If you’re anything like me you can spend hours upon hours on the internet…watching pimple popping videos.

I can’t even begin to explain the pure satisfaction I get from watching blackhead after blackhead carefully removed from someone’s nose, back or armpit. For me, it’s another kind of visual ASMR, and I’ll never get over getting how amazing it is to see someone’s skin cleared in real-time.

So there I was watching pimple popping videos with my boyfriend; a woman was removing what we thought were blackheads from some mysterious surface of the skin (the camera was very zoomed-in). Suddenly, the camera jostles and moves out of focus, flashing the screen with…lips? Vaginal lips!

We were both shocked, to say the least, and a little embarrassed, but I was also extremely…intrigued. I just couldn’t fathom that someone was out there putting vaginal extractions on the internet. Turns out the facilitator of this video was a black woman named Jada Kennedy. She works out of St. Louis, Missouri at a waxing facility called Waxpert Lofts and she’s the brave soul who happily uploads videos of her extracting blackheads and ingrown hairs from vaginas. I was honestly bewildered but completely fascinated by her work. I just had to know more. 

I found her Youtube channel and started watching all her old videos; they were phenomenal. This woman is funny, kind, and so completely honest. She maintains the anonymity of her clients and does voiceovers talking about the wildest topics ranging from how to properly cleanse yourself (she’s seen way too much poop while waxing people) to hilarious waxing stories like someone’s first time getting a wax or people who have literally kicked her in the face. She even tells stories of her own embarrassment like being woken up by her own fart during a massage. Her videos were making something that I found so completely embarrassing, so much fun.

I’ve had ingrown hairs since I was about 13 when I made the horrible decision to start shaving. Like many women, I felt the shame from society for having a “hairy vagina” and recklessly went about fixing that immediately, completely unaware of the risks.  Now after over a decade of shaving, Jada Kennedy is finally teaching me how to properly take care of my body and love it too.

She constantly speaks about ingrown hairs and how they should be normalized. She talks about how so many of us deal with them, no matter our hair type, but because it’s such a taboo everyone suffers in silence. Our bodies are shamed in so many ways, and it’s time we reclaim every aspect of it from our weight, our age, our skin, AND our private areas. Her words ring so true to my ears because I remember the first ingrown hair I ever got, I cried because I thought it was herpes. I mean it was an extremely painful bump on my vagina, what was I supposed to think. It’s not like people are out here giving comprehensive sex education.

I was so scared to ask my parents to get me tested because I knew they would think I was having sex and slut-shame me. I felt like a nasty modern virgin Mary. I had never had sex but instead of a baby Jesus, I had an STD. I had no one to turn to so, my mental health spiraled until I finally found something on the internet about ingrown hairs.

There’s literally no reason I should’ve gone through that.

Jada Kennedy’s channel is ensuring that other people don’t have to go through what I went through. She’s making sure that people feel empowered in their bodies and have the best tips for taking care of them. She teaches you how to understand different pores and how your hair may grow to cause ingrown hairs. Some people can simply just exfoliate more if their hair grows along the skin or they can start getting waxed more regularly which destroys the follicle and lessens ingrown hairs over time. Her clients recommend and trust her so much that some of them are fine showing their faces. I 100% recommend the video of her guy friend getting waxed for the first time, completely hilarious.

My pimple-popping obsession literally led me to a gold mine and allowed me to get rid of the needless shame I’ve carried with me for years. She’s improved my skin, my mental health, and my sex life. No longer am I afraid to let a boy go down on me because he may think I have an STD. I’m confident in my body and just the normal things that happen to it. I recommend you watch her channel because if you can’t be free of ingrown hairs, you can at least free yourself of the shame.