Michelle Birsky is a Brooklyn-based indie musician that goes by the moniker Birch (yes, after the thin hardwood tree). If you’ve been with us for a while, you probably remember we interviewed her when her album femme.one came out. Birch’s new release “Your Gold” chronicles her journey about forging her own path as an artist.

The song glides into Birch’s ascension as she defines herself in the music industry. The indie artist uses her creativity to compose a song that gives a realistic account of the struggle of attaining a dream and fighting for it. It’s a catchy, feel-good tune meant to inspire people to follow their aspirations. 

The Tempest caught up with Birch again about her new single. She confessed she wrote “Your Gold” after she felt beaten down by the music industry: “I wrote this song to remind myself that my path is my own and to sort of recommit myself to my art.” Yes, girl, we’re very inspired!

She explained about the allegory behind the title and meaning of the song: “Your Gold is a song about the grit of chasing a dream. During the Gold Rush, thousands of people flooded towards the same goal: to build themselves a prosperous future. In this saturated digital age, this is a song about questioning my ability to reach my own goals and ultimately making the decision to follow my own path, rather than follow the herd.”

The title of the song is meant to be sarcastic. Birch reflects “it refers to the way we view other people’s success and crave it for ourselves. Lusting after someone else’s ‘gold’ is a waste of time, yet many of us get caught up in it.” Birch does not have any intention in comparing herself with others.

Birch seeks to define and establish herself, as she is not the same artist after the release of her first album. “Your Gold” is a different sound from “femme.one.” As a result, she wants to inspire her listeners to be themselves and build their own futures. The artist reflects that the “industry is more based on numbers, streams, etc. than it is based on art itself.” Birch is more focused on her music now than ever before.

The artist was inspired by her boyfriend, Kevin Henthorn, of the band Cape Francis to write the song. He remains a steadfast support system in her artistic development. He is the “you” that she sings to in “Your Gold.”  Birch chants before she transitions into the refrain of the song, “I love the way that you’re loving me / I close my eyes and I see your dreams.”

Birch told us that Kevin “has inspired me to stay in the game and keep making music.”


It’s clear that “Your Gold” represents a new era for Birch. She wants to keep on writing music that moves her and pushes her to be more creative. Her greatest joy comes from her art.

“Your Gold” is reflective of her passion and is very relevant and tasteful to the ear. It’s is a beautifully composed song that has melodic electronic sounds accompanying her diaphanous voice. The lyrics throughout the song are moving and inspiring to the listener. The song is joyful to listen to when you put on your headphones. I enjoyed listening to this new single, as I found it inspiring and moving.

Birch is passionate about her art. At times, you might find yourself dancing, swaying your head, side to side, as you listen to her voice. As a result, maybe even singing along with her during the chorus of the song. It’s that good. We highly recommend you listen.

  • Gabi is an ABA Tutor who has a MPA from the University of San Francisco. She was an editorial fellow during the Fall 2019 cycle. In her spare time, she likes to bake the latest vegan desserts, go to a hot yoga class, and keep up on the latest trends in politics.