During these trying times in quarantine, finding ways to stay entertained has become essential to staying sane. One of my favorite pastimes has been watching YouTube. In particular, a variety of fashion videos populate my YouTube watch history – I subscribe to a range of thrift and sustainability-focused fashion channels because of their positive messages. In particular, I like that they promote environmental consciousness, affordability, and personalized style. Below are my some of my favorite thrifting YouTubers.

1. Haley’s Corner (578K subscribers) 

YouTuber Haley wearing Doc Martens and plaid pink pants.
[Image description: YouTuber Haley wearing Doc Martens and plaid pink pants.] Via haley israelov on Pinterest.
If you’re searching for a YouTuber with an athleisure sense of style, look no further. Haley is a 21-year-old beauty influencer with a ‘girl next door’ energy. She makes both traditional fashion videos and vlog-style content. Some of her favorite brands for effortless looks include Fila, Adidas and Harley Davidson. Her channel is a great place to find thrift flips, thrift with me’s, styling videos and DIYs.   

2. Sarah Dunk (135K subscribers)

Youtuber Sarah Dunk wearing pink sunglasses and a graphic t-shirt
[Image description: Youtuber Sarah Dunk wearing pink sunglasses and a graphic t-shirt.] Via Sarah Dunk on Depop.
Sarah is a Toronto-based fashion influencer who sports a comfortable, trendy and girly style. She loves vintage t-shirts, well-fitting jeans and anything early-2000s. Her videos tend to be less stylized and she has a playful, down-to-earth personality. She also features many glimpses of her day-to-day life in her videos. If you like vlogs, lookbooks, trend videos, hauls and seeing thrifting in action, her channel will be perfect for you.   

3. Rachspeed (204K subscribers)

YouTuber Rachel Speed wearing a black tank top and jeans
[Image description: YouTuber Rachel Speed wearing a black tank top and jeans.] Via Mahi Leather on Pinterest.
Rachel is another Toronto-based vlogger with a focus on lifestyle and beauty. Her sense of style is classy, and very off-duty-model. She likes to have fun with her clothing, but also enjoys a neutral color-scheme and simple, well-fitting pieces. If you enjoy outfits of the week, casual clothing styled to look expensive, and designer DIYs, this channel is for you. Rachel mixes in home decor and lifestyle-centered content alongside her fashion videos, so viewers need not worry about repetitiveness or getting bored. 

4. Alexis Sunshine83 (206K subscribers)

YouTuber Alexasunshine83 in a clothing rack of rainbow clothes
[Image description: YouTuber Alexasunshine83 in a clothing rack of rainbow clothes.] Via Don Leach for The LA Times.
Alexis is a 25-year-old Californian YouTuber with an obsession for thrifting. Her personality, akin to her channel name, is extremely positive and bubbly. She loves anything Harley Davidson, Doc Martens, or Disney, and has a soft spot for mom jeans or a perfect pair of overalls. Many of her videos are thrift with me’s, hauls, or styling thrifted outfits. Her videos feel relatable and give off the sense that you are talking to a close friend. 

5. BlazedandGlazed (17.7K subscribers)

YouTuber Macy Eleni wearing black sunglasses, jeans and a white button down
[Image description: YouTuber Macy Eleni wearing black sunglasses, jeans, and a white button down shirt.] Via liveplanted.com.
Macy Eleni’s channel is perfect for people who love a slightly chaotic, big personality. Her videos are full of fast commentary and adventurous, bold pieces. Her style is definitely not for the faint of heart. She features plenty of bougie, bordering-on-tacky clothing. Vests, animal prints, sunglasses and silky blouses – which she has dubbed “shimmy-shake tops” – are her closet staples. Most of her content is vlog-style and involves thrifting challenges and hauls. 

6. dianachamomile (117K subscribers)

YouTuber Diana Chamomile wearing a sweater and a plaid skirt
[Image description: YouTuber Diana Chamomile wearing a sweater and a plaid skirt.] Via thriftsandtangles.com.
Diana is a 26-year-old YouTuber with a sweet, soft-spoken personality. If you love videos with a calm energy and vintage aesthetic, her channel is perfect for you. She loves pastels, gingham, fruit prints and soft, feminine pieces. Her closet is full of unique blouses and knits. I would describe her style as demure and cute-grandma-esque. Her content consists mainly of thrift hauls, daily routine vlogs, room DIYs, and lookbooks. 

7. Threadsobsessed (163K subscribers)

YouTuber Melissa Tatti wearing a polo tank top
[Image description: YouTuber Melissa Tatti wearing a polo tank top.] Via Melissa Tatti on Depop.
Melissa Tatti is an Ontario-based 23-year-old YouTuber and athlete who loves fashion. Her style is Instagram-baddie-esque. She sells a lot of the clothing she thrifts on resale websites like Depop, and her personality is outgoing, driven, and extra. Additionally, she’s not afraid to wear bold pieces and has a love for early-2000s looks, as well as matching sets. If you like long-form vlogs, hauls and thrift flips, you’ll enjoy her content.  

8. Letitia Kiu (111K subscribers)

YouTuber Letitia Kiu wearing white jeans, a hat, a black shirt and a jean jacket
[Image description: YouTuber Letitia Kiu wearing white jeans, a hat, a black shirt, and a jean jacket.] Via Letitia Kiu on Kin Community.
Letitia is a Toronto native and fashion school graduate with a polished, tailored sense of style. Many of her videos center around altering and DIY-ing thrifted pieces to make them cuter and more wearable. She does hauls, lookbooks and vlogs, as well as clothing makeovers. Her personality is goofy and endearing. I would recommend her informative videos particularly for people looking to learn how to sew. 

9. Neens (178K subscribers)

YouTuber Nina with pink hair and a pink turtleneck
[Image description: YouTuber Nina with pink hair and a pink turtleneck.] Via flare.com.
Nina Huynh is a Vietnamese-American YouTuber based in Vancouver. She has a funky, bright sense of style. If you like watching a wide mix of content from hair-dying to lookbooks to cooking videos, road trips to story-times, her channel provides beautifully varied content.

10. WhereILive (245K subscribers)

Headshot of YouTuber Jenny of the channel whereIlive
[Image description: Headshot of YouTuber Jenny of the channel WhereILive.] Via issuu.com.
Jenny Welbourn is a NYC-based content creator who loves ethical fashion and living a low-impact lifestyle. Her channel is quirky, eclectic and calming. Even better, almost all of her closet is ethically-sourced. I also appreciate how real she is about her emotions and sharing her life. Her channel is ideal for people interested in minimalism, and who want vintage style inspiration and enjoy sit-down chats.  

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