I watched the first five episodes of the new season of Killing Eve, and oh my!

The premiere date of Killing Eve season 3 has been thankfully moved up to April 12, in a gracious attempt to help us cope with the COVID-19 lockdown. So, what’s new on the show?

(Warning: contains major spoilers for season 2 and minor spoilers for season 3.)

Up until now, Killing Eve was all about the cat and mouse chase between a dramatic, yet voguish psychopathic assassin, Villanelle, and a curious yet charming MI6 foreign intelligence operative, Eve Polastri. 

I think the third season is missing that chase. 

The second season of the show ended with a lot of cliffhangers. It was not so much as to whether Sandrah Oh’s character is alive, because let’s be honest, nobody – except Villanelle – believes that she’s dead. 

The official synopsis of the new season reads:

The third season continues the story of two women with brutal pasts, addicted to each other, but now trying desperately to live their lives without their drug of choice. For Villanelle, the assassin without a job, Eve is dead. For Eve, the ex-MI6 operative hiding in plain sight, Villanelle will never find her. All seems fine until a shocking and personal death sets them on a collision course yet again. The journey back to each other will cost both of them friends, family, and allegiances… and perhaps a share of their souls. 

Isn’t that exciting?

For me, the cliffhanger was how the dynamics between these two lovers would change dramatically now that Villanelle has shot Eve. I wanted to know if Eve would have PTSD after being almost killed by her archenemy. Would she go back to work as an MI6 agent after being betrayed by Carolyn? And what happens to The Twelve?

Also, will Niko and Eve’s relationship survive after his last interaction with his wife’s paramour? Their marriage was already on the rocks in season 2. 

The first five episodes of season 3 answer some of these questions. Villanelle, who thinks she has killed her ex, has moved on. She even gets married to no avail – neither to her nor to the storyline. But her focus gets blurry and shifts back to Eve when she finds out Eve is, in fact, alive. 

While on the one hand, she can’t stop thinking about Eve; on the other, she wants more from her assignment. And as we dive into the season, we see that she wants more from her life. 

Hidden behind her killer facade, we do get to see a glimpse of Villanelle’s soft side here and there this season. Nothing out character, though. In one moment she goes all soft and our heart melts; the very next we get our ruthless assassin back.

We also get to learn a bit about her roots and her innate darkness. Or does she get it from somewhere? Or maybe someone? This storyline was particularly interesting as it gives a hint into her childish and attention-seeking behavior. 

On the other hand, some unforeseen circumstances have brought Eve and Carolyn, former boss of Eve, back together. Carolyn is as composed, as erudite, as unapologetic and as sexy as ever. She still has her charm, her wit, and her 80’s connections (if you know, you know). 

We finally meet Gemma Whelan, you might know her as Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, as Carolyn’s daughter Geraldine. Fiona Shaw has referred to the duo’s relationship as disastrous. And we see why. In fact, the relationship Carolyn has with Kenney is quite the opposite of what she has with Geraldine. 

Eve is a bit distorted, at least in the beginning. She’s staying away from The Twelve, her darling killer, and Carolyn… until she doesn’t. From the trailer, we see her desperately working with some new characters to find out more about The Twelve. 

Who are these new characters? And why is she working with them on an MI6 mission? 

There are a lot of new folks, new stories, and a lot of surprises. But if there’s anything we know for sure is that there will be killings. There are killings and killings and then some more killings. 

The best part for me, and probably the only healthy one, is the bond between Kenny and Eve. 

Eve stabs Villanelle at the end of season 1, the latter shots Eve at the end of season 2. This season, we are expecting (at least hoping!) to see some romance between the duo.

Every season of Killing Eve has a different (female!) showrunner. The first season was by Phoebe Waller-Bridge; the second season it was Emerald Fennell. This season the torch has been passed to a British actor and writer, Suzanne Heathcote. From what I could see in the first five episodes of the new series, she dives deep into the psychology of characters, especially Villanelle, which was long overdue.

Before we all embark on this dark and twisted journey, here’s good news: Killing Eve has already been renewed for season 4! Writer Laura Neal (Sex Educationwill be the showrunner, with all previous showrunners staying on as executive producers.

Killing Eve returns Sunday, April 12 at 9/8c on BBC America and AMC.

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