predatory behavior. The lyrics of his song “Thief” describe the non-consensual ways in which Elgort takes what he wants from girls: “Call me a thief/There’s been a robbery/I left with her heart/Tore it apart/Made no apologies.” 

Society continues to blame victims of sexual assault for the actions of their abuser. Ansel Elgort has always been a creep, but his celebrity status and good looks do not mean that he isn’t capable of assaulting someone. It’s time to start believing all survivors of sexual assault, regardless of their abuser’s age, looks, and attractiveness. 

  • Claire Cheek is a rising senior studying English at Wellesley College. A textbook Cancer, she loves having spontaneous dance parties, cooking elaborate meals (but hates cleaning them up), and enjoys listening to sad girl music while staring up at the ceiling and pretending she’s the star of an indie coming-of age film. From researching bumblebees in the Rockies to writing poetry for her campus literary magazine, Claire has a plethora of different interests, and is eager to explore and write about them as an Editorial Fellow. She’s also excited to use media as a way to discuss and highlight underrepresented female voices and stories.