Many times in life people daydream about quitting their day job to following their dreams.

Singer/songwriter Myoa Sobamowo did just that, and taking that leap of faith has led her to places she never thought she would be before. Born the first of three siblings in Nigeria and brought up in England, she moved to the United States in 2007 and studied Accounting and Finance to follow in the footsteps of her father.

But she always had a love of making music.

“I’ve always loved singing, I wrote my first song when I was 9,” Myoa said in an exclusive interview with The Tempest. “I remember my music teacher, I would take piano lessons with him and one day I told him I had a song and he said ‘well come play it for me’, so I played it and he told me it was really good and he told me to never stop writing music and playing, and that really encouraged me that he could see that and, even though he’s in heaven somewhere, I’m always remembering that.”

Even though she got her Master’s degree and a chartered accountancy certification and got a really good job offer after graduating, she knew her heart always lay in music and she wanted to come to Hollywood to get a music education.

“It’s a big step, to fly to another country where I didn’t know anybody, no family, no friends, but I just felt I had to take it seriously, cause I started to believe in myself like ‘this is what I wanted to do’ and once I got into music school I was like ‘oh yes I’m not turning back’, so I got my degree in vocal performance production and that’s it. Been doing that properly since 2007.”

image description: a black and white picture of Myoa with only her lips showing a peach color she is wearing a white top and hugging a guitar
[image description: a black and white picture of Myoa with only her lips showing a peach color she is wearing a white top and hugging a guitar] via LAFAMOS
Initially, Myoa was thinking about going along the lines of gospel music but then realized that her type of music came more from a personal level, songs about relationships and expressionism, so she decided to stick to writing songs that are soulful and come straight from the heart.

“When I’m writing my music, it starts with me, so if you listen to most of my songs, they start with me like what I’m feeling. And I realize that most of the time the songs, they’re not meant for just women or just this age group, they’re just songs about what I’ve been through in my personal life, so I really think that anyone who is a lover of good melody and good lyrics can relate to my songs. I know it’s very broad, but it starts with me.”

Her new song “You” is the perfect example of this kind of personal expressionism, where she talks about toxic relationships in all its forms and breaking through the chain of such relationships in a way that everybody can relate to.

“And it wasn’t just about lovers because it had to do with my journey with music, it had to do with me speaking with other people about what they’ve been through in friendship, with some people’s family. You need to really figure who you are and as long as you stay in a toxic situation, it makes you go away from who you are.”

Myoa looks back on all the people who have been a source of encouragement for her throughout her musical journey, starting first and foremost with her family, who supported her even when she left a stable well-paying job and went to music school. And then people who have believed in her, from family to friends, her current boyfriend, her manager, and the team she’s working with.

“I have a really small team and those people really believe in me. For instance, like LAFAMOS, they would not do this if they do not believe in me you know, and then all the people that have been coming to my shows how can I forget them.? I remember when I first started I was only singing to 10 people, I had constant people who were always coming to my shows In Houston and even when I was in LA, they have really supported me there are some people that would come to every show when I performed.”

Myoa’s love for making music stems from more than just the need to be famous, but a desire to be heard and have her music reach people. “My love for music is I just want it to be long-lasting so it’s not even about being famous, I just want my music to reach people and let them really feel the depths of what I am feeling and influence them. I mean this is what helps me even when I am going through something it’s just my music. I feel like, if you just think ‘I want to be famous’, you’re gonna have just one-hit wonders.” 

With her album Beautiful Journey released on September 13, available across all digital media platforms worldwide and available for download here, Myoa looks to the possibility of going on tour around next year and starting work on her next album in the near future.

“I’ve been preparing for this for years, my album that’s coming out, it’s a collection of songs that I’ve had for over ten years. Imagine, it will be my very first album out, called “Beautiful Journey.” I think you’re really going to enjoy the song “Star Power.”

The advice she wants to give people is: “This is what I’ve realized, you’re never too old to do anything, resources are never too small or too big for you to get your dreams done and you can never ever depend on what people have to say you have to have something bigger than that, whether it’s your faith, whether it’s your dream, something always has to push you.”

And with that, Myoa plans to keep chasing her dreams and let nothing stop her, because “the world needs to hear and feel something different from what they’re used to.”

  • Mehvish Irshad

    Mehvish Irshad is a writer and artist with a MA in Creative Writing from Brunel University in London and a BBA from Heriot Watt University in Dubai. She loves reading books and graphic novels and reviews books she has read, as well as working on a graphic novel series of her own.