The first time around that I was introduced to Rose McGowan was in Charmed TV Series (1998-2006). I became hooked to the action, drama, love and the mantra “power three shall set you free”. The second time around that I opted to watch the reruns however was six to seven years later because I had just stumbled across a YouTube video of a woman with shaved head reading excerpts from her memoir “Brave”. Upon looking closely, I recognized her to be Rose McGowan.

Now you may recall her as the vapid redhead who dies early on in Scream, or other dramatic contributions like Jawbreakers, Planet Terror, etc. But, her biggest contribution to media yet has to be her involvement in the #metoo movement that effectively brought monsters like Harvey Weinstein down to their knees. Intrigued by her drastic and unapologetic turnover, I listened to a couple more of her interviews before landing on her audiobook.

Being crippled with severe manic depression and suffering in silence is the state I often find myself in which compels me to lock doors, only to give in to my uncontrollable sobbing. Amid this chaos, I thus began listening to Rose McGowan’s life testament.

A woman holding an electric shaver to her almost shaved head.
[Image Description: A woman holding an electric shaver to her almost shaved head.] via Goodreads
I began the book with a dominant thought: here’s a woman who probably has everything. Even in the face of her blacklisting, her beauty is forevermore deemed to be beyond measure. It begged the question, what disparaging life sequence could she have possibly endured?

Sadly enough for McGowan, her life was saddled with nothing but abuse. Abuse that surpassed physical, mental and sexual arenas. Her pain in voicing her molester’s disgusting robbery of her virtue, her dignity, her life, was seeping through the pages she wrote. In her memoir, she delves into the moments leading up to the dreaded meeting with Weinstein where she is cornered into having a sex act. , McGowan recalls that “I freeze, like a statue,” in response.

Too many times I found myself crying alongside her when she spoke of derogation, gaslighting, emotional abuse, etc. All of this reduced her to become nothing more and nothing less than a fuck toy.

“This is the secret to being beguiling, the secret to getting a man to want you.” Long, glossy Kardashian-Esque hair that says, “Fuck me, big boy.” As if that’s all we are and all we can be.”

To me, these words felt as if they were written in blood. More often than not, I find myself getting anxious upon meeting with friends for fear of being asked “Why are you alone? Still no guy?” As if all we are and all we ever can be is a fuckable entity that exists to hold a man’s attention.

Why is it that I am emotionally coerced into avoiding the world altogether until I have a fun-filled narcissistic anecdote to entertain people with? More importantly, where do I even go to rectify this? There is not one avenue that alone could be held accountable for this incessant brainwashing.

So I say to all those who want to break this mold. Please go read Rose’s book; she’s a person who wants to shatter the fantasy she helped create. It helped me greatly. Her words continue to make me brave as she explained the media’s propaganda to build impossible standards for men and women alike. I was reminded that I am not alone.

She writes how she would like nothing more than to shake everyone and wake them from this implanted slumber.  With the seedy rise in cosmetology, people are forced to be reduced to cloning each other. There exists an inherent need to stop the sickening dependency on the male gaze to uplift our spirits. To find that person of value within ourselves and not without. She urges us to humanize ourselves and those around us.

For that and much more, I thank Rose McGowan. She built this Rose Army.; an army that stands against violence against, decapitating, silencing, condoning misogyny and infesting of minds in general. Due to her quest for self-love and mission to thwart the distorted mirrored system, people are joining hands. Irrespective of nationality, race, culture, religion and sexual orientation, people are being awakened to a higher calling which stands to transcend (and break) these superficial barriers.

  • Mishal Nawaz

    Fighting legal battles by day and internal monologues by night, Mishal is persistent in her quest to find the ultimate key to freedom from thoughts, provocation and all the injustices of the world that continue to leech onto everyone via societal norms, psychological disorders, and otherwise social mayhem. She is here to listen and thereafter have an introspective discussion with the wandering lost souls who may have lost their voice amid the overbearing racket in their worlds; a world which is our world.